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CMI Gold and Silver Inc is an industry leader in the distribution of gold and silver coins, Precious metals. CMI offers collectors and investors a wide variety of products and services.

CMI Gold And Silver is one of the oldest gold and other precious metal dealers in the United States. CMI Gold and Silver is a Phoenix-based company established in 1973.

CMI Gold and Silver inc was among the country’s earliest precious metals merchants to advise investors to buy gold as soon as the privilege to possess bullion was reinstated. The company was formed largely as silver dealers, taking advantage of Arizona’s position as the country’s fifth-largest silver producer.

CMI Gold and Silver They offer appropriate cost for buying precious metals at spot prices. This is an obvious advantage, but there are several other factors that make it a unique product.

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CMI Gold and Silver inc Products

CMI offers products varied in different precious metals. Customers may purchase precious metals directly at their headquarters or Online. They also offer investment on IRA eligible precious metals. The gold and silver inc products include collectable or numismatic coins.

Gold and Silver Coins

Gold coins

Gold coins are one of the most versatile types of investments that you can make. Gold bullion coins can be exchanged for cash very easily, but their value also fluctuates greatly with the price of gold, allowing you to make a nice profit when the price of gold rises.

Silver Coins

Silver coins have been prized for centuries for their beauty and luster. Historically, they have been prized for their beauty and luster.

The value of silver coins is based on the spot price of silver, which is the price that silver is trading for on the open market. The current spot price of silver and other factors determine its market value.

Precious Metals


Gold was the world’s first currency and remains a popular choice for investment. In ancient times, gold was used to back coins. Gold investments are the most common form of investment in precious metals.

Though the practice has largely died out, gold is still considered an excellent store of value and medium of exchange, with its value measured in troy ounces.

Gold Bullion

Gold bullion is a form of currency that you buy and store, like stock. It’s considered a good form of investment since it’s rare, valuable, and accessible.

Gold is most commonly found in the Earth’s crust, and there are different ways to mine it. Gold can be refined into different compounds, such as gold bars, coins, and bullion.


Silver, once called “the poor man’s gold,” has been an important staple in jewelry for centuries. Its value as a precious metal has waned and waned over the past few decades, as the price of gold has risen dramatically and the price of silver has barely budged. CMI Gold and Silver is one of the leading silver dealer in United States.

Silver Bullion

Silver bullion has been an important asset for collecting, investing, and wealth preservation for hundreds of years. The value fluctuates and, depending on legislation, may change throughout the year.

After silver bullion is mined, refined, and minted, it is available for investment. The value of silver bullion fluctuates daily.


Platinum is a popular choice for investment, and with good reason. The metal is ductile, which means it can be easily shaped into jewelry, coins and other objects. It is also extremely rare in nature, meaning it is rare, and therefore incredibly valuable.

Platinum Coins

Platinum coins are a rare metal that is used in jewelry, dental fillings, and plating. It is also used in manufacturing portable medical devices. It is resistant to corrosion, making it a popular choice for platinum coins, which are required as a means of payment for many government services.


One of the rarest and most valuable materials on Earth is palladium. It’s extremely inert, making it resistant to corrosion, and it’s one of the few precious metals that’s naturally white. It’s found in dust particles that fall to Earth through the atmosphere, and mining it for investment purposes is a lot like mining for diamonds.

Gold and silver ira

Traditional IRAs are perfect for retirement savings. These accounts allow investors to make pre-tax contributions and defer taxes until retirement. Plus, there are no age restrictions, and almost all investors can get a tax deduction on their contributions. Gold and silver IRA accounts offer the same benefits, but investors can also hold select precious metals in these accounts. You can learn more about IRA transfers to gold and silver if you are interested in using retirement funds to do so.

CMI Gold Bars


The prices of precious metals are soaring, they are used as an investment commodity, but whether buying or selling precious metals, there are factors such as the supply and demand, the fluctuation of prices, and the cost and availability of precious metals you must consider.

CMI gold and silver inc offer the fair market value of the products based on the current spot prices. The offered price variations depend on the product and the size of the order.

Delivery of Product

CMI ships valuable merchandise through US Postal Service registered mail. USPS service grants the buyer high confidence that the package will be delivered. If the Package is lost CMI will help in usps investigation to resolve the issue regarding your package.

CMI carefully chooses a shipment company like USPS or UPS carrier. A company that ships the product needs to find the most cost-effective way to ship product throughout the world. The company may have several offices worldwide and these offices may be in different countries. They have several warehouses, locations of manufacture, and distribution channels, and all of these different parts must be shipped across the world.

Goldstar Trust Company

It is a privately owned, independent investment bank and wealth management firm with a focus on higher-yielding fixed-income investments. The firm provides services to retail, institutional, and high-net-worth investors through direct investment, private client service, and third-party platform relationships, including access to direct investment opportunities on professional investment platforms.

Goldstar trust company is an affiliated company of CMI gold and silver inc that offers and facilitates and setup investors IRA. Investors can buy precious metals from CMI gold and silver by opening and funding the account in Goldstar trust Company. If the investors purchase precious metals through Goldstar the product will then directly deposited in Goldstar.

Goldstar Trust Company Charge Fees

Annual Storage Fee

The Storage Fee per annum is set at a minimum of $90 and is equivalent to 1% of all assets’ fair value held in the portfolio, regardless of the account value.

This annual fee is billed in the month in which the metals were invested. For example, storing $1 million costs $1,000 annually in storage fees.

Annual Administrative Fee

The administrative fee per annum is equal to.08 percent of the account’s assets’ market value. The price is $50 minimum but limited to $250, so if you have $1 million inside the account, but not above $250 administrative fees.

Setup Fee and Transaction Fee

Setup fee is charged one time of $25 upon creation of the account. Every in and out transaction of an investor in their account is charged $40.

CMI Gold & Silver Ratings and Reviews

Reviews offer consumers a chance to ask the questions they need answers to before making purchases. like the first time gold buying experience of the customers on their review that gives assurance to other people on the legitimacy of the company.

The company receives a lot of ratings and reviews from its customers and client experience. The company also receive accreditations and ratings from various trusted websites.

How to select the right Precious Metal Dealer

Precious metal are valuable because they are rare. Rarer than gold, platinum, and ruthenium, they are the hallmarks of jewelry, coins, and bullion. However, they can also be very valuable when sold directly to investors. Buying physical precious metal directly from the mint or through a dealer comes with different advantages.

Choosing a reputable precious metal dealer is an important choice to make when planning to sell your unwanted or forgotten precious metal. And choosing a precious metal dealer that you can trust is even more important.

Many people who try to get cash for gold online find themselves working with a shady precious metal dealer. Low prices, no or inaccurate quotes, and rude customer service are just some of the red flags of potential scams to look out for.


Selecting a precious metal dealer to purchase your precious metal can be tricky. You want to find a dealer you can trust with price and service, but if you’re new to the business you may not yet know which dealers are trustworthy and which ones are not.


There are many precious metal dealers out there, some of which have filed for bankruptcy, others that buy precious metals at a premium above the spot price, and still others that overcharge for their services. To help you select the best precious metal dealer for you, here are four tips to follow.


In summary, CMI Gold & Silver is about more than buying and selling gold and silver. It’s about investing in companies with proven management teams, profitable products, and sound business plans. CMI is a pioneer and leader in the field of precious metals investing.

Advisors and analysis at CMI have many years of experience in the precious metals market. They are continually updating their knowledge of this ever-changing market. Therefore, they can provide our clients with expert advice when it comes to buying gold and silver.

CMI is a Legitimate company run by Bill Haynes and his two sons. It is a Family run Company, President Bill Haynes is the leading the operation of the company. While his two sons, Mike Haynes is the Vice president of Sales and Adam Haynes is the manager of marketing and advertising.

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