Buying precious metals is an activity that no one can take lightly. If someone wants to buy a silver or gold bar in the best way possible, they must ensure you’re working with the right company. Not doing proper research before making bank transfers in these shops can expose people to scammers, which is dangerous.

Thankfully, there are many ways to buy and store bullion without getting scammed. Bullion Star is Singapore’s premier bullion dealer, and it has proven to be an option worth considering for those who want to store bullion and open up a precious metals vault from their browser.

There are many things to consider regarding Bullion Star (or BullionStar). People looking for investment-grade bullion, a unique showroom, and an integrated precious metals vault may keep reading this BullionStar shop review!


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What Is BullionStar?

As mentioned before, BullionStar PTE. LTD. is a Singapore-based company that provides a shop for buying precious metals online. While this company is based in Singapore, customers worldwide can also use this shop to deposit money and get gold or silver in return with full transparency from the company.

Overall, the company offers customers secure vaults, showrooms where people can simply walk in, and more. As mentioned by many customers, BullionStar offers one of the most user-friendly experiences for buying gold and silver bullion in the world. Additionally, the company works with one of the most stable jurisdictions globally, meaning people are not going to have any problems with their account while investing.

Who Is Behind BullionStar?

BullionStar PTE. LTD. was founded in 2012 by Torgny Persson, and it has helped clients shop for its main attractions (gold and silver bullion) up until today. Many people choose this service in particular because it offers a wonderful and transparent investment process regardless of your location.

According to many reviews online, the BullionStar website is thoroughly optimized for each of its services worldwide, whether people want secure payments or wonderful customer support, this organization has them covered.

BullionStar’s Best Features

Some of the most remarkable features about BullionStar include the following:

Unique Showroom

As most people may already know, a showroom is a place people can visit and take a look at different products in person. In the case of BullionStar, people can choose to visit the company’s walk-in bullion shop and showroom with no appointments required.

Additionally, it’s vital to note that a buyer’s bullion vault in Singapore is in the same location as the showroom, so they may check it without any problems during opening hours. Moreover, cash-and-carry is allowed for every customer.

Cash-and-carry is a system where people can take a short position on a futures contract or a long position on precious metals. In these cases, the buyer can make the most out of their investment. Some people prefer going directly to the location of the company to assess the quality of the product or talk to the employees directly.

No Goods and Services Tax (GST)

GST is an indirect tax placed on goods and services meant for domestic consumption. In essence, these taxes are included in the product’s final price and paid by the customer once they’re paying.

Thankfully, people don’t have to pay for these taxes in this Singapore-based company, meaning they must only pay for the precious metal’s full price and be on their way. In case someone has any doubts about this service, they may ask the company through mobile phone, email, or online chat.

User-Friendly Online Experience

According to several reviews online, BullionStar offers one of the best customer services in Singapore regarding gold and silver purchases. Once people connect to the website, they’re going to notice how everything is neatly organized in categories. Whether the customer wants to sell or purchase gold/silver, the website has them covered with all the available options.

It’s important to note that there are many ways to contact the company to get an answer to complex questions, such as mobile phone, email, and text messages. Additionally, the company has a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section on its website where anyone can check basic information regarding their account.

Secure Vaults

Generally speaking, BullionStar works with two vaults and safe deposit boxes. People may choose from vault storage to safe boxes in Singapore. However, users may also choose to store their silver or gold bar in vault storage in New Zealand.

It’s vital to note that people have control of their vaulted products 24/7 online, meaning they can buy, sell, or withdraw at any time they want. These vaults involve a cage reinforced with steel bard, which is protected with high-level security measures. As mentioned before, the Singapore vaults are combined with the Singapore retail shop.

On the other hand, the New Zealand vaults offer each user insured and audited storage, no bullion taxes, and full online control at the best price possible.

The following is a list of things people can expect from their Singapore or New Zealand storage vault:

Full Insurance

As mentioned before, BullionStar works with fully insured storage and services, meaning customers don’t have to worry about having any problems with their purchases. In case something wrong happens with the payment, storage, or any other detail with the buyer’s account, the BullionStar team is committed to solving the issue promptly.

Precious Metal Variety

Currently, this website works with gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. People are free to choose the service they want for their account without any problems. Whether the investor wants to purchase a precious metal as a fine souvenir or any other reason, BullionStar has them covered.

It’s vital to note that these products come in coins and bars. Moreover, the website offers several sales for their customers, meaning they’re likely to find the best price for their preferred product there.

Stable Website Platform

Up until today, no one has reported any problems while getting access to the payment platform, so it’s safe to say that the service is safe enough for anyone inside or outside Singapore who wants to sign up for an account.

How Does BullionStar Work?

There are two main ways people can use to start using BullionStar’s service. The first method involves creating a username online, and the second one involves going to the companies’ physical store’s location to make the purchase directly.

As mentioned before, buyers don’t need to make appointments to access the company’s physical gold store, so they can answer all their questions there. On the other hand, if people want to use BullionStar’s online service, there’s a list of things they must do to get the process done.

Creating an Account

The first step is relatively simple. All buyers must do is create a new account on BullionStar’s website. It’s vital to note that the company works with four different languages, so people may choose the language they feel the most comfortable with.

Creating an account only requires a few details, such as the client’s name, email, password, residential address, city, and postal code. Once the account has been created, people may log in right away and start to buy or sell precious metals. On the other hand, buyers may look at BullionStar’s sales before making any decision.

Adding Items to the Shopping Cart

This step is straightforward. Once the buyer has looked at all the sales the website has to offer, they may open an online shopping cart and place anything they want to buy there. Moreover, buyers can modify or eliminate the shopping cart entirely if they wish.

Selecting Preferred Delivery Option

Buyers may choose from pick-up, shipping, or vault storage in the checkout process. Logically, the pick-up process involves going into the Singapore store and picking up the order. On the other hand, people may get their orders shipped to their desired location worldwide.

Shipped orders come with a tracking number, and people may use BullionStar’s website to track the order. The delivery process may take up to a week, depending on the order and the location it’s supposed to arrive at. It’s vital to note that all shipments are fully insured for their full replacement value.

Finally, buyers may choose to store their order in one of BullionStar’s reliable storage vaults. As mentioned before, products placed in storage vaults may be tracked at any point during the day through the website.

Placing the Order and Paying

The final step is to confirm that the order is good to go and place it on the website. Once the buyer is done with that process, they’re going to be prompted to input their payment method information to make the final purchase.

Today, BullionStar may accept payment by cash, NETS payments, cheques, bank transfers, and even cryptocurrencies. Thanks to BullionStar accepting cryptocurrencies, more people have gained interest in investing in these products worldwide since not all gold/silver providers allow people to use that payment method.

The last thing to do in this process is to wait until the order is ready and pick it up or control it online if the buyer chose shipping or storage vaults.

What Are BullionStar’s Prices, Premiums, and Fees?

The pricing for all the products on the BullionStar website is linked to their current spot price. These prices are updated throughout the day, so there’s nothing to worry about regarding receiving outdated information.

Surprisingly, the prices in BullionStar are highly competitive, so people may consider this option if they’re looking for a place to save a bit of money on pricing.

As for the fees, BullionStar also offers competitive prices in comparison to others. Overall, BullionStar charges 0,39% in storage charges for gold each year. On the other hand, the company charges 0,59% per year for silver and platinum products. Users may go into BullionStar’s website to get a detailed overview of what to expect.

BullionStar Ratings and Reviews (2021)

When it comes to these services, it’s critical to look at reputable reviews online to determine if the person’s investment is safe or not. Unfortunately, BullionStar doesn’t have too many reviews on different websites online, but the ones it has are enough to determine whether it’s legit or not.

Google rates BullionStar with a 4.8/5 score with over 1950 reviews. On the other hand, Trustpilot rated BullionStar with a 4.7/5 score with 71 reviews, and Facebook rated it 4.9/5 with over 1110 reviews.

Logically, BullionStar has enough ratings from reputable websites to consider it a good option. However, it’s important to note that this website isn’t rated by the BBB, Trustlink, or Yelp, which are some of the most popular websites people go to for gold/silver provider reviews.

BullionStar Pros and Cons

Here’s a short overview of what people may expect (or not) from the BullionStar website:



Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, BullionStar doesn’t have its own IRA services. However, it works with the IRA Club, which is a self-directed, IRA third-party administrator. The fees for IRAs in BullionStar depend on the IRA Club’s fees, which is important to keep in mind.

Yes! BullionStar has an affiliate program where users can earn money each time they refer new clients to the website. While people can’t expect to make a huge amount of money this way, it’s still a nice reward for taking new people there.

Bottom Line | Investing with Singapore’s Premier Bullion Dealer

BullionStar is a legitimate gold/silver provider, and people may get into the website right away to start making their purchases. Overall, this company has a lot of good ratings online, so there’s nothing to worry about yet.

Thanks to the company being based in Singapore, buyers don’t have to worry about extra documents and taxes for placing orders, making it the perfect place to access for international investors. People looking for a reliable provider with transparency may choose to go for this service if they want.

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