Alaska gold medallions

The minting world has evolved over the years. Now, most coin dealers offer precious metal coins.

Gold and silver coins are minted with precious or semi-precious metals, and precious metal dealers work with these coins, helping those aspiring coin collectors find the perfect fit for their needs.

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What is Alaska Mint?

Alaska Mint is an Anchorage-based precious metal, medallion, and jewelry distributor. Mike and his wife Michele, a husband and wife team, run the company. Mike has a lengthy background in precious metals and jewelry.

For decades, the Alaska Mint in downtown Anchorage has been known to design and mint detailed Alaskan-inspired art on pure gold, pure silver, as well as non-precious metals. The artworks are exact replicas of original sculptures. With limited mintages, many are highly collectible.

Alaska Mint Products

Alaska Mint has a large selection of precious metals products, as well as jewelry, watches, and unusual gifts. Furthermore, Alaska Mint created these items in-house or with their long-time jewelers.

Alaska Mint in Anchorage has been producing fine silver and gold bullion coins and precious metal bars. Their products are unmatched in value, quality of design, purity, and craftsmanship.


One of the most popular types of jewelry out there is jewelry in the form of medallions. They come in all different shapes and sizes.

They are usually given as gifts for special occasions. Medallions come in certain features, gold, silver, and platinum. The company offers more options for medallions and souvenirs.


The Alaska Mint is a leading provider of personalized jewelry and gifts with certain features. Its mission is to create estate jewelry and products that celebrate individuality, inspire memories, and showcase emotional connections.

Raw Gold

Raw gold also call24-created metallic gold, is pure and unadulterated. It’s the metal that is mined from the earth without ever being heated above room temperature. This form of gold is also referred to as 24-carat gold, since pure gold is 24 carats in weight.

Investment in silver and gold

Gold and silver are both valuable metals, but other than having similar properties, they have a few differences that make them worth considering for your portfolio. Gold, in particular, has amazing historical returns, and with the price of gold consistently rising, it’s a good investment opportunity for anyone looking to diversify their holdings.

Knives and Ulus

Alaska Mint in Anchorage AK has been crafting fine knives for generations of hunters and outdoorsmen. The company’s knives are well-made, practical, and customizable. If you’ve been searching for high-quality knives, check out Alaska Mint’s ulu knives and knife sets, which are made of titanium and stainless steel.


There are many exceptional timepieces one can choose from own design of coin watches to vintage Alaskan gold nugget watches. The store in Anchorage is one of the favorite places by many people to buy watches.

Unique Gifts for Kids, Women, and Men

It is your go-to place for unique gifts for kids, women, and men. Our selection includes edible chocolate, jewelry, and other fun accessories. Shop for unique gift ideas like letter openers, keychains, and desk accessories. Shop our jewelry collections for necklaces, bracelets, and earrings in a variety of carats and styles.

Alaska Mint Products

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How to buy from Alaska Mint?

Products are available from their store at 429 West 4th Avenue in Alaska mint, Anchorage, AK. You can contact and email them at You can also check their products on Facebook and the website.

When you’ve picked your choice, you’ll be able to register and submit your information. You may also use their website to register an account and streamline your purchases. After the transaction in your account, the items will be sent to you.

Last but not least, its e-commerce website is available for online shopping. The procedure is straightforward. You’ll search the website for the product you’re looking for.

Furthermore, the prices have already been established, which is a welcome feature given that most companies do not provide pricing information on their items.

Is Alaska Mint a scam?

Obviously not. The store is not a rip-off. That is supported by the ratings and reviews. The company is legitimate and provides excellent services and products.


In conclusion, the Alaska Mint is producing coins for collectors, investors, and bullion investors. Their products have designs based on the historic fabric of Alaskan history. These coins appeal to both collectors and investors.

The quality standard they use is the highest in the industry. The products they ship are unique and customized for their customers.

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