One of the most well-known companies in the precious metals industry is American Bullion. They specialize in assisting investors in the conversion of existing retirement programs, such as IRAs and 401ks, to gold. The consumers who want to start saving for retirement and trade in physical gold and silver, American Bullion is also skilled at setting up new retirement accounts.

If you’d like to learn more about American Bullion, we suggest requesting their free gold kit, which includes useful information about the business, their bullion products, and answers to any questions a potential client might have about rolling over a current retirement account to tangible precious metals.

IMPORTANT – before we get too far in this review, we’d like you to know we’ve vetted quite a few companies in this space.

We know that selecting a company to work with is a major financial decision and something not to take lightly. has put in extensive research spanning many years in order to compile a list of the 5 highest recommended companies for this year.

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What Does American Bullion Offer?

The huge collection of numismatic and IRA-approved coins held by American Bullion is one of the company’s greatest assets. This is demonstrated by the company’s relationships with industry standards associations.

American Bullion, for instance, is a United States Mint-approved dealer and a member of the American Numismatic Association, the Industry Council for Tangible Assets, and the Professional Coin Grading Service.

It’s clear that American Bullion is serious about their coin business. American Bullion, as its name suggests, sells modern gold and silver bullion as well as a variety of precious metal bar goods, including platinum and palladium.

The company currently stocks a large number of pre-1933 US and European coins. Some of the gold and silver coins that the corporation now provides are Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, American Gold Eagle, Proof Gold American Eagle, and American Gold Buffalo. These rare bullion coins are available for purchase and investment by clients.

Things to Like About American Bullion

1. Gold IRA Experts

Gold IRA rollovers entail lots of new complex procedures and piles of documentation. A minor blunder in one of these steps can result in lost funds, tax issues, and a ton of other issues for retirement investors. It’s crucial that the folks handling these rollovers understand what they’re doing and what’s best for their customers.

2. Fast Processing Time

Within five to seven business days, IRA rollovers can be completed. This type of processing takes a short amount of time and, can be completed entirely over the cellphone, so customer convenience is not an issue.

3. Affiliations

The corporation’s many relationships with industry associations provide credibility to the company.

The Founder and Management Team at American Bullion

After reviewing American Bullion’s website, it’s clear that there’s not a lot of information about the company’s founders or employees. The website takes you to a homepage where you can fill out your information to receive an information package, and further down you can find a section with a video sales letter explaining the features, perks, and advantages of utilizing American Bullion over other IRA providers.

Nonetheless, we were able to undertake some research and uncover some facts about the team. American Bullion’s founder and CEO is Nevtan Akcora.

He’s been in charge for more than a decade. Akcora was the President and COO of Onstar Worldwide before joining American Bullion. He certainly has the recommended experience to grow a company and reach a significant number of customers. Akcora has also held senior management positions at several significant financial institutions.

American Bullion Storage Information

American Bullion chooses to use two storage alternatives: Delware Depository and STRATA. It makes sense to offer American Bullion the ability to store your gold or other physical precious metals because the fees are low and clients may get started with a zero dollar promotion during the first year.

However, just because American Bullion is ready to accept a loss upfront in order to get new consumers doesn’t imply that you don’t have other options. Customers can also keep their gold at home. One of the most common complaints about American Bullion is that it takes a long time for precious metals to arrive at your doorstep.

Finally, investors who are serious about hedging against other types of investing or offsetting against any potential government repossession of precious metals, which has happened numerous times throughout history, may feel more at ease knowing that the precious metals they are holding are within reach inside their own home.

It’s totally acceptable to use that approach and retain your precious metals under your own roof; just be aware that there is a cost and you may have to wait a while.

American Bullion’s List of Assets

Customers can purchase gold, platinum, palladium, and silver in the form of bars and coins, just like its competitors. Unlike the competitors, however, American Bullion enables investors to select from a variety of coins and bars available in Europe and around the world. Regal Assets sells Canadian coins to Canadian consumers, but precious metals IRA suppliers outside of North America are few and far between.

This feature may appeal to immigrants wishing to store gold from their native countries, but at the end of the day, a gold bar or gold coin is valued the same as long as it weighs the same amount and is in pristine condition, so the country of origin shouldn’t matter in the long run. It is a pleasant feature that other IRA suppliers don’t provide. This is a wonderful little bonus.

American Bullion Fees and Pricing

For accounts valued less than $100,000, American Bullion levies a $90 annual fee. Fees can total up to $290 each year, including establishment fees, regardless of a client’s balance. That’s a little more than GoldcoNoble Gold, Regal Assets, or Advantage Gold which all offer precious metals.

However, American Bullion compensates for the little increase in fees with a special offer that many investors should be able to benefit from. During the first year, the promotion includes a zero-dollar yearly price on storage and administrative expenditures. This is an excellent deal and a terrific approach for American Bullion to entice clients to commit to working with the company and get started right away. It’s a terrific deal that no other IRA firm is currently giving.

However, one of the reasons that American Bullion is offering the deal is because the company is working hard to build its name and compete with other precious metals IRA suppliers with a higher reputation.

What Is American Bullion’s Minimum Investment Amount?

To get started, American Bullion needs a minimum investment of $50,000. That’s greater than most IRA providers, but it’s one of the reasons they can allow investors to switch to American Bullion during the first year without incurring an annual charge. They’re depending on higher-value customers to sign up and stay with them for the foreseeable future. It makes financial sense, but it may put American Bullion out of reach for some younger retirees.

Should You Choose American Bullion for Your Precious Metals IRA?

When it comes to fees, American Bullion has to be among the best precious metals IRA providers in the United States, simply because investors may get started without paying any fees for the first year. To get the ball moving with clients, that’s a fairly remarkable promotion to provide.

Another significant advantage of American Bullion is that investors can trade in precious metals circulating outside of North America. Many precious metals investors are interested in investing in metals from Europe and other parts of the world. Bonus points for those who go the additional mile and work with a custodian outside of North America as well.

American Bullion, on the other hand, does not keep gold for clients outside of North America. Delaware is home to American Bullion’s approved custodians.

Another thing to keep in mind is that, while American Bullion has many positive recommendations on most websites, some consumer reviews are less than fantastic. Because of this, we have to place other firms ahead of American Bullion, but it doesn’t mean that partnering with American Bullion is a terrible idea. It’s a fantastic alternative run by people who are dedicated to making American Bullion one of the best precious metals IRA firms accessible.

Despite this, the corporation is attempting to improve its brand reputation. Overall, we would recommend going with American Bullion. That isn’t a problem at all. However, it’s also crucial to look at other reviews and compare American Bullion to its competitors.

At this point, you should have a good understanding of what American Bullion has to offer, as well as the benefits and drawbacks.

Are American Bullion Coins Graded and Certified?

Yes! Irrespective of which IRA supplier you choose, properly grading and certifying gold is a standard procedure. At the end of the day, consumers who want to invest in precious metals for retirement need to know that the worth of those metals is genuine and accurate. Regardless of which IRA service investors choose, they can count on this.

American Bullion Customer Reviews

There’s no denying that in the precious metals IRA industry, the competition for positive client evaluations is high. Customer reviews aren’t worth as much money in other businesses as they are to companies that hold on to your retirement funds. Consider that for a moment. These companies may finish up keeping your gold or other precious metals for 30 or 40 years if they do a fine job.

To put it lightly, dealers have a strong incentive to perform an excellent job for you. American Bullion understands this and competes fiercely on various review sites.

We used to be able to correlate to the company’s A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau page, but we can no longer do so because American Bullion’s Better Business Bureau account no longer exists. However, there are numerous additional websites that display reviews.

TrustLink is one of these sites. On that website, American Bullion has a flawless customer rating, with 42 people raving about how fantastic the firm is. It’s perhaps the best representation of American Bullion’s web status.

Another excellent example is the Business Consumer Alliance ranking of American Bullion. The highest grade a firm can receive is AAA, which American Bullion has. Nonetheless, the BCA score is based on only eight reviews. American Bullion has a lot of room to grow in this market.

Because it has the most reviews of all the review websites that feature a profile for American Bullion, Trust Pilot undoubtedly bears the most weight. American Bullion has received a 4.4 out of a five-star rating from 190 customers. That isn’t the best rating given, but it’s still pretty good.

Unfortunately, American Bullion has received some unfavorable feedback on other websites, with a Yelp rating of only three out of five stars. To be honest, that rating is based on a small number of responses and isn’t representative of how the company performs overall, given Yelp is typically aimed towards local businesses targeting local clients. In general, there are very few precious metals or IRA firms that have high Yelp ratings.

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