Birch Gold Group Review

Birch Gold Group offers the public direct sales of precious metals and precious metal IRAs. The focus of the company is to educate its customers while providing an all-in-one service. Some of the highlights of Birch Gold Group include:

  • Low fees
  • Excellent customer reviews
  • A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Overall rating of 4.5 out of five stars
  • Average TrustLink review rating of five out of five stars
  • Commitment to transparency

Due to the uncertainty of the modern world, the best way to ensure your assets are protected for the future as well as now is by diversifying your portfolio. The popularity of precious metals as a method for portfolio diversification is continuously increasing.

Understanding the difference between a good and poor company offering precious metals IRAs is extremely important. The last thing you want to do is place your trust in just any company.

This is the reason we are taking a thorough look at Birch Gold Group. This is a gold IRA company backed by a well-earned reputation and an impressive employee team. There is also a couple of potential issues we want you to be aware of as well.


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Is Birch Gold Group the Best Option for Your Needs?

Whether you are an experienced investor or still fairly new to the concept of precious metal IRAs, we have highlighted everything important regarding Birch Gold Group in this article to ensure you can make a profitable and well-informed decision.

Quick Birch Gold Group Summary

  • Custodian fees are $180 per year
  • Minimum investment is $10,000
  • You receive a promotion waiving all fees for the first year for accounts over $50k
  • This article was written to answer all of your questions and provide information regarding Birch Gold Group to enable you to make a knowledgeable decision including:
  • How can I get a free gold kit?
  • Overview of Birch Gold Group
  • What is Birch Gold Group?
  • Who is Birch Gold Group best for?
  • What are the Pros & Cons of Birch Gold Group?
  • What makes Birch Gold Group unique?
  • Birch Gold Group reviews & 3rd party ratings
  • What services does Birch Gold Group offer?
  • Birch Gold Group FAQs
  • How to get started with the company
  • Birch Gold Group minimum investment & fees
  • Birch Gold Group promotions
  • The Final Word

What is Birch Gold Group?

Birch Gold Group is a firm specializing in precious metals. The company markets palladium, platinum, silver and gold.

You can purchase precious metals to place in your IRA or for the physical position.  Birch Gold Group was established in California in 2003 . The firm is based online and provides its clients with full-service.

The focus of the company is to protect your portfolio from inflation. Historically speaking, precious metals have moved in a direction opposite of the stock market. This helps to provide balance from unpredictable situations in the market resulting in vulnerable traditional assets.

We also want you to be aware Birch Gold Group has made a commitment to provide exceptional customer service with a focus on education. The company offers a wide range of personalized options to help you decide which investment is best for your specific situation.

Unlike many other companies, all of your options are explained clearly in English to ensure you have the information necessary to make the

What Services Does Birch Gold Group Offer?

The company offers a wide variety of products for investment including both physical metals and rollover services for your IRA.

If you have a preference for physical assets, investments are available in palladium, platinum, silver and gold. Bullion coins are also available such as silver and gold coins from the United States and Canada.

You will discover a good selection of many of the most popular favorites including the Indian Head Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf and the American Eagle.

The Professional Coin Grading Service and the Numismatic Guarantee Corporation take care of all coin authentication.

All aspects of the coin are authenticated including the content of precious metal, the weight and other factors.

Birch Gold Group offers you rollover services enabling you to fund your IRA with your 410k.

The philosophy of the company is to ensure all of its clients remain informed at all times. This is the reason the firm offers a wide variety of assistance and educational programs for every rollover service available.

You are offered multiple options for both depository and custodian. Since you are a gold investor, you will require a custodian to administrate your investment account.

Yes, it is often extremely difficult to find a reputable custodian. Birch Gold Group works in close contact with Equity Trust among others.

IRS standards require the storage of precious metals in strict accordance. Birch Gold Group works with Deleware Depository, International Depository Services and Brink’s.

All of the depositories used by the firm are based in the United States because this option has the highest recommendations. The depositories are located in cities including New York, Dallas, Los Angeles and Deleware.

Birch Gold Group Minimum Investment & Fees

Every type of investment product and IRA has associated fees. If you are an experienced investor, you already know this is nothing new.

Depending on the complexity of the current process, there can be additional fees for a gold IRA.  Birch Gold Group partners work with custodians that keep your fees as low as possible . At the very least, these fees are relatively comparable with the other mainstream custodians.

Birch Gold Group Fees for Precious Metal IRAs

  • The minimum investment is $10,000
  • Annual custodian fees are $180 per year

Birch Gold Group Fees for Non-IRAs

  • The minimum investment is $10,000
  • Annual custodian fees are $0 per year

Account Setup

The primary custodian for Birch Gold Group is Equity Trust Company. The setup fee is $50.

If you have become accustomed to the typical setup fee for a conventional IRA, $50 may seem a bit steep. We want you to realize this is a fairly standard fee for a precious metal IRA.

The wire transfer fee charged by Equity Trust is $30.

Storage Fees

As we mentioned earlier, the gold for your IRA is stored by Birch Gold Group in an IRS-approved, secure depository. When you make an investment in precious metals for your IRA, there are some associated storage fees you are required to pay.

The majority of Birch Gold Group clients pay a standard annual fee of $100. There is an additional maintenance fee of $80. The basis of these fees depends on the type of storage you have selected.

Protecting Your Retirement Savings

Birch Gold Group offers a Gold Group information kit. The company is giving away this kit with no obligation or cost to you. You will receive insider information on silver and gold. This extensive information fills 20 pages.

The information kit will show you how your savings can be protected today. All you need to do is request your free gold kit.

Who is Birch Gold Group Best For?

Even though you have an interest in investing in precious metals, you need to be certain Birch Gold Group is the best choice for your individual needs. You should definitely consider Birch Gold Group if any of the scenarios listed below are applicable to your situation.

You do not want to spend your valuable time dealing with depositories, custodians and numerous other details. You are interested in finding a company worthy of your trust to serve as your trustpoint for your complete investment.

You are interested in acquiring more knowledge about investing in precious metals specifically pertaining to your future and current investment goals. You want a company offering guidance to help you find the best opportunities for your investments. Finally, you want a firm to help you eliminate any products that are not right for your needs.

You are interested in receiving assistance in securing your portfolio with an investment in precious metals. This can be by making an outright metals purchase or by funding an IRA. You want to find a company offering both expertise and financial knowledge in precious metals. Birch Gold Group deliberately tries to reach as wide of a client base as possible.

What Makes Birch Gold Group Unique?

First, you can count on Birch Gold Group to cover all of the basics extremely well. The company also offers an excellent selection of unique features the competition does not offer.

Commitment to Providing Education

Birch Gold Group realizes when a client is informed, they become a satisfied customer. The key operating philosophy of the firm is a commitment to understand your needs and answer all of your questions. The company will work with you for the development of a customized financial strategy. The basis is your preferences, long-term goals and current situation.

IRA Specialists

Birch Gold Group makes it easy to open and manage your Gold IRA account. This is because an entire section of the firm has been devoted specifically to this process. You will receive the help you need for every step of your journey from the in-house IRA department. You will always work with an IRA specialist dedicated to your needs that understands the specifics of your situation.

Top Tier Employee Team

The team at Birch Gold Group offers you a wide variety of experiences. The firm’s employees are former wealth managers, commodities brokers, financial managers and more. Birch Gold Group was established in 2003 in Burbank, California as an experienced firm. Individuals from across all 50 states are included in their client base.


If the name Birch Gold Group has a familiar ring, it is most likely because the company is often mentioned in the media. The Ben Shapiro Show has endorsed the company. Every significant endorsement only adds to the overall credibility of the firm.

We believe it is important to understand everything great about Birch Gold Group in addition to the areas where the firm could improve.


  • Provides recommendations for both depositories and custodians
  • Adheres to all applicable regulations including federal, state and IRS
  • Dedication to educating customers
  • Received high ratings from professional organizations and customers


  • Some of the initial setup fees have not been displayed clearly
  • No depository options for overseas


How can I hold silver and gold in my retirement account?

A precious metals or gold IRA is a self-directed account for your individual retirement. All of the precious metals are IRS-approved as opposed to standard stocks and bonds. You can have your account set up like a traditional IRA with pre-tax funds or like a Roth IRA with after-tax funds.

Where are the precious metals for my IRA stored?

You can select either segregated or co-mingled storage. This is also referred to as non-segregated storage. This is when the storage of your precious metals in the same vault used for other investor’s precious metals.

When the storage of your precious metals is in a safe deposit box or room away from other precious metals it is called segregated storage. Although this option is more secure, it is also more expensive.

When I transfer funds from my 401k or IRA to a precious metals IRA are there penalties or taxes?

There are no fees for rolling money from an IRA or 401k into an IRA. Only one rollover per year is allowed. You can make a transfer from one IRA to another as often as you like.

The process of taking funds out of an account is called distribution. You are given 60 days for transferring your funds into another IRA or a new gold IRA.

Which vaults hold my precious metals?

Birch Gold Group works with cutting-edge security organizations including International Depository Services, Brink’s and Deleware Depository. These organizations have depositories in Seal Beach, Deleware, Los Angeles, Dallas and New York.

Which custodians handle the actual rollovers?

Birch Gold Group works extensively with Equity Trust. This custodian offers 40 years of experience. If you prefer, the company will work with any custodian.

What kind of investment accounts can be rolled over to a precious metals IRA?

You can roll many Roth IRAs, traditional IRAs, 401k, 457 and 403b accounts into a precious metals IRA.

Is a buy-back program available?

Yes, if you decide to sell, Birch Gold Group will buy back anything you have purchased from the firm. The buy-back rates are competitive and established in advance when you make a purchase.

Is there a lot of complex paperwork when I open a precious metals IRA?

No, the process is simplified for you by the Birch Gold Group IRA department. You will not be overwhelmed by paperwork and forms.

Birch Gold Group Reviews & 3rd Party Ratings

There is a lot of favorable information available regarding Birch Gold Group through third-party sources. Although there are not many reviews available from the BBB, all of them are positive. There are more than 100 reviews on TrustLink, with the majority positive.

Promotions from Birch Gold Group

The following promotions are currently available from Birch Gold Group.

  • Free shipping for every purchase exceeding $10,000
  • IRAs valued at more than $50,000 do not have fees for your first year
  • You receive up to $10,000 of free precious metals for qualified, eligible purchases

Promotions are always changing. Current information is available on the site.

How to Get Started?

Once you decide this is the right investment for your needs and want to start the process to rollover your retirement account, simply follow the steps below.

Step One:

Meet with a precious metal specialist from Birch Gold Group to discuss your motivation and specific goals.

Step Two:

Your retirement account’s rollover eligibility will be determined by an IRA specialist.

Step Three:

Money from your current retirement account is rolled over into your new IRA. You will receive help with the navigation.

Step Four:

Meet with a precious metal specialist from Birch Gold Group to discuss your motivation and specific goals.

Step Five:

Birch Gold Group Specialists will use money from your new IRA to purchase your chosen precious metals. Storage arrangements will be made for your precious metals at an approved directory.

The Final Word

A partnership with a reputable company is necessary to establish and maintain your investment in precious metals and your precious metals IRA.

The company must excel in everything corresponding to precious metals including IRA operation, storage and custodianship.

You can diversify your portfolio, secure your future and protect yourself against inflation by making the right investments.

Birch Gold Group provides you with an excellent full-service experience. The company focuses on your education while paying attention to your specific needs.

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