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Are you planning to move your 401(k) contribution to the gold IRAs account? This is an intelligent decision. Gold investments are considered one of the most secure and steady assets today. It can withstand inflation, unlike stocks, not fiat money, and the most important thing is that it is pretty stable.

On the other hand, how you make a move matters most. A small mistake or a slight inaccuracy can lead to losing your retirement savings due to taxes and penalties.

So, the question is, what is the best way to move your fund securely from a 401 k plan to an independent, self-directed retirement account? Keep on reading as we will give you a breakdown of how you can do it.

How to Move from Current 401k Plan to Gold IRA Account

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Transitioning from your existing 401(k) plan to a gold account can be done in two ways. Performing a 401(k) rollover is fast and easy if you follow the steps very carefully. You can carry it out either directly or indirectly.

What is Direct 401 Rollover?

A direct rollover refers to the fund directly remitted to IRA account. This way, there is no need for you to cast out your previous retirement plan.

This process is not complex; you can do it in just a few minutes. Also, it is considered the fastest, and if done the right way, usually it has a low risk of penalties and taxes.

What is Indirect 401 Rollover?

Indirect rollover involves the money being rewarded to you, so you reinvest them in the chosen IRA. As you can see, this approach does provide you with lots of flexibility. On the other hand, it also comes with a fair share of restrictions.

For instance, you are not able to bank that money or event a portion of them, and you need to finish the rollover in sixty days minimum lest you attract taxes and penalties.

According to the Internal Revenue Service, completing the move must be completed within 60 days. Failing to meet the timeframe, your transaction is considered a withdrawal.

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Why You Must Think Of Making This Move

It doesn’t matter if you keep your money in IRA or Independent Retirement Account or 401(k); it is worth noting that both are tax-deferred investment accounts. In short, you do not get to pay taxes on your money until you opt to withdraw your money from the investment.

Moving to a Gold IRA provides further flexibility because you can better manage your money in the future. What is more, if you decide to work with a broad option of investment choices, Independent Retirement Accounts are the perfect way to go.

Moving Your 401(k) to Precious Metals IRA While Legally Avoiding Taxes and Penalties

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To convert a 401(k) plan to a gold IRA, you need to follow the steps below:

Choose the account you want

Open new account

Discuss with you the preceding 401(k) plan about carrying out a direct rollover

Choose new investments

Let us explain to you each process:

Choose the Account You Want

By performing a gold IRA rollover, you are able to avail more investment choices. You can save charges too. Employers’ plans often come with high costs; therefore, moving plans can save you considerable funds.

Roth IRA: Once you perform a rollover to a Roth IRA, you need to disburse tax on the money you move. Roth IRAs enable you to make withdrawals without taxes; however, contributions are required to be taxed.

Traditional 401(k): If you carry out a gold IRA rollover, there is no need to disburse taxes on rollover, provided that you finish the transfer in a given time frame.

Traditional IRA: The same as traditional 401(k), traditional IRAs are a kind of retirement plan that is tax-deferred.

The government enables you to own many IRAs and 401(k) plans. This is vital as it means you can make a self-directed IRA or solo 401(k) for precious metals. The trustee is the custodian of the physical metals as well as your broker.

Once you utilize a 401(k) or gold IRA, you can buy and sell gold. You can do this by following specific government standards. A self-directed 401(k) plan and Gold IRA don’t enable you to hold the gold physically.

For the most part, solo 401(k) and self-directed IRA are essentially similar. The main disparity is that the 401(k) plan enables you to add more funds yearly. What is more, they have relatively the same rules and advantages.

Open a New Account

The simplest way to make an account is online. A lot of people create an IRA utilizing an online broker or robo-advisor. Suppose you don’t want to experience the pressure and hassle of choosing the best investments. In that case, it is highly advisable to instantly utilize a robo-advisor to invest in a balanced portfolio.

Opting to broker online gives you more control and power over your money.

You can pick which type of investment to purchase, and at the same time, you are able to diverse each time you like. Because charges and commission fees can add up fast, you must look for a service provider that only charges a low fee. Also, it is vital to choose a service provider who is an expert in precious metals.

Talk to Past 401(k) Plan On Carrying Out a Direct Rollover

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It is also highly advisable to talk to the previous provider about the plan of moving your money. Starting this step in the early hours is vital as your service provider may slow the procedure down as they don’t want to lose you as a customer.

It would help if you always asked the service provider to carry out a direct rollover as the check has to go straight to the new account rather than directly going to you.

This step is very vital. If the money leaves your previous account, it should go to your new account in sixty days. Or else, you will need to disburse penalties and taxes on your withdrawal. To put these penalties and taxes at bay, you must finish the process as quickly as possible. This is vital to pick a dependable service provider.

While this process can differ, a lot of service providers out there will need clients to send in a new form if they want to do a direct rollover.

This process is simple and straightforward; all they need to do is call the administrator of the past employer plan. After sending the document, they are able to wire transfer or send a check to the new account.

Technically, you can also carry out an indirect rollover. On the other hand, this process is hard and very complex to carry out. With this kind of rollover, the fund is sent to the account, and you send the fund to the IRA account in sixty days.

This kind of process can result in complicating the taxes. You might pay penalties and income taxes on the rollover if you fail to complete the process in a given time frame. A lot of providers out there will hold back 20% to the new account; you would need to furnish the disparity from the personal account.

Choose New Investments

When done with your indirect or direct rollover, you can determine how you wish to use your fund. You can invest them in physical gold or consider index mutual funds. Branching out your portfolio can keep you safe from market fluctuation.

A lot of investors buy gold coins and gold bullion. However, there are some flaws to buying precious metals. You might need to disburse broker commissions and charges for storing gold. To spread your gold portfolio, it is advisable to put your money in gold using methods as well.

Gold Futures and Options

These agreements are contracts to buy or sell the precious metal at a fixed price in the future. As these agreements are traded on commodity exchanges, they are firmly regulated by the government.

Gold Mining: If you like to put your money in gold mining and refining businesses, you can buy stocks in a mining company. It is always advisable to research a reliable mining company ahead of time to know if they are fiscally stable. To minimize the risk, buying shares in a mutual fund that invests in gold mining is also advisable.

Gold ETFs: Gold exchange-traded fund is a group of other types of assets. Gold ETF might own futures, gold options as well as physical gold. Although mutual funds can be exchanged when the market closes for the day, you can trade exchange-traded funds if the stock market is open.

When Does the Internal Revenue Service Charge a Fine on 401(k) Rollovers?

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Internal Revenue Service stated that you should finish the rollover within three months or 60 days. Once you withdraw the fund from the past 401(k) plan and don’t deposit it in the new account within a given timeframe, you’ll be needed to pay a fine on that money.

The ideal approach to avoid this fine is to do a direct rollover, so the money is instantly moved from the past account to the new one.

If you take out your money before reaching the age of 59, you will need to pay a ten percent penalty. Also, you will be needed to pay the normal income tax rate on early withdrawals. When paying state income tax, you can spend 45% of the withdrawal on penalties and taxes.

How to Move a 401k to Gold without a Penalty

Should You Get a Gold IRA?

A slight error when rolling over can be stressful and costly too. Luckily, if you are susceptible to them, you can easily avoid these fines and penalties.

Going Beyond the Sixty Day Limit

You can miss this limit, especially when you are not susceptible to when the clock begins to tick. Usually, the timer begins the moment your fund leaves your past account.

Even if the 401(k) company released the money on time, some unforeseen things could occur, thereby holding up the move of money in good time.

For example, the check gets lost in the mail. Or it may come when you are at the office, and you fail to see it in good time. Prior to knowing it, the Internal Revenue Service has hit you with a fine and penalty.

Alternatively, they may make the error of putting the fund in a taxable account rather than in a rollover account, and you overlook that error prior to the sixty days limit.

How to Address This Issue

Ensure that your Gold IRA account is always open with an efficient and trustworthy company. You can also ask for a direct move over an indirect move to avoid pointless delays.

Not Heading off Pending Loans

Unless an immunity applies, failing to pay any mortgage owed against your retirement fund could mean that owed funds, if you attempt to roll over, will be considered a distribution. Therefore, ensure to verify and bear out when you have a mortgage against your plan prior to starting the rollover process.

Doing this with a pending mortgage will signify your fund will be treated as a distribution and subject to fines unless you are older than 59 years old.

How to Address this Issue

Make sure to clear your pending mortgages taken as opposed to your past plan before starting a rollover. If you don’t have funds for this, think of lending money from somewhere else if needed.

Gold IRA Account Not Ready to Get Funds or Money

When the robo-adviser or online broker falls short of getting your Gold IRA correctly set up in a given time frame, your fast fund check may need to be returned to you. Also, this could take place because of clerical mistakes on either end.

The issue with this is that by the time this check is delivered to you, twenty percent of the money fill with suspended taxes.

In order to keep away from hitting with a huge tax bill, you will need to source for this twenty percent on your own and to finish the rollover process in sixty days.

How to Address this Issue

Make sure to deal with a dependable online broker in setting up an IRA account. It is also vital to double-check to make sure that the existing 401(k) admin knows where to send the money.

Ignoring 1099

Every January, you will receive a 1099 letter. It contains the whole amount available in your fund. If you engaged in a direct rollover, the amount would read zero. It’s easy just to throw the letter away, believing it’s inconsequential.

Rather, you’re needed to file the returns and also make sure to point out the two amounts. Failing to do so, IRS may raise a warning or red flag against your 401(k) account.

How to Address this Issue

Make sure to check your 1099 always, confirm if it is precise, and also ensure to report it appropriately as you file your returns.

Why Move from 401(k) to Gold IRA: The Benefits You Can Get

Each time you think of Gold IRA investment, always consider diversification. This kind of account allows you to access new opportunities without losing the preferential tax treatment you are used to your existing 401(k).

Aside from that, here are some reasons you need to transfer your 401(k) to a Gold IRA account.

Protect Against Deflation and Inflation

Gold is a stable investment to protect against inflation compared to stocks and paper currency.

By securing your fund from deflation and inflation, you get a good chance to grow as well as stabilize your funds in due course.

Improved Assets Diversification

A lot of wall-street investment instruments are paper-based. We are discussing bonds and stocks too.

By having a part of investment in physical assets like Gold, you are able to breathe a new life into your fund and put in a new level of diversification.

High Opportunity for Profitability

It doesn’t matter if the financial system is struggling; gold value or price is likely to increase. So, this assists you in consolidating considerable profit potential in due course.

Between the years 2000 and 2017, the price of Gold rose from $200 for every ounce to $1200 for every ounce. That is about five times the return on investment.

Since time immemorial, perceptive and smart traders have learned that Gold is an undeniable type of wealth storage. The price might stumble every now and then, but in general, it keeps growing even if the financial times are hard. This is exactly why even central banks buy Gold because it acts as a main source of trust regardless of the current macro-economic environment.

Companies That Can Help You Convert You 401(k) Into Gold IRA?

If you want to invest in IRA, there are companies that can help you reach your transition a huge success. A lot of companies don’t allow you to invest in precious metals, so it is vital to check with the provider prior to opening a new account. Here are the top companies to consider:


This works as a Gold IRA brokerage. This company stands out when it comes to customer service.

Unlike some service providers, Goldco does a good job of handling documents with IRA custodians, storage facilities, and retirement account providers.

Goldco is only a broker, so they just manage to buy and sell precious metals and don’t store Gold. While they are not able to work as custodians, the company can assist in filling out the documents for a diverse custodian firm. Afterward, they will assist you in buying coins and bullion which have been granted by the Internal Revenue Service or IRS.

Goldco can assist you with 401(k) rollover. They are able to handle the entire document involved in the movement of your IRA account. Also, they can assist you with buying silver, gold, and other precious metals.

Birch Gold Group

The company was established in 2003, and they are skilled brokerage. Aside from Gold, they can also assist you to buy platinum, silver as well as palladium.

The company can assist you to buy Gold for personal ownership or IRA. Thanks to their dedication to customer education, you can learn things like the proper way of investing in Gold and the risk involved. All types of investments carry risk; therefore, it is vital to know how you could lose funds prior to investing them.

After you pick this company as a broker, they will assist you in looking for a custodian. If you have a custodian, they can work with them to purchase and store your precious metal. They can also ship Gold to accepted depositories; For instance, you can store precious metals with Delaware Depository or Brink’s Global Service.

Augusta Precious Metals

The Augusta Precious Metals assists traders open tax advantage retirement accounts. With this account, you are able to invest in Gold or any precious metals. Kingdom Trust, Equity Trust, and Trust are Augusta Precious Metals recommended custodians; however, they can also work with other custodians.

After setting up a self-directed IRA, you can utilize the company and the preferred custodian to purchase Gold. This company can assist you in buying premium coins, bards, rounds, and bullion. What is more, they also sell collector sets as well as commemorative coins.

As an extra level of security, the company provides a price protection plan. When the price of the metals changes in the first seven days after confirming the order, they will still honor the price they first gave to you. They offer big discounts to clients who order a large amount of bullion.


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Transferring your 401(k) plan to Gold IRA is not a complex task, provided that you follow the steps mentioned above. It is highly advisable to work with a reliable broker in order to make the process of moving fast and stress-free.

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