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Buying precious metals is one of the best financial decisions you can make for your future, whether you want them for an IRA or just to have a safety net for emergencies.

The problem is that it’s difficult to find a legit company that sells the highest quality bullion products you need for your portfolio, so many people prefer not to buy anything instead of being at risk of falling for a scam.

Reviews are your new best friend if you are interested in owning gold and other precious metals since they straight up tell you if you should trust what a business offers. Beware of fake reviews, though.

In this case, we are here to tell you everything you need to know about Hero Bullion. This precious metals dealer has many positive reviews online, but we are here to clear any questions or concerns you may have before buying anything from it.

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What Precious Metals Does Hero Bullion Offer?

Besides offering high-quality gold bars, silver coins, or other precious metals, Hero Bullion offers a safe and informative environment for experienced and amateur investors who want to diversify their portfolios and look for new ways to invest.

This company understands the concerns people have when buying precious metals, and it tries to make you feel the safest you can while using its products.

Getting to the products it has in its stock, we could say it has a few of the world’s finest mints and a wide variety of precious metals for investors of all kinds.

While other companies prefer to focus on gold and silver, Hero Bullion has platinum, copper, palladium, and titanium available for its clients. This is a huge feature if you don’t want to hop on multiple websites to invest in various assets.

Here is a more specific review of the products you can get from this company:


Hero Bullion Gold

Gold is the most popular choice for investors, regardless of how experienced they are; hence, it’s one of the most important factors to consider when choosing your new precious metals dealer. Although it doesn’t focus on gold, Hero Bullion has many options on its website.

You can get gold CombiBarsGram-Kilo gold bars, and regular 1 oz alternatives. They are not as common as other options, but you can also buy goldbacks and in-stock gold from Hero Bullion.

We are not forgetting about gold coins, but we wanted to leave it for the end due to all the different coins you have available at Hero Bullion. These are just a few of them, but you can see the whole catalog of them on the company’s website:

  • Gold Pandas
  • Gold Maples
  • Gold Buffalos
  • European Gold
  • Mexican Gold
  • Australian Gold Coins
  • U.S. Gold Commemoratives


Hero Bullion Silver Coins

Silver has always been the runner-up for gold in popularity and price, but it’s still one of the safest investments you can make to diversify your portfolio. Some people even prefer it over gold due to its features and the difference in its volatility compared to gold.

Hero Bullion actually has more silver options than gold ones. Firstly, you can get hand-poured silver, in-stock silver, silver grain, and silver bullets from it. You also have a wide stock of silver rounds and silver bars to choose from.

Getting to the coins, these are a few examples of the products you will find when browsing through the Hero Bullion website:

  • Silver Maples
  • Cook Islands Silver Coins
  • Silver Eagles
  • British Silver Coins
  • World Silver Coins
  • Australian Silver Coins
  • Silver Krugerrands


Many precious metals dealers that sell gold and silver often sell platinum, but you won’t find as many options as you would with the first two. The same happens with Hero Bullion since it only offers platinum bars and coins.

Regardless of that, it has more coin choices than most dealers, so it’s a great place to look if you are more into platinum than other precious metals.

Here are some of the options you will find on the Hero Bullion website:

  • World Platinum Coin
  • American Platinum Eagles
  • Canadian Platinum Maples
  • British Platinum Coins
  • Platinum Philharmonics
  • Australian Platinum Coins


If you’ve been looking for a specific copper coin and haven’t found it anywhere, you may find it at Hero Bullion. It’s not common to find places that sell copper alongside other precious metals, so this is one of the greatest features this company offers. Not only does it offer copper with competitive pricing, but there are also many different products available.

You can buy copper rounds, bars, bullets, and wheat pennies. Although its product has a locked price for about a week before it changes, there are several price charts that focus on specific assets to make it easier for clients.


Remember we just said it’s not common to see companies selling copper? Well, the same happens with the following products. You can buy palladium and titanium from Hero Bullion too. The thing with these two is that you will only use them for specific purposes or investment goals, but it’s good they are there in case you ever need them.

The Hero Bullion website also has a whole section dedicated to rare coins, so you should check it out if you don’t find what you are looking for in the general catalog. That kind of organization gives clients a straightforward buying experience when they get to this company’s website.

Is Buying Precious Metals from Hero Bullion Difficult?

When we say Hero Bullion has a straightforward buying experience, we mean that it’s simple to buy its products, and you won’t spend more than a few minutes on it if you already know what you want to buy. The only thing you have to do is choose your items from its catalog and add what you want to the cart.

After that, you have to go through the standard checkout and payment process most online stores have. This company has several payment options available, but we’ll elaborate on that later.

After you’ve done all that, you only need to wait until you receive your order. You may need to sign to receive the package from the delivery, depending on how valuable or big your purchase was. Read more specific information about this process below:


Hero Bullion handles shipping through the most common option in the country, such as U.S. mail or UPS. All your orders have insurance coverage, which makes it a safe purchase regardless of what you buy. You should get your order in about five or 10 business days. $149 orders or higher can get free shipping.

Payment Options

One of the best parts of buying your precious metals from Hero Bullion is that it has many payment methods available, so you only need to pick the one you feel the most comfortable with. You won’t have to pay any additional fees regardless of the payment method, so don’t worry about that.

The company always states that the price you lock is the price you will have to pay, and it’s highly transparent on that matter. However, you need to lock the price and issue the payment within 24 hours of the sales order date.

These are the main payment methods available for Hero Bullion clients, but you can visit its website to see the full list:

  • Wire transfer
  • Credit card
  • eCheck
  • Cashier’s check
  • Personal check

There are also no minimum payment options regardless of the method you use. Whether you make a wire transfer or your credit card, you can spend the minimum if you want.

Nonetheless, the company reserves the right to request a 10% upfront payment for significant purchases. You shouldn’t worry about that, though; it’s something normal with precious metals dealers.


Although cancellations can be a nuisance for investors, you shouldn’t worry about them as long as you do everything by the book. Hero Bullion’s cancellation policy states that it can cancel any order whenever it deems it necessary or if it considers there was anything suspicious about the purchase. It’s not something that happens often, though.

About the Hero Bullion Website

The Hero Bullion website has a user-friendly interface that shows you everything you need to know at first glance. When you get to it, you can see all the product categories in its catalog, contact number, and any special deals or products it wants to highlight.

You can get to any of the seven categories and take a deeper look at the items it offers and their prices. If you scroll down the main page, you will see a section of products the company recommends to you, a brief explanation of its order process, and a track record of successful purchases and reviews by other users. There’s more contact information and customer support options at the end of the page.

Is Hero Bullion Legit?

Is Hero Bullion Legit?

Yes, Hero Bullion is a legitimate website. We know that this is your main concern when looking for new precious metals dealers. There are many scammers online, and some of them take it to the point of making clients go through high-pressure sales calls to convince them they are actually buying something.

Fortunately, many signs tell you Hero Bullion is a safe option for investors. The first one is the track record of reviews and successful purchases on its website. Besides that, this company makes a special effort to help its clients succeed and achieve all the goals they have for their financial future.

It includes educational resources, customer support, and fully insured orders. Scammers don’t often care that much about clients because they know they have nothing to offer them. Furthermore, there are many positive Hero Bullion reviews online.

Overview of Its Customer Service

You have many ways of contacting this company for customer support. Regardless of the communication channel you choose, you can reach out to them from Monday to Friday during business hours. All clients should get a reply within 24 hours after they send the initial message or make the first call.

Hero Bullion also has a physical store in Princeton, TX, if you want to go there personally. However, we think it’s way simpler to call or send an email.

Are the Gold Coins from Hero Bullion of High Quality?

The gold coins from Hero Bullion are of excellent quality, and that applies to all the other kinds of coins available on this company’s website. You will see the same standard of product quality and great prices in almost all the items this business offers since they want to show potential buyers they don’t want to take money from them but rather help them.

Depending on the purchase you make, some coins may show historical data about them before you make the purchase. That doesn’t give any additional value to your order, but it gives you a more immersive experience.

Is Owning Gold from Hero Precious Metals Safe?

Owning gold from Hero Precious Metals is 100% safe, and you don’t have any reason to doubt this company. While other companies offer special benefits, such as storage options and free shipping to all orders, Hero Bullion gives you its own features and focuses on making you feel safe at all times.

What Makes This Company Different from Others?

The main difference between Hero Bullion and other companies is all the effort they put into helping their customers succeed in their financial lives. This business doesn’t only aim to be a precious metals dealer but also a safe place for everyone to learn more about these assets, as well as buy or sell them.

You can see that in all the educational resources available on its website to help newcomers understand more about this world. People can also sell precious metals to Hero Bullion, but the minimum purchase order for the company is $1,000. Similar to regular orders, the company may cancel your order if it seems sketchy.

Variety is also a huge difference between Hero Bullion and other alternatives online. It’s very difficult to find a company that sells gold, silver, platinum, palladium, titanium, and copper at the same time.

Final Thoughts – Is Hero Bullion Worth It?

If you ask us, Hero Bullion is worth your time and money, so you shouldn’t hesitate to invest with it. This company is for people who want a safe environment to manage their investments. You should try it if you are focusing on portfolio diversification and want to have many options at hand without browsing through a thousand websites.

Regardless of that, this company doesn’t focus on a specific asset, and you should keep that in mind if that’s what you are looking for. Don’t forget to visit our website to read similar reviews!

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