If you’re on this page, you’re clearly interested in alternative investments like gold and silver.  Most likely you are doing some due diligence to see who’s behind this website. That’s a great start, and we’re here to be transparent with you. 

It’s vital that you do research before you invest in gold as there are a lot of bullion dealers out there who don’t have your best interests at heart. In the 13 years we’ve been working in financial consumer protection, we’ve had dealings with the worst of them – but have also worked with the best: the true stars of precious metals.

This is why we set up this site – to give you, the consumer all the facts you’ll need in one location.

Who Are We?

We are Greg Morrison and Tim Schmidt, Entrepreneurs with families, and perhaps like you, we want to protect them both personally and financially.  For that reason we decided it was time to expand our business ventures and highlight something we both truly believe in:  precious metals investing.

We met in 2011 while we were both sharpening our skills in an Internet Mastermind for marketers. We quickly realized we had complementary skills and started sharing ideas before starting a partnership that is still intact today.  We’ve generated tens of millions of dollars in revenue together and our core values of transparency and trust have led us to many ah-ha moments, successes, and of course, failures.  We’re both keen on learning from our failures and using them as stepping stones for future growth.

About Greg Morrison

Greg MorrisonGreg grew up in Delaware, and started as an entrepreneur early on. By the age of 5 he was going door to door selling everything from lemonade to rocks to his neighbors. His first job was “under the table” at a factory, at the age of 11.

He attended the University of Delaware from 2002 to 2004 for business, but dropped out after a couple years due to his entrepreneurial pursuit of an online business. By 2005 his online business had took off and saw major success, sending him close to millionaire status by his early 20s.

Money and success at an early age caused him to go down the wrong road for a few years when his addictive personality got the best of him, losing everything. In 2011 he found out his first child was on the way and immediately made the decision to turn his life around. He quickly rebuilt his online business netting over a million dollars in the first 9 months.

Greg went on to become a founder of one of the most successful online marketing training courses in history. The program did over 50 million dollars in sales, also resulting in hundreds of testimonials and success stories from students.

He also started a passion related movement called “Project Unbroken” to help show people the way out of unhealthy addictions. This project also has hundreds of success stories where Greg and his partner Matt helped steer people out of their addictions with their free videos of their experiences.

Greg learned some extremely valuable lessons after building a business and losing everything, one of the most important being making the proper investments. After rebuilding his business in 2011, precious metals was one of the first large investments he made.

He has continued to study and improve his investment knowledge and now has a passion for sharing his experiences (successes and failures), especially with precious metals. He believes that diversification is key and that precious metals should be in everyone’s portfolio.

On a personal level, Greg is married with 3 children. On top of being a father and owner of multiple successful business he enjoys playing pickleball, doing and coaching Crossfit, and volunteering for “The Phoenix” organization.

About Tim Schmidt

Tim SchmidtTim started his career as an Entrepreneur shortly after graduating St. John’s University in Minnesota in 2001. Hired as a tech analyst with Accenture in Chicago, Illinois, he was informed that his official start date would be pushed back several months due to the .com crash.  As someone who never liked sitting idle, he decided to leave Minnesota as winter began and set out to see what Florida was all about.

He set up in Miami, where shortly after he connected with two tech entrepreneurs to start an Internet business in the health industry that disrupted the entire sector and led to success he only dreamed of having at such a young age.  At 25, he was a multi-millionaire.  By the time 2009 came around, he found his investments, including managed equities accounts and local and international real estate, had declined by over 70%.  It wasn’t until a he got back on his feet with his next venture, a skin care company founded in 2009, that he became a more astute investor who meticulously created a well-balanced investment portfolio built to sustain even the most turbulent markets.

Around 2012 he started finding ways to diversify his investments in order to not have history repeat himself, and landed on precious metals.

He invested in a precious metals IRA with Goldco in an effort to diversify his portfolio and has never looked back.  He has been quoted in numerous media outlets for his expertise on retirement investments and Internet business and is steadfast on increasing awareness for investors of all ages.

Tim’s first hand experience using his Self-directed IRA for alternative investments helps him communicate with people about the variety of non-traditional options that most people simply don’t know exist.

On a personal level, Tim grew up with a brother with special needs and has spent time volunteering with the Special Olympics.  He is a supporter of the Jason Taylor Foundation, which supports and creates programs that facilitate the personal growth and empowerment of South Florida’s children in need by focusing on improved health care, education and quality of life.  Most recently, Tim won over a panel of celebrity judges and local chefs in the popular”Jason Taylor Chili Cook Off” event held annually in his hometown of Weston, Florida.  In his free time he enjoys playing pickleball, golf, and chasing his son around the nation playing Academy level soccer.

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Greg & Tim
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Tim Schmidt


Tim Schmidt is an Entrepreneur who has covered retirement investing since 2012. He's also a published author, and his views on investing have been featured in USA Today, Tech Times, The Huffington Post, Nasdaq, and many more.