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Are you wondering whether or not Endeavor Metals Group is the best company to work with when opening a precious metals IRA? Or maybe you’re just looking to invest in precious metals and it doesn’t necessarily have to be part of her retirement account?

Like most people, you’re sick and tired of the ups and downs of the stock market and you need to do something to protect your investments. You need to take action to protect against inflation, political upheaval, and poor economies all over the world. Buying precious metals from Endeavor Metals Group seems like a great idea.

Before choosing a gold company to work with, it always makes sense to research the organization first to find out as much as you can about them. Today, I’d like to share my research with you so you have a better understanding about this company.

If this information sounds appealing at all, please stick around and continue reading to find out the truth.

IMPORTANT – before we get too far in this review, we’d like you to know we’ve vetted quite a few companies in this space.

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Information about Endeavor Metals Group

Although Endeavor metals group doesn’t have the most long and storied history, they do have nearly 10 years of experience because the organization was originally founded in 2013. This is a great resource for those looking to purchase precious metals online or in person, because they have a location in West Palm Beach in Florida.

Which type of precious metals investments are you looking to purchase for your website? You can buy coins, bars, and bullion from their site. And the main types of precious metals that they sell include the following:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Palladium

Unlike some companies, they do not help their customers open a precious metals IRA account, which some may look at as a red flag or at least a minor inconvenience. But they do sell IRA approved precious metals on their website, which is important because if they didn’t and you want to open an IRA you would be able to purchase from.

They actually inform their customers that it’s easy to open an IRA investment account without their help. They share three easy steps to follow that include:

  • Open an account with an IRA custodian
  • Add funds to the account
  • Buy IRA-approved products from their website to add to your portfolio

See? That is too bad, right? It would be even better if Endeavor Metals Group helped their customers set up their new IRA portfolio by connecting them with a trusted IRA custodian. But this is the case, so if you’re looking for more of a complete approach by getting help in all aspects of the IRA creation process, then you should probably work with a different company that provides the service. There are many great gold companies that also connect customers with IRA custodians or act as IRA custodians themselves.

Endeavor Metals Group Website

On their website, Endeavor Metals Group provides investors and collectors and access to a wide range of different information. They also have different categories in which they sell many types of precious metals including palladium, silver, platinum, and gold options. You can buy coins, bars, and bullion from their site.

Let’s say you wanted to purchase silver on their website. If you go to the menu and hover the mouse over silver, it expands to give you the option to choose silver coins, silver bars, and silver numismatics. This is great because it takes you directly to the area that you’d like to purchase, which makes navigating the website incredibly easy.

In this example, let’s say you’ve decided to buy silver coins. If you click the silver coins drop-down menu, you’ll be shown a number of different options including the Silver P Stoller, silver Morgan Dollar, silver Chinese panda, Silver Austrian Philharmonic coin, Silver Australian Koala coin, and other options.

The one thing I don’t like is the way the pages are set up. You see, a number of these coins are acceptable in a precious metals IRA because they contain the requisite .999% pure silver, which is a requirement of the IRS.

Unfortunately, the website fails to mention which silver coins are IRA eligible and which ones aren’t. They just have them all lumped together and you’re supposed to know which ones are IRA eligible or not before clicking the link.

Now, if you were to click the link of the silver panda, as an example, and then click the specifications tab, you’d see that the coin is struck in .999 fine silver. This means the coin is IRA eligible and perfect for your precious metals retirement account. But you would only learn this after you did some digging.

They should put this on the main page to help save their customers time, effort, and energy in my opinion.

Otherwise, the website is pretty easy to navigate and they share great information including blog posts, investor information, and FAQs page, a contact us page, and more.

Endeavor Metals

Endeavor Metals Group Better Business Bureau Reviews

Next, I decided to check out the company on online peer-reviewed websites like the Better Business Bureau to see how they stacked up. On the Better Business Bureau website, they have an A- rating, which is almost the best rating on the website, they are accredited as of last month, and they’ve received five 5 star ratings. And they’ve also received many positive reviews, which certainly bodes well for the company.

The only reason they do not have an A+ is because the business hasn’t been operating long enough to give them a higher score. They are afraid that the company may not live up to their-expectations after enough time has passed. But if they continue performing at the highest levels, they may even end up getting a better score in the future.

Endeavor Metals Group Yelp Reviews

After searching for this company on yelp, I found out that they have only received one review but it was a perfect 5 out of five stars rating. The review came from a person named Diane, who it turns out is someone who actually works for the company.

Honestly, when people from the company post reviews about their products and services, I tend to look at this as a red flag. It may not be, but it’s a little weird to talk of your company and speak so highly about your business when nobody else is willing to say anything. It almost seems like they’re trying to sway the public into thinking that the company is actually better than they really are.

I don’t know how you feel, and you can take this newfound information and digest it yourself. But understand that it seems a little odd that the manager of the company is the only one willing to share a Yelp review about this business even though they’ve been around since 2013.

Bottom Line

Based on everything that I’ve uncovered today, I can say with absolute certainty that Endeavors Metals Group is definitely a legitimate business based out of West Palm Beach Florida.

Should you do business with them? I guess it’s up to you in the end, but I would honestly steer clear of this company. First of all, they haven’t been around too long so there is a whole lot of information shared about them on the web.

Second, there are better companies that provide full-service precious metals IRA experiences as opposed to telling you to open the account and then come back and they’ll help you.

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