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Are you planning to sell your coin collections with American Rarities PA but unsure if the rare coin company is trustworthy and reliable? Then, keep reading this post to familiarize yourself with this rare coin dealer in Philadelphia.

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Rare Coin Collections: American Rarities Quick Overview 

American Rarities PA was established in 1991. Since then, it has become a rare coin dealer, spending more than $150 million acquiring US paper currency and rare coin collections. The company’s purchasers have the necessary notaphily and numismatic skills and expertise. They ensure their clients get the best market offers on every collection they appraise for acquisition.

American Rarities PA Brief History 

American Rarities PA has been a reputable rare coin dealer since 1991. Aside from notaphily and numismatic skills, their coin buyers also have more than a century of combined experience.

This American rare coin dealer staff covers the entire country, including Wyoming, Texas, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Ohio, New York, Idaho, Georgia, Colorado, California, and others. Their buyers travel anywhere in the country to search for larger coin collections. 

Where Do American Rarities Specialize At?

American Rarities PA is known to regularly purchase bullion material, paper money, foreign coins, and US coins from collectors throughout the US.

The rare coin company PA buys coin collections of all rarities, sizes, and types, and their coin buyers can travel to their client’s locations. They offer free appraisals on every collection they examine. They are a professional coin dealer committed to making a strong and interesting offer on all coin collections.

Many coin sellers and collectors reported that American Rarities make them better offers to buy rare coin collections than others. Also, unlike other rare coin dealers, they do not deal with cherry-pick collections. Instead, they are interested in rare, esoteric, common, and mundane ones.

Is American Rarities PA’s Buying Process Quick and Easy?

The way American Rarities rare coin dealer establishes the value of coin collections is very straightforward. First, interested coin sellers and collectors must provide their collection information to get an appraisal and offer.

Coin sellers can email or text them the inventory list or pictures of their coins. They can also simply tell the coin dealer the coin collection details over the phone. Coin buyers will then follow up with them with questions they need. After that, they will establish coin values with the help of all available resources, ensuring an accurate appraisal.

After completing the initial appraisal, American Rarities rare coin dealer will determine the best possible method for coin collection and physical purchase arrangement. It can be either a personal meet-up with one of the expert rare coin buyers near the client’s area or shipping their coin collections to their buyers for physical appraisal and sale.

In most cases, PA American Rarities have rare coin buyers near the clients’ locations. Their buyers regularly travel to attend different coin shows and appraise and purchase coin collections from various private coin collectors.

The coin collections do not need to be presented or organized in any specific manner. Instead, the rare coin company PA examines every set, album, or coin, regardless of their order. After completing the free coin appraisals, they will make offers for the coins on the spot.

Does American Rarities PA Offer Insured Mail-In Service?

Yes. American Rarities rare coin dealer understands that visiting anyone with coins to sell is not always possible. Some collections can be too small to make a visit. In other instances, the coin buyers cannot visit the clients due to travel expenses.

To solve this problem, the rare coin dealer provides a fully insured mail-in service. This service allows the coin sellers and collectors to ship their coins directly to their offices. Their coin buyers will expertly appraise the collector’s material.

Interestingly, immediate payment can be customary. If the coin collectors decide not to sell their coins, the company will return the collection at their expense.

Is American Rarities PA a Scam?

The answer is NO. American Rarities rare coin company appears to be a legitimate company. While the coin dealer may not provide the coin sellers and collectors the price they seek, they are free to conduct research on whether they will do business with the company and accept their offer.

Pros and Cons

Here are the benefits and drawbacks of selling coin collections to American Rarities rare coin company:


  • The website is user-friendly 

  • The company has been in the business for more than 3 decades 

  • It has an A+ BBB rating 

  • The buying process is quick and easy 

  • The coin buyers visit the client’s area


  • The company does not offer coins or bullion to the general public 

Other coin dealers we urge you to look into include the Bunker Hill Coin Co, and also Collvest Coins LLC.

Final Words

American Rarities rare coin company is one of the legitimate and professional coin dealers in the US, dealing with paper money, scrap, and bullion. They provide more interesting rare coin collection offers than other coin dealers.

The company has professionally served the collecting public across the US for over three decades. Their buyers visit different areas in the US to find more extensive collections. The company also offers complimentary coin appraisals on any collection qualified for acquisition. It provides the collecting public with different rare coin services.

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