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Are you interested in the precious metals industry? If yes, this article is for you. We will provide you with a comprehensive review of the 7K Metals, one of the leading companies in the market of precious metals.

About 7K Metals

The 7K Metals is a multi level marketing company that you can trust for your investment in precious metals. It was launched way back in 2016 and was based in Idaho. You can pay a membership fee if you like to sell their precious metals.

The company’s goal is to enhance the financial security of salesmen all over the world. It is a fact that precious metals are already proven to be good source of financial security for more years. So, if you want to invest in it, you should have a reliable partner. The 7K Metals can be the best company for you.

As you join 7K Metals, you can access a marketplace of precious metals. According to the founders of the company, their products are sold at the original price without markup for profit.

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The Founders of 7K Metals

As one of the best multi level marketing companies in the industry, 7K Metals has successful founders

Richard Hansen

Richard Hansen is a network marketing veteran for 34 years. He has experience in mining and collecting precious metals.

Zack Davis

Anderson and Davis have enough experience when it comes to MLM companies. Zack Davis and Anderson operated a separate MLM company known as Black Ink International way back in 2011.

Josh Anderson

Anderson already built a team of more than 18,000 individuals in his first year in network marketing. Additionally, he also built a 9000 people team during his first 4 months in another MLM company way back in 2008.

Roger Ball

Roger Ball is a popular entrepreneur. He owned the JD Premium, but he closed it in 2015. He was also a member of the Paycation company in 2012.

What do they offer?

7K Metals has a lot to offer for you. These include the following.

Precious metals

The company can offer you metals in different categories. The Selected collection is among their flagship products. It is a product collection put together by the team of 7K Metals since they’re expected to increase in value in the future. The company aims to invest in items that can offer a solid return later.

You can buy precious metals like rounds, bullion, coins and bars. If you want to purchase precious metals from 7K Metals, you need an associate status. In MLM business, you can improve your commissions if the amount you buy grows.

Additionally, they also sell different jewelry from gold and silver. The pricing may vary, but it is competitive more than similar options from other jewelry stores. Some jewelry types you can avail of include watches, rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

If you purchase their membership, you can also avail their Dealer Direct program. You can get discounts on specific items in the marketplace. It is a good way to order supplies if you plan on dealing with many precious metals.

What makes 7K Metals unique is they have 7K Gear category that is unrelated to precious metals. Instead, you can find accessories and clothing items like t-shirts, sweaters, and backpacks.


The MLM company also offers memberships. It comes with 2 different levels, one premium and one basic. Both membership levels require you to avail a travel savings plan. The cost can depend on the level of membership. The members can earn money if they sign up using a referral link or your name.

Is 7K Metals a scam?

The 7K Metals is not a scam, it is a legit multi level marketing that can help you with your precious metals investment. The company also have a good team leadership, ensuring you that they’re a credible MLM business.

You also have an assurance that you can get a big return of your investment in precious metals. 7K Metals is a network marketing company you can trust. However, you should also be careful of the promises and claims of the members.

The team of this MLM company will not fail you because they already served the precious metal industry for several years. You can have bulk purchases at competitive prices. The time, money, and effort you invest with this multi level marketing company are all worth it.

Is 7K Metals a pyramid scheme?

There are many pyramid schemes on the market, but is 7K Metals a pyramid scheme? You can’t sell precious metals in retail through this multi level marketing company. You can make money and access their products if you sign up as a member.

A pyramid scheme persuades people to buy their program to make money and not to sell its product. So, 7K Metals is not a pyramid scheme since they have decent products including precious metals like silver coins and gold bars.

You don’t need to worry because you will not lose money you can’t afford in 7K Metals. Since it is not a pyramid scheme, it is also not a scam. The company can be your reliable partner in the precious metals marketplace.

How do 7K Metals works?

Do you want to make the best of your investment with 7K Metals? If yes, you can consider the following steps.

Choose your starter pack

The 7K Metals has three various starter packs. You can choose one that suits your needs. Before choosing, you should make sure that it works well with your financial situation.

Choose your AutoSaver coin

If you have already chosen a starter pack, you can select the precious metal you will deliver monthly. If you have AutoSaver coin, you can automatically place assets making things easier for you.

Enjoy other benefits

Each membership comes with advantages. You may get hard to find coins, acquire reduced prices on bullion and beautiful jewelry.

Fees and pricing

7K Metals comes with different pricing and fees for very few people who plan on making money through precious metals.

Membership fees

New members of 7K Metals need to pay either for a premium membership or basic membership. The Basic may charge you $249 and Premium is about $449.

Travel savings card

If you join 7K Metals, you will buy a travel savings card. The cost can depend on your membership plan. The Basic plan is $250 and the Premium plan is about $500.

Plan for Compensation

Like other MLM companies, 7K Metals comes with a complicated compensation plan that you find challenging to understand. Don’t worry because, in this 7K Metals review, we will make things easier for you.

In the compensation plan of 7K Metals, you can earn money through renewals, coins, and memberships. 7K Metals has a point system. The program will offer you points according to your success. If you recruit new members, you can receive 100 points. If you sell a coin, you can get 20 points.

Remember that these points come with different monetary value according on how high is your rank in the network marketing company. The more you sell your assets and recruit more people, the higher your rank will be. To guide you, the following are the points for each value.

  • Copper – 2 dollars each point
  • Associate – 1 dollar for each point
  • Silver – 7 dollars each point
  • Bronze – 4 dollars each point
  • Gold – 14 dollars each point

The highest-paid members are Gold level members, but it’s quite challenging to reach this level.

Is it worth it to choose 7K Metals?

7K Metals Gold

If you wonder whether 7K Metals is worth it to invest in, the answer is yes. You can choose the plans that suit your specific needs for your precious metals investment. It is not a scam, so you have assurance that you can get the best results from the MLM company.

7k Metals have many advantages if you want to have passive income as a precious metals dealer. Joining the company allows you to make money online. They also have a referral program wherein you can recruit new members to 7K Metals.

If you wish to get deep discounts for your physical gold investment, 7K Metals can help you. They also have a responsible team that can assist you with your needs. It can help you to be a successful multi level marketer. With their compensation plan, you can have a sound money wallet.

7K Metals is not a pyramid scheme, so you will not lose the money you can’t afford. The company affiliate program can offer you the opportunity on making money. 7K Metals has stable prices and if you have team members who work under you, you can have the most money.

Member Requirements for 7K Metals

  • Before you become a member of 7K Metals, you should consider the following requirements.
  • You should be at legal age in the country where you reside.
  • US associates need to offer 7K with a valid Social Security number or Federal Tax ID.
  • You should be a legal resident and has legal capacity for entering a 7K agreement in the US or other countries where 7K is operating their MLM business models.
  • You need to complete 7K Independent Associate Application and Agreement to 7K Online.
  • After you complete these requirements, you can choose a membership fee for a business opportunity.

Membership Packages of 7K Metals

In this 7K Metals review, you will learn about the company’s membership packages.

7K Standard for $199

This package includes the following:

  • Collector’s Training
  • 1-year membership
  • Travel Savings Card
  • Member Direct Pricing on Unlimited Bullion
  • Buyers Certification
  • 3 Technology Credits – Recruiting App Access, Tools to Track your Team, and 7K website ( 3 months for free and $10 monthly)
  • 1 Initial Gem Uncirculated 1 oz Silver Coin
  • Access to Exclusive Low Mintage Collectables

7K Standard Plus for $359

The package includes:

  • Collector’s Training
  • 1 Year Membership
  • Member Direct Pricing on Unlimited Bullion
  • Buyer’s Certification Training
  • Standard Plus Travel Savings Card
  • Access to Exclusive Low Mintage Collectables
  • 6 Technology Credits -Recruiting App Access, Tools to Track Your Team, and 7K Metals website ( 6 months free and $10 per month)
  • 1 MS70 Silver Eagle Coin

7K Premium Membership for $499

With this package, you can access the following:

  • Buyer’s Certification Training
  • 1 Year Membership
  • Premium Travel Savings Card
  • Collector’s Training
  • 12 Technology Credits – Recruiting App Access, Tools to Track your Team, and 7K website (12 months for free and $10 monthly)
  • 1 MS70 Variety Silver Coin
  • Access to Exclusive Low Mintage Collectables
  • 1 Silver Bullion
  • 4 Wealth Strategies Books
  • 10 Business Cards

In every membership, you can get significant training on team motivation and recruitment strategies.

The Compensation Structure of 7K Metals

7k Metals comes with a simple binary compensation structure. It only means that the members can build two legs, one referral on your left and one on your right. Your referrals can also do the same.

You can earn points if you purchase memberships and your new recruits join 7K Metals. You can earn 100 points at the $349 level and earn 150 points at the $499 premium membership level.

Once you gain 500 points, in each of your two legs, you will become a 7K Associate. So, you are qualified for a $500 weekly check, provided that you continue to acquire those points weekly.

In Copper level, you can make about $1000 weekly. The next is the Bronze level which ranked 7K member who can make $2000 weekly. As you grow your business model, you can increase your level to Silver, Gold, Executive Gold, and the highest level Presidential Gold.

The maximum payouts per week for every rank are as follows:

  • Associate ($500)
  • Copper ($1000)
  • Bronze ($2000)
  • Silver ($3500)
  • Gold ($7000)
  • Executive Gold ($10000)
  • Presidential Gold ($12500)

How do you get paid in 7K Metals?

In this 7K Metals review, we will also reveal to you how you can get money. In a usual MLM business model, you can earn a residual income from selling products. However, in 7K Metals, the products are silver and gold. So, you can sell precious metals to have a passive income.

With the company, you can be selling precious metals that can give you a sound money wallet. Thus, you can sell them at their best price. In fact, if you pay the membership fee, buying precious metals is easy. You can avail precious metals at dealer direct prices.

The best about 7K Metals is that, aside from gold bards and silver, you can sell jewelry and 7K swag like hoodies and hats.

Sound Money Wallet

With this 7K Metals review, you will know how to access the features of 7K Metals including their Sound Money Wallet. They have a good business model, so you will not lose money easily. Selling precious metals with the company can help an average person to sell gold even in a limited market.

The Sound Money Wallet of 7K Metals is a digital access point that is similar to your phone wallet apps. With this feature, you can purchase gold for wholesale prices.

Reviews and Complaints about 7K Metals

One complaint about 7K Metals on Better Business Bureau is when an order gets canceled, which can be resolved. Some also complain of being stuck in contract to pay basic membership or other compensation plans monthly.

Meanwhile, very few people only experience this complaint. Thus, the company has a better compensation plan, so you can have better business builder credit. Precious metal industry hears the need of those people who want to have passive income through precious metals.

Advantages and Disadvantages of 7K Metals

Like other multi level marketing companies, 7K Metals also have its specific advantages and disadvantages. Let us know these pros and cons with this 7K Metals review.


  • It can offer you different precious metals you can choose from based on your specific needs
  • 7K Metals come with a good management structure
  • MLM business with a solid reputation


  • 7K Metals has a yearly subscription fee
  • Most of their products at low prices are often sold out


Generally, 7K Metals can be your trusted MLM company for your precious metals investment. With 7K metals, you can attain financial freedom through precious metals like gold bars and silver coins.

With the help of this 7K Metals review, we hope that you have already decided whether it’s good for your own business or not. You don’t need to worry because 7K Metals is not a pyramid scheme. The vast majority of people make money online for their financial independence. Well, 7K Metals can help you if you want to get a business opportunity for gold, silver, and other precious metals.

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