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Are you an avid coin collector? Then you know the value of having a safe place to store your coin collections. Storing your coins at home is convenient, but it poses some security risks. Flood, fire, or any natural disaster could easily ruin your precious collection.

On top of that, your silver coins, foreign coins, and other collectibles could be broken into, and the coins stolen by burglars. Those risks can be prevented by keeping your collection in a safe storage locker.

If you are searching for the ideal place to keep your precious metals and coins, read our Excelsior Coin Gallery review.

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What is Excelsior Coin Gallery?

Excelsior Coins

In case you didn’t know yet, Excelsior Coin Gallery is a safe, climate-regulated business that stores precious metals and silver coins. They are a dependable business and one of the best coin dealers with more than three decades of experience. They also have a verified 100% customer satisfaction rating.

Excelsior Coin Gallery is a reliable and fair storage business in the Sacramento region, providing a lifetime guarantee on their storage. Compared to other storage firm and services in the Sacramento region, you’ll receive a refund service of the value of your lost items, especially when they are ever lost or stolen.

Why Store Your Precious Metals and Gold Coins at Excelsior Coin Gallery?

Owners of precious metals such as gold and silver coins silver bullion, foreign coins are often utilized as a form of investment, particularly among individuals concerned about the stability of their nation’s currency or financial markets.

Storing your gold coins and precious metals at a secure facility such as Excelsior Coin Gallery is the ideal way to safeguard them. These are perfect for coin dealers and appraisers alike.

How Does Excelsior Coin Gallery Secure Your Precious Metals and Coins?

Excelsior Coin Gallery utilizes a broad spectrum of security measures to make sure all your collections are 100% protected. They utilize CCTV cameras on their current location in Sacramento to track the inside and perimeter of their facilities.

Remember that those cameras are monitored round-the-clock by a friendly, kind, nice yet serious team of security specialists. What’s more, Excelsior Coin Gallery keeps all of its client’s precious metals and coins in an alarmed and secure vault. The items are safeguarded from theft by numerous security measures.

Are There Storage Fees?

Remember that the value of your collection will distinguish the cost of storing your precious metals at Excelsior Coin Gallery. The business charges a trivial fee for every item you keep in their facility.

Also, there are no long-term penalties or contracts for early termination. If you prefer to keep your collection with them for a year, but you finish the collection in six months, you’re free to terminate your contract without penalties.

Pros and Cons of Excelsior Coin Gallery


  • There are no long-term contracts for coin dealers
  • Their security measures are exceptional
  • The facility is climate controlled
  • They have a 100% customer satisfaction rating and you’ll be greeted by a warm team of employees


  • There are no discounts for frequent customers
  • You can only store precious metals and coins
  • You have to pay upfront to avail their business
  • It is not cheap

Bottom Line

Excelsior Coin Gallery is a good place for people like coin dealers and appraisers who like to store their coins and precious metals in a safe place. They are a trusted industry leader with more than three decades of expertise, not to mention they also have a remarkable track record for protecting the collections of their customers.

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