Goldcore Review

Nowadays, more and more individuals invest in precious metals, like silver and gold coins and bars, for their finances. Various companies allow buying silver coins and silver bars or gold bars and coins. That is why everyone should be cautious about which company they must try.

Goldcore is one of the trusted and reliable gold brokers. The company is committed to helping people achieve their investment goals.

Whether you wish to buy gold coins or sell gold bars, keep reading to know if Goldcore is the perfect precious metals provider for you.

Goldcore Highlights

Before we dive into the Goldcore review, let us first take a look at the company’s highlights:

  • It has been around for almost two decades and manages and stores over $130 million in assets.
  • It allows silver and gold investments.
  • It offers safe vault storage options in multiple locations, ensuring that all investments are protected.
  • The company’s account program lets clients invest a set amount monthly through gold procurement.
  • It provides various precious metal guides to help the community and its clients learn more about precious metal investments alongside the best storage options.

About Goldcore

Goldcore logo

Goldcore was established in 2003 and was the first Irish gold broker. The company’s full title is “GoldCore Ireland.” The current CEO is Stephen Flood, who has been in the company for over 16 years and is dedicated to providing the best possible products and services for their valued clients.

This Irish company focuses not only on Ireland; they also have a Goldcore UK Offer. They also deal with clients from over 130 countries. Aside from offering savings, they also have plans for trusts, financial specialists, etc. Clients can choose whether the bullion holdings will be delivered to them.

Meanwhile, the company offers international bullions, coins, and bars, such as Canadian Maple Leafs, South Africa Krugerrand coins, American Eagles, and British Sovereigns and Britannia coins. Aside from the safe and attractive storage, clients can also buy one-kilogram, ten-ounces, or even one-ounce bars from Perth Mint.

While Goldcore is a reliable precious metals provider, they do not offer precious metal IRAs. So, interested investors from the US may look for other companies.

What are the Goldcore Products?

GoldCore is known for focusing on the key international gold and silver coins and bars. The company does not dabble in more obscure products. In other words, the firm provides a decent yet not extensive range of international gold and silver bullion coins and bars.

Here are the Goldcore products:

  • Silver bullion
  • Gold bullion
  • Silver bars
  • Silver coins
  • Gold coins
  • Gold bars

Goldcore Gold Bar

The company also offers different places for storing precious metals. Other brokers offer platinum and palladium products, but Goldcore sticks to silver and gold. So, anyone looking for palladium, platinum, and other precious metals can look for a USA company.

Why You Should Invest with Goldcore

Here are the top reasons why you should invest with Goldcore:

User-friendly Website

GoldCore website is user-friendly, so you will not have trouble navigating what you look for. As you search for your desired precious metals, you can enjoy a hassle-free experience.

Easy to Find Precious Metals Spot Prices

Unlike most precious metal providers, Goldcore lets its clients find the current spot prices of silver and gold with ease. All silver and gold spot prices are available on their official website.

Safe Storage Locations

Goldcore LTD provides multiple storage locations dedicated to safe precious metals storage. The company gives precious metals secure storage, ensuring clients have peace of mind. There is specific storage for silver coins, gold bullion, and other metals.

Reliable Customer Support

GoldCore’s customer service team offers the clients excellent and reliable assistance during trading hours. Whenever you have concerns about your precious metal holdings, you can call their UK phone number. The responsive and professional team with dedicated precious metal advisors is always willing to help.

Award-winning Research

The company’s search has received multiple awards and has even been quoted and interviewed on Bloomberg, Reuters, CNBC, Wall Street Journal, etc. This legit company is also committed to educating the clients and the community about precious metals and their critical roles in safe haven diversification.

Various Sizes with Liquidity

Goldcore Ireland does not only cater to professional buyers but also first-time ones. The company has a team comprised of industry experts who can answer clients’ concerns during the consultation.

Quick and Insured Delivery

Goldcore offers a discreet, quick, and international fully insured delivery when it comes to delivery. The precious metal products are stored in unmarked envelopes without mentioning the content or an exterior label. That is to improve safety.

Major Currencies Buy and Sell

Godcore Ireland allows its clients to buy and sell in major currencies, including Australian dollars, New Zealand dollars, Canadian dollars, Swiss francs, Hong Kong dollars, euros, and pounds. The firm’s wholesale rates offer savings from foreign exchange charges.

Quick and Easy Payments and Withdrawals

Clients are allowed to sell at Goldcore from Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM GMT. All funds are delivered to the bank accounts three working days after liquidation

Wide Array of Choices

One of the reasons Goldcore is a trusted broker in the precious metal industry is that it offers a vast array of choices. You can choose from Goldcore Secure Storage programs, Perth Mint Certificates, or GoldSaver gold accumulation program.

Why You Should Not Invest with Goldcore

Of course, there is no perfect previous metal broker. So, expect that Goldcore also has its red flags.

Does Not Cater to US Citizens

Most Americans are interested in excellent precious metals IRA, but Goldcore does not offer these products. So, it is better to look for companies that provide products for US citizens.

Limited to Silver and Gold

Silver and gold are two of the most popular precious metals. However, other people also want to invest in other metals, and Goldcore is limited to only gold and silver services.

Single Review Source

While Goldcore receives thousands of positive reviews from UK clients, they are limited to the USA. As a result, some individuals end up not understanding the US alongside its complexities. You will not also find Goldcore on Better Business Bureau.

Mostly High Earner Clients and Investors

Goldcore is famous for serving all types of clients or inventors. However, most of them fall in the high earner and institutional categories. This can be a big concern more small investors and clients. The company mostly focuses its customer service on its high net worth clients.

Is Goldcore Legit or Scam

Goldcore Silver Bar

Before people invest or buy in a particular precious metal broker, they ensure whether it is legit or a scam.

While Goldcore has some drawbacks, including not having US offices and only focusing on silver and metal, it is still a legit and right company to invest in. The firm has been part of the precious metal industry for almost two decades with honesty and excellence.

Goldcore is a trusted partner when it comes to silver and gold investment because they offer legit silver and gold bars, coins, and bullion.

Goldcore Custodian and Storage

Many first-time investors and buyers prefer Goldcore because of its excellent custodian and storage solutions. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy:

  • The safest vault facilities and jurisdictions in the world
  • Competitive precious metal storage fees from .40% to 1% per year
  • Frequent third-party verification and complete audits of stored products
  • Clients directly own all products through segregated and allocated gold and silver bullion, coins, and bars
  • Bullion vaults on-demand and holdings inspection
  • Option to take delivery of precious metals or in-person collection from the vaults
  • Competitive value for reselling products back to Goldcore

GoldCore’s storage partners are Loomis and Brinks Security. They are among the world’s most secure facilities for storing precious metals, including Cayman, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dublin, Frankfurt, Great Britain, and Switzerland. These locations are known for their world-respected reputations of respect, discretion, and confidentiality in financial rights and property.

Are There Alternatives for US Clients?

Do you live in the US and want to purchase precious metal IRAs? You can choose from various companies offering these products and are based in the US since Goldcore lacks those products.

One excellent choice is Goldco, which is one of the highest-rated gold firms in the US. The company offers portfolio diversification, allowing you to boost your metal investments. The company also makes excellent precious metal IRAS. It comes with IRAs dedicated to gold and silver investment with allocated storage.

Buying Precious Metals for the First Time

If it is you plan to purchase precious metals for the first time, you do not have anything to worry about during the process. Here are simple steps to follow:

  • Open a bank account
  • Fund the account
  • Buy through UK phone or order online
  • Choose delivery and storage

After that, you can start reviewing the assets in your account.

Final Words

Overall, Goldcore Limited Trading is a popular and legit Irish-owned precious metal broker. They are a perfect partner for buying and selling silver and gold bars and coins. They provide safe and secure storage locations. However, the company does not offer precious metals IRAs. So, it is better to look for another company if you live in the US.

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