Chards Coin and Bullion

Investing in precious metals is a wise strategy to diversify your portfolio and safeguard your wealth. Choosing where to begin with the variety of dealers and commodities might be challenging. Nevertheless, many investors make precious metals investments.

The potential of gold, silver, and other precious metals is becoming increasingly clear to people. These metals may act as a hedge against inflation, a stock market safety net, and a guarantee that investors are preparing for retirement on their terms.

It is crucial to read this Chards coin and bullion review before buying the products.

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Chards Coin and Bullion Review

Chards Coin and Bullion is one business that investors could have discovered that provides precious metals investing services. Long-established coin and bullion dealer Chard (1964) Ltd., doing business as Chard Coin and Bullion Dealer, is situated in Blackpool, United Kingdom.

One of the top precious metals dealers in the UK, Chards Coin and Bullion, provides a variety of gold coins, silver coins, platinum, and palladium coins and bars at affordable prices. Additionally, it provides a storage service for people who want to acquire and store actual metal and a custom design service for people who want to make their own unique coin or bar.

Chard Coins

History of Chards Coin and Bullion

Lawrence Chard and his cousin Robert established Chards Coin & Bullion in 1964. “Inform, Educate, and Inspire” is the firm’s motto. This slogan should clarify that Chards prioritizes educating its clients and providing them with the knowledge they need to make informed investment decisions to meet their financial needs.

In addition, Chards values transparency and honesty with its clients. Therefore, it is ready to publicize these rates to anybody with a query, and their premiums are published and easily accessible on the website.

Customers can come to the Chards store in Blackpool to make in-person purchases and have great service. It also provides top-quality service, online ordering, and shipping for individuals outside the area.

Dealers in Coins

In its early years, Chard operated as a coin dealer, and this company area is still quite significant. Chard offers numerous numismatic items, from commemorative to common coins, that appeal to investors and collectors.

Its selection of excellent quality British coins and sovereigns is fantastic. Customers frequently fly in from the United States, Australia, and the Far East to see the showrooms.

Bullion Dealer

Bullion Dealer

It provides a variety of gold, silver, and platinum products in different sizes and at great prices compared to other companies to investors at affordable prices.

Pricing for Gold and Silver

A comprehensive selection of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins and bars from various mints worldwide is available at Chards Coin and Bullion. Its website is simple and has a helpful search feature that lets users narrow down the results by product weight, price, or metal type. There are no additional fees or charges; the price the user sees is the price they pay, not just a number. Rates are shown in both GBP and USD.

One key highlight of Chards Coin and Bullion is that it has a Price Match Promise, which guarantees that if customers discover a product somewhere for a lower price, the great price will be compared with it (terms and conditions apply). It demonstrates its confidence in pricing and its dedication to offering its clients incredible offers and excellent service.

fast delivery

Payment and Fast Delivery of the Precious Metals

Chards Coin and Bullion Dealer payment options include bank transfer, PayPal, debit/credit card, and check. It also has a “Buy Now, Pay Later” option for UK orders above £500 that enables customers to stretch out the cost of the purchase over 12 months without paying interest. 

Shipping is free for all UK orders over £250. Several expedited delivery options are also available for an extra fee. It is also possible to ship to other countries, although there are additional fees. All orders with full transit insurance are available to protect them from loss or damage.

Customer Assistance

customer assistance

The customer communication support team at Chards Coin and Bullion is courteous and knowledgeable. They are quick to respond and willing to help at all times. The website also offers a comprehensive FAQ section addressing the most frequently asked questions and gives excellent service. The process of customer assistance is trouble-free and has fast service.

Customers are pretty pleased with Chard’s level of top-quality customer service overall. The business takes pleasure in giving consumers a satisfying experience from beginning to end.


  • Numerous coins, bars, and physical gold are available from different global mints.

  • The website is simple to use and has a useful search function.

  • Prices are given in USD and GBP currency.

  • The customer sees the amount they pay; there are no additional costs or charges, and it has seductive pricing.

  • A Price Match Promise is a brilliant service made available.

  • The “Buy Now, Pay Later” option is available for UK orders above £500 and is among the acceptable payment options.

  • It offers a great price compared to its competitors.

  • UK orders over £250 qualify for free and prompt delivery.


  • An international shipping rate will be incurred.

  • There are a few online reviews for Chards Coin and Bullion.

  • The business does not provide IRA services.

  • It doesn’t offer to ship for free.

Investing with Chards Coin and Bullion: Steps to Take

It is a straightforward process to invest with Chards Coin & Bullion:

  • First, select the items at a good price you wish to purchase from their website.

  • Put a few items in the shopping basket, then go through the checkout process.

  • Choose the desired shipping method and enter your delivery information.

  • Enter your payment details after choosing your payment option, and it will provide you with a postal date.

  • Review your order and click “Place Your Order” to finish the transaction

  • Users will receive a confirmation email with all the information about their order after it has been placed. The company will dispatch your precious metals as soon as possible, and you may check the status of your shipment online.

Services Provided by Chards and Bullion Dealer Based on the Website

storage options

Bullion Savings Accounts with DigitAul

Chards Coin and Bullion provides prompt service with DigitAul bullion savings accounts. With the help of these savings accounts, customers may purchase gold and silver at a lower cost, saving money. In addition, customers won’t have to worry about the expensive delivery, storage, or insurance rates associated with holding actual gold because they will pay a 1% premium.

Chards will purchase their shares at the live rate if they ever decide to sell them.

Storage Options for Vaults

Customers can select to have their precious metals held in one of Chards Coin and Bullion’s safe vaulted storage facilities when they buy actual coins and bars. They can choose from domestic storage options in the United Kingdom and international storage alternatives.

To secure investments, all vault storage solutions include comprehensive insurance. The storage will also be allotted and partitioned to guarantee that the metals stay safe and secure.

Selling to Chards, Coins, and Bullion

If customers want to sell gold or silver bullion, Chards may also buy it. It acquires metals directly from clients in the showroom, or customers may use their “distance buy-in” option if the team is not nearby.

Since Chards provides comprehensive insurance for all shipments, using the distance buy-in service safeguards the precious metals at every stage of the journey.

Investors may fill out the website’s selling form or contact Chards to learn more about the procedure if they want to sell their precious metals to Chards.

Chard Coin and Bullion Reviews

customer reviews

Before determining whether to do business with a firm, we always think it is wise to read client reviews. Reviewers can provide investors with a wealth of information about a company’s operations and help them see any warning signs that may worry them.

Customers may learn more about a company’s customer service practices and the caliber of its goods and services by reading through reviews. Even though their website could make assertions regarding these two crucial facts, reading what other people have to say might help anyone determine whether such claims are genuine.

Some customers state that many times because of royal mail, the product delivery gets delayed, and royal mail problems influence the image of the coin and bullion dealer.

Additionally, they stated that they provided excellent service and exquisite communication, as well as that they tended to buy new products on the basis of their previous purchases and bullion review.

Is Chards Coin and Bullion a Scam?

Chards Coin and Bullion: Is it a fraud? No, it doesn’t seem like this business is a hoax. It has been in operation for over 50 years, and it is doubtful that it could continue to do so if it wasn’t a legal corporation. 

The next concern is whether investors should choose Chards Coin and Bullion as the vendor. It is advised against doing business with Chards Coin and Bullion for various reasons.

Chards Coins and Bullion has an absence of reviews, which is the main factor that we observe. Despite being in operation for over 50 years, Chards Coin and Bullion has fewer ratings than businesses with barely a sixth as much history.

We are hesitant to suggest this business given the lack of evaluations by the BBB, Business Consumer Alliance, and TrustLink. Although 224 reviews on Trustpilot are respectable, competing companies with thousands of reviews on the platform make it less remarkable.

Additionally, it doesn’t seem like Chards Coin and Bullion provides any IRA services. However, a precious metals IRA may be a terrific method to diversify your investments and save for retirement, and many other gold-investing firms will provide this service to you.

Furthermore, Chards Coin & Bullion does not offer free shipping on orders. The business argues that not providing this service can keep costs and other fees low. However, many other precious metals investing firms do provide free shipping.


In light of this, Chards Coin and Bullion is a decent choice, in our opinion, for anyone wishing to purchase precious metals. It offers an extensive range of goods and great service at affordable costs. However, in contrast, despite being in operation for close to 60 years, the company has no ratings on some of the most reputable review websites.

Additionally, Chards Coin and Bullion does not provide free delivery or IRA services like other dealers. We don’t see a necessity to choose Chards Coin and Bullion above the other alternatives because these features are available with numerous other precious metals firms and companies selling products with a good investment portfolio and with great prices compared to Chard’s coin.

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