American Hartford Gold Review

With all the sudden and violent shifts globally, it is necessary to consider putting a portion of our earned wealth into assets historically safe like silver and old. This is a guide to help us learn how we can diversify our savings using precious metals. It will help us understand why many Americans are shifting to physical silver and gold to protect wealth in these uncertain economic times.


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Company Overview

The company is a privately-owned company based in Los Angeles, helping people invest in precious metals like gold, platinum, and silver both in coins and bars. We help clients achieve greater security of their wealth for the future by refuge and safety to their portfolio. We guarantee our investors 100% customer satisfaction by offering them high-quality silver and gold coins at competitive prices.

The leadership of our company is committed to ensuring fair prices and quality service provision. We provide the latest market information through our expertise in the industry. The data is meant to empower both new and experienced investors. We have a 5-star customer rating on several customer review platforms like Google and Trust Pilot. We have also been rated an A-plus company with Better Business Bureau. Our company has also been ranked 74 among the USA’s fastest-growing private financial service providers by INC 5000.

We are honored to be the only precious metals company to be trusted by Bill O’Reilly enough to recommend us to viewers, family, and friends.

Our mission at American Hartford Gold is to help clients and educate them on investing in the precious metals industry with fair dealings and complete transparency. We aim to give all our customers exceptional customer service with satisfaction and trust.

We encourage our clients to contact us when they desire to sell their precious metals by offering them our American Hartford Gold Buyback Commitment. We also provide a three-step liquidation process without charging any additional liquidation fees even though we are not in a legal position to guarantee that we will repurchase the metals.

Our executive leadership has dedicated itself to support the workforce and provide reliable services to our clients. Stanford Mann is the company’s chief executive officer who has had experience in the precious metal industry for over ten years. He is well known for his work ethic and professionalism.

Scott Gerlis is our president with over a decade of experience in silver and gold retail. He has committed himself to guide and educate people on how they can invest in precious metals to protect their retirement savings.

At American Hartford Gold, we love and understand our responsibility to the community, and for this reason, we love giving back to the community. The community gives us opportunities to thrive and grow; hence we consider it our obligation to support it. We give back through participating in volunteer work and financially supporting local and national organizations. We even take part in these organizations’ social activities by contributing towards the same. Our company endorses the following organizations: Wounded Warrior Project, Our House, The Claire Foundation, and The Midnight Mission.

Pros and Cons of Investing in the Company

There are several benefits of investing with our company. For starters, at American Hartford Gold, we place a high priority on quality customer service and customer satisfaction. We strive to deliver industry experts, quality customer service, current market research, and extensive historical investment information. We also have a buyback commitment plan that reduces our clients’ liquidation fees. Another benefit of investing with us is complete disclosure of costs before the final sale to our clients.

There is one way our clients are disadvantaged, which relates to the lack of price inclusion in the company’s online catalog and website. This has disadvantaged our clients because they can only get price information by directly contacting the company and not on the online platforms. There is also the aspect of investment risk related to the whole industry and not just the American Hartford Gold company.

Investment in gold and other precious materials IRAs carry high investment risk. Like other investments, past performance results are not a sure indicator of future performance results. For this reason, money can be lost. Before agreeing to invest, we advise clients to have a clear understanding of the associated fees.

How to Open an American Hartford Gold IRA

When working with a trusted partner like American Hartford Gold, starting a Gold IRA is easy. Opening an account involves some simple paperwork, transfer of funds, and selection of gold and silver products. To ensure privacy, security, and a complete understanding of the process, an account executive, will provide you with all the assistance in all the stages involved.

We recommend first-time gold investors and those who need special help in their transactions include us in their decision-making process as early as possible. We respond to all questions, and no question is too complicated or easy for us to answer.

With the help of our dedicated and qualified staff, it is easy to understand how to open an American Hartford Gold IRA. Investing in a Gold IRA involves three stages.

Open a self-directed IRA:

This is the first step to investing. At American Hartford Gold, we try as much as possible to make the process easy and painless, especially in terms of fees and costs. All types of retirement accounts are allowed to be converted to American Hartford Gold IRA. Others such as traditional and Roth IRAs like 403(B) and 401(K) annuities and TSPs are permitted to roll over into your gold IRA.

Fund the Gold IRA:

We make it easy to fund the account once it has been opened. In case of a new account, all you need is to transfer the money to us in a way that is convenient to you. Talk to one of our Account Executives when rolling over an IRA to ensure all the necessary steps are followed to the completion.

Purchase precious metals for the Gold IRA:

You are ready to purchase precious metals from our company once the account has been funded. To choose among the many approved products, call our Account executives at 800-462-0071 to help you with choosing. Our committed account executives will ensure the transfer or rollover is well conducted and on time. We assure our clients that we will watch over every detail of their transaction because we understand the importance of complete privacy and security.

Understand how to open an American Hartford Gold IRA account with the following easy steps.

  • First, complete our Gold IRA account form.
  • Next, decide on the amount of opening investment.
  • Lastly, open and fund the account with American Hartford Gold Group.

After 59.5 years, clients can liquidate precious materials IRA and either take possession of the metals or cash out. We recommend that our clients should hold the precious metals for at least 5 to 10 years because they are considered as long term investment.

We, therefore, do not recommend our customers investing capital they do not intend to hold for at least 5 years. Our clients understand and acknowledge that our company does not make any guarantee of making profits or prediction that the investment will not result in a loss at the end of the investment period.

Main Investments

American Hartford Gold Group provides with many ivestment options to choose from. Below are some of the options available for our investors that are all eligible for IRA.


Australian wildlife Gold- Minted in Australia by The Perth Mint the coin has .9999 metal purity and 25oz Gold content. It is available in 1\4 ounce and eligible for IRA for its purity and quality.


South African Kruggerrand- Minted by South African mint with 1 oz Gold content. It is eligible for IRA.


Gold Canadian Gyrfalcon Coin- Minted in Ottawa Canada by Royal Canadian Mint with 7.77g gold content and .9999metal purity. Its striking design captures the celebrated power of gyrfalcon.


1984 US Olympics Commemerative $10 Gold Coin- This coin was designed to commemorate the 1984 olympics in Los Angeles, Carlifonia. Minted in four different mint facilities in the US by US Mint manufacturer. The coin has a 90% gold content translating to 0.4837oz of gold. It is eligible for IRA.


Valcambi CombiBar Gold or Silver Bar- Minted in Balerna Switzerland by Valcambi Suisse. It cointains .9999 metal purity. Was created in 2010 to meet the growing demand for simplified trading, flexibility and easier storage.


American Gold Eagle Proof- It is the official bullion coin of the United States with the first gold coin coin being struck in 1986. These coins are respected worldwide and guaranteed by the federal government. They are highly liquid and easily traded for their undeniable purity and quality. They are minted in West Point facility by U.S Mint. It is eligible for IRA with .9167 gold content.


2014 Canadian Arctic Fox Gold Coin- Known as the white fox, the Canadian arctic fox is the smallest of the canid family. It is manufactured by the Royal Canadian mint with .9999 metal purity and o.25 troy oz gold content. It is the premium version of the .9999pure gold bullion of the Royal Canadiab Mint.


$5 Liberty Half Eagle- Designed by Christian Gobrecht, the chief engraver of the US mint in 1839.It is one of the most sought for coins in the market today. It was minted in Philadelphia, Charlotte and Dahlonegaby the US mint. The coin is an historic example of the high quality of th e US mint. It is available in $5 denominations with .900 metal purity translating to a total of .24187 troy ounces.

With all these options at your disposal, we recommend our customers to involve us in their decision making process so as to help them choose the best option available for them. We advice and encourage our clients to talk to our dedicated and determined account executives for the same.

American Hartford Gold Costs

We offer the best and customer-friendly prices for our clients and investors. There are also no shipping costs in our company up to $5,000 in free silver, including tracking and insurance. American Hartford Gold costs depend on the type of precious metal chosen, whether platinum gold or silver, and the dimension, whether bars or coins.

We do not charge fees to open a Gold IRA or roll over a retirement account to precious metal or Gold IRA. The company does not provide specific pricing information on the company’s website. Depending on the number of precious metals being stored and the size of the Gold IRA account, the Gold IRA storage fees can be waived for three years or longer. Our company does not have a minimum contribution amount of the Gold IRA.

We also have promotions on our websites like $1500 in silver and no account maintenance fees up to three years.

American Hartford Gold

Storage options for American Hartford Gold

The bars, coins, or bullions are stored in a depository approved by IRS since the Gold IRAs hold precious physical metals. The recommended and approved storage options for American Hartford Gold include International Depository Service IDS, Delaware Depository service, and Brinks Global Service, which are nationwide companies. The storage options for American Hartford Gold charge a storage fee of about $75.

Buy back commitment

All Gold IRA companies do not offer the buyback plan, but we have this plan here at America Hartford Gold. The American Hartford buyback commitment allows our clients to sell their precious metals. During this sale, additional fees are avoided for the fast three stages of liquidation.

Our company issues a payment after arranging for the gold and other precious metals shipment. If you want to take advantage of the American Hartford Gold BuyBack Commitment, contact our account executives to know if you are eligible for the same. This plan will increase the convenience while saving your money on fees.

Customer support

Clients can access most of our comprehensive information on our company’s website. Information on the precious metals catalog and other related sources are available on the website.

These resources include:

We encourage our clients to ask questions and seek any form of clarification since American Hartford Gold IRA customer support consists of devoted and dedicated staff ready to serve you and respond to all your questions.

Any other information that is not found on our website can be gotten from American Hartford Gold IRA customer support for clarification.


Majority of American Hartford Gold Complaints relate to the fluctuation of precious metals’ prices other than the company itself. This is because we have continuously strived to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied with our services.


For this reason, we have received an A rating from the nonprofit Business Consumer Alliance and an A-plus rating from the Better Business Bureau. The company has also been accredited 4.7 stars out of the possible five stars by the consumer affairs and customer reviews.


Trust pilot has also rated our company five stars and 9.6 out of 10 based on customer reviews by Trust score. Our company consistently receives good reviews as opposed to receiving complaints from customers. American Hartford Gold complaints are not very many, and we receive no complaints in most cases. All these can be attributed to the quality service that we deliver to our clients.


Retirement planning is important to ensure a secured future. At American Hartford Gold, we aim to ensure our client’s financial well-being by varying their hard-earned wealth and assets with precious metals and Gold IRAs. We are well equipped with information for our customers about investing in precious metals. Make us your Gold IRA and partner and enjoy all the benefits of storing your assets in precious metals with one of the most re-known and promising precious metals industry today. Visit our official website or call our account executives for more information.
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