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This precious metals seller is based out of Massachusetts and it’s named Boston Bullion. The organization has been in business for greater than 10 years and counting. Instead of creating a massively large company with a plethora of employees, the wide majority of the business is owned and operated by Ken, the company founder. He definitely knows and understands the wants and needs of his clients and he does a great job of meeting them and has a long history of accomplishing this task.

Is it possible for a small business like this one to compete against big gold companies? Do they offer legitimate pricing and products? It’s always necessary and absolutely important to determine if a company is trustworthy before doing business with them.

IMPORTANT – before we get too far in this review, we’d like you to know we’ve vetted quite a few companies in this space.

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Boston Bullion Company Info

This Boston-based company works with local clientele and customers on the national level. They have a local storefront in Boston and they conduct business with their customers in the area in this location. They also have a website that makes it possible to purchase or sell precious metals assets from other areas across the nation.

The company sells a wide variety of precious metals and various products including gold and silver investments. They commonly sell rare coins as well, and on occasion they will even have palladium and platinum products available for customers to buy, but the opportunity to buy these precious metals is rarer than buying than silver and gold.

It’s simple to sort through the various categories of silver and gold products on their site. The website shares prices for some of their products but not everyone. Online prices are based on the current spot price of silver and gold on a particular given day. Coins without a price are typically collectibles, so you’ll need to call them to get a quote.

If you decide to buy precious metals from their website, it’s easy to purchase a product through their online marketplace. And you can even have your entire order ready and put together before talking with one of their customer service reps. Once your products are paid for, they will then ship them directly to you. Or if you happen to live in the area, you can stop by the storefront to pick them up in person.

To place your final order, you will have to do it over the phone. You will call them and they will initiate the order process, provide you with shipping details, and more during this final phone call.

The company has many other resources available for customers who’d like to learn additional info about precious metals investing. Their blog is active and you can comment on different posts regarding certain aspects of the precious metals market. They even provide an FAQ page on their website and additional resources to help you learn more about precious metals investing.

Even though this company is small and only has a few employees, they maintain a well put together excellent website that is easy to use, straightforward, and simple to navigate.

Precious Metals Selling Process

To sell your precious metals to this company, the simplest way to do it would be to personally visit their storefront. But many of you are not in the surrounding area in Boston, so it’s likely impossible. Still, you can sell them your precious metals by initiating the steps that follow:

  • Call them and tell them you have metals to sell
  • Retrieve printable packing slip from your email and print it
  • Follow all packing and shipping instructions
  • When the company receives your items, they’ll call with a locked-in price
  • Get paid via check or wire transfer within 1-5 business days

The company is very transparent in which silver and gold items they will buy and they provide a chart to their customers. They share this along with price information as well.

Online Boston Bullion Reviews

When you look at Boston Bullion and compare it to various online gold companies, you’ll notice that they only have a small smattering of reviews on the Internet. But the good thing for this company is that they tend to receive glowing reviews.

Boston Bullion has received Better Business Bureau accreditation and they currently maintain an A+ rating. There are eight reviews on the website and each of them has received a 5 out of 5 stars every time, which is a perfect score. The company hasn’t received any complaints either, which is positive.

Boston Bullion has also received eight Yelp reviews and each one of these reviews was also a perfect 5 out of 5 stars. All of their customers have been incredibly satisfied with the services they provide. The company has claimed their Yelp page, which also shows us that their online presence is active.

Reviews on the BBB

It’s true that Boston Bullion received eight reviews on the BBB and all of them were perfect and without complaint.

One reviewer said he worked with the company buying bullion for the first time. They actually met up with him after hours to help him make his purchase because his work schedule was extremely busy. This review was shared over a decade ago, but the customer continues doing business with this company still.

The next customer never bought bullion before either. She had a major fear of being scammed. But a few years ago, she chose Boston Bullion and felt that the company was professional and handled the transaction expertly. She’s done business with this company for more than a decade since.

The next review is about selling a coin collection. A son was selling his father’s collection as part of his estate. After reviewing several different buyers, he chose Boston Bullion because they were the most honest company and they provided straightforward pricing. This customer was incredibly happy that he spent time searching for the right company.

All other reviews were very open and praiseworthy. The customers like that the company was authentic and they appreciated Ken, the owner, for his honesty. Finally, one reviewer mentioned a purchasing issue that was fixed quickly by Ken.

Reviews on Yelp

Like the previous reviews, the Yelp reviews are also highly praiseworthy. One woman claims that she loves their fair prices and quick transactions. Another was happy that she sold her bullion back to the company for a fair price. These things make this a good company to liquidate your precious metals with.

Oddly enough, reviewers even mentioned that Ken has pet tarantulas. And they like that he is efficient and honest, straightforward and provides customers with fair quotes for sales and purchases.

Finally, many reviewers feel that Boston Bullion is one of the best precious metals dealers in Boston. And this is great because is a lot of competition in such a big metropolitan city!

Is Boston Bullion Really a Scam?

I can say with certainty that this company isn’t a scam. They are well-established and well known in Boston, and they have verified reviews shared on third-party websites like the BBB and Yelp. And their customers leave them the highest ratings possible when reviewing the organization, plus no one has made a formal complaint against them.

Even though this company is relatively small, and the owner Ken is doing the bulk of the work, it still seems to run like a well-oiled machine. If you’re looking for an experience purchasing precious metals from a smaller business, you may find this company appealing as well. Repeatedly, reviewers like Ken because he’s straightforward, friendly, and honest. When buying and selling, he always provides customers with fair prices.

Boston Bullion Pros

  • The owner of this small business is honest and friendly
  • They are one of the highest rated Boston-based precious metals dealers
  • Customer reviews are from happy customers on the selling and buying side

Boston Bullion Cons

  • It’s easier to sell metals if you live in the Boston area
  • This broker doesn’t handle precious metals IRAs

Bottom Line

All in all, Boston Bullion is a small company with the ability to compete with much bigger industry related organizations in Massachusetts and across the nation. Ken, the owner, has a major advantage because he cares, he is straightforward with customers, and he’s always honest with his prices. He even occasionally pays cash to customers looking to liquidate when they come in person.

Their main clientele is in Boston. And if you are planning for retirement, this might not be the best fit because they do not handle precious metals IRAs. But if you’re looking for a fair price to buy bullion quickly, this is one of the best places to go in the northeast.

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