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Precious metals industry is thriving today. If you want to invest in precious metals, you’re on the right path. Among the top companies on the market is Indigo Precious Metals. Is this the right company for you? Find out the answer with this Indigo Precious Metals review.

Who is Indigo Precious Metals?

Indigo Precious Metals is a Singapore-based precious metals dealer. The company operates with a global clientele. They also use the country’s unique tax laws to make sure that clients receive tax-free storage options which is a great deal.

Indigo Precious Metals has been in the service since 2014. The founder of the company is David Mitchell, a precious metals expert. He combines his precious metals business with financial analysis. He was recognized for his ability to explain and analyze various global market factors.

The clients of Indigo Precious Metals come from different parts of the world. They provide investment-level precious metals offering low-premium costs. As you join Indigo Precious Metals, you can have access to essential advice about how to protect your assets from economic crashes, taxes, and other instability.

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If you’re an experienced or new investor, the company will guide you to have an accessible and easy precious metals investment. You can make orders through the Indigo Precious Metals website. If you’re not sure of what you want to purchase, you can contact their specialist team through their eCommerce website online. Their team can help you with your concerns and offer you advice for your investment goals and needs.

Your discussions with the specialists will be conducted via a secure credit account. So, you can keep your contact details private if you consider future options and place your order. You don’t need to worry because Indigo Precious Metals is a trustworthy global precious metals dealer.

The company has three offices in three different countries. They have a good reputation in each one. The network of IPM works with various investors including those who have high net worth institutions and the average person with small retirement accounts.

Another unique feature of the company is its low premium pricing. They also offer helpful investment advice for their clients. Indigo Precious Metals devises an investment portfolio to make the best of your assets while securing your wealth in the proper precious metals. You can make the best decisions because they will discuss with you the risk levels of your choices.

In this Indigo Precious Metals review, you’ve discovered Indigo whilst improving your industry knowledge. Read more.

What does Indigo Precious Metals offer?

IPM can provide you with different precious metals you can choose from for your specific needs. They offer usual silver, gold, palladium, platinum, and silver. They also have rhodium unlike other precious metals dealers on the market.

Rare earth metals

If you want an unusual investment opportunity, Indigo Precious Metals is the best option. With them, you can buy rare earth metals. These metals are chemical metals that are essential in various manufacturing industries.

The metals can be crucial for electronics like satellites in orbit, phones, and computers, power sources like batteries, and wind turbines which are alternatives to energy sources. These metals may be involved in today’s modern technology.

The rare earth metals you can avail in Indigo Precious Metals are:

  • Ruthenium
  • Indium
  • Cobalt
  • Iridium
  • Neodymium
  • Rhenium
  • Dysprosium
  • Gallium
  • Tellurium
  • Bismuth

Secure and private storage

Indigo Precious Metals aims for offshore storage of their clients’ holdings. Since the country is a tax haven, you can keep your precious metals in vaults without requiring to declare them to the government. Singapore is politically stable, and vaults are used as state-of-the-art security.

The facilities of the company are incorporated with the most advanced, cutting-edge security technology. Additionally, the company has armed guards patrolling the area 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

They also use full body scanners to ensure you don’t conceal identity or weaponry. They also have backup systems if the power goes out. IPM remote access doors avoid possible thieves to access the vaults.

With the company, you can ensure that your physical metals are safe. You can also receive the highest level of discretion and privacy. If you have metals in the IPM vault, the upper management will give you the assurance that your private details are secured. The facility is set in the free trade zone of Freeport, so you can surely buy and sell precious metals without paying taxes.

Worldwide shipping

Aside from the Singapore vault, the IPM also has two company vaults in London and Sydney. Although IPM sends items across the globe, you can have your metals internationally shipped. The company can ship to America, Canada, Europe, South America, Australia, Oceania, and all of Asia.

Meanwhile, it’s not advisable to store your precious metals in your home. You should place them in a more secure facility. You can receive your money back if your items are lost in transit.

With their wide options of products, you can have many opportunities for your metal business. You can get the best advice from the company’s team to get the best of your business. You can enjoy safe transactions with IPM.


IPM has transparent pricing for your precious metals purchases. You can get investment-grade bars at very good prices. The prices of their products are established with data about financial futures predictions. There are continuous price updates as you shop. The company avoids hidden fees on a human being, so you can ensure that you have a trusted bullion dealer.

Canceling orders

IPM will not allow you to cancel your orders after confirming your purchase. Thus, they undergo lots of risk on locking the price and accepting the payment of the consumer. In case the consumer backs out in the deal due to a price drop, the dealer can lose money.

If it’s your first investment and confirms your purchase, you are required legally to send your payment and get the precious metals. Those who like to cancel orders can pay for the metals and sell them back to the company at a loss. They are upfront with this policy to avoid people from doing things that will make them regret.


IPM also stated their weekend prices are higher compared to normal prices. So, there can be an additional premium charge to the last price. Due to premium product pricing, they add premiums on weekends. If you buy their products on weekdays, you don’t need to worry about additional pricing. The algorithm of IPM comes with a feature built that analyzes factors and makes adjustments with the prices accordingly.

Buyback pricing

You can view buyback pricing on their website if your strategic metals are stored in London or Singapore vault. You need to be a prior customer of Indigo Precious Metals. Remember that the company will not purchase metals from those who are not customers.

Is Indigo Precious Metals worth it?

Indigo Gold

With this Indigo Precious Metals review, you will also know whether investing with the company is worth it. Your precious metals investment matters, so you should choose a reliable partner in the precious metal market. Fortunately, Indigo Precious Metals is worth your time and investment.

They have transparent and competitive pricing for your gold and silver bars needs. Indigo Precious Metals also has a friendly and knowledgeable staff who can offer you a very good service.

If you want GST exempt Freeport, choosing Indigo Precious Metals is the best solution. They can offer a personal touch on their analysis services for private individuals who want to have tight security and value-added expert investment in precious metals. They also offer opportunities for institutional investors.

With that, institutional investors can have an excellent experience with their first-gram savings account. Moreover, you can also be satisfied with their excellent customer service. For the company, offering great service for their customers is such passion for them.

You can also get automated email confirmations for your account. The service rendered by IPM will give you peace of mind for your precious metals business.

Advantages and disadvantages of Indigo Precious Metals

Like other companies in the industry, IPM has specific advantages and disadvantages. Let us know about them in this Indigo Precious Metals review.


  • Highly secure and tax-exempt storage vault option
  • Offers a wide selection of silver, gold, rhodium, platinum, and palladium for your specific needs
  • Knowledgeable staff that can offer you excellent recommendations to properly invest your money in precious metals
  • Allows you to purchase online and get the items internationally shipped


  • One drawback of IPM is that it doesn’t come with IRA services because it’s located outside the US

Is Indigo Precious Metals a scam?

With this Indigo Precious Metals review, you will know if the company is a scam or a legit company. If you want to get the best out of your physical precious metals business, Indigo Precious Metals products are for you. The company is not a scam, so you have the assurance that you have a secure purchasing process for your investment.

IPM can be your most trusted bullion dealer which can offer you a personalized buying experience on metals at a good value. The company is a legit precious metals provider with a good service rating. You can meet David Mitchell, the founder of the company to get great advice about your investment needs.

Indigo Precious Metals has an international presence. There are major review sites that report excellent customer feedback due to consumers who are satisfied with their experience with the company. With the positive reviews about the company, you can get real pleasure for your investment journey.

They also have the best financial advisors that will help you with your needs even you have zero knowledge in the business.

Payment Methods

The company can provide its customers with different payment methods. With this, you can choose the best one that is convenient for you. Domestic and international customers can choose from the following payment processes.

Wire payments/ bank transfer

Checks that are payable to IPM

Cleared funds on IPM account

With these payment methods, you can have a hassle-free experience while making transactions with the company.

Customer service

IPM can also provide you with reliable customer service. They have a friendly and responsive team that will assist you with your needs and concerns for your precious metal investment. The company can offer you the best advice to improve your business.

With this, you can learn effective techniques on how to gain more with your business. You don’t need to worry because the company will help you from start to finish as you choose them as your precious metal dealer.

You have an assurance that the company will value your privacy and security for your accounts. They are not a scam, so the time and budget you invest with them are worth it. You can get the best return for your business.

In today’s modern generation, the precious metal industry is getting more popular for people who want to have passive income. So, it is better to have a trustworthy dealer like IPM. With them, you get excellent quality products at the best prices.


To sum it up, Indigo Precious Metals is a reputable physical precious metal company you can trust for your investment. They can offer you excellent physical delivery and storage of your precious metals.

In addition, they have a reliable founder that can help you with your subsequent investment. David gave profound insight, so you can have a secure bullion credit account and make the best of your gold coin investment.

However, the company doesn’t provide IRA services unlike in South America. So, if you like to open a gold IRA and invest with your retirement assets, you can find an alternative company that can meet your needs.

With the help of this Indigo Precious Metals review, we hope you have already decided if the company is the best precious metals dealer for you. So, you can buy and sell metals that will help you establish a good financial income.

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