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Are you one of the people searching for a dependable and safe way to invest your savings? Why don’t you consider partnering with a gold and silver broker like Jack Hunt? But are they reliable? This guide will help you answer that question.

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About the Management

Jack Hunt Gold was established in 1968 and a premier precious metals business in New York. The company carries a wide array of famous bullion coins, such as the Canadian Maple Leaf or American Eagle, together with gold bullion and silver bars in different sizes.

The company also purchased and bought over 35 million troy ounces of platinum, silver, and gold. In case you didn’t know yet, Jack Hunt is a member of the American Numismatic Association. Most of their products are backed by a buy-back guarantee.

It’s worth mentioning as well that they purchase all types of silver and gold and even numismatic collectibles.

Currently, Jack Hunt is the owner and CEO of the company. Nonetheless, Jack’s son Scott Hunt has been serving as the president of the company for several years. Scott Hunt obtained a marketing degree from Canisius College in 1991. Since then, he has worked for his father’s company for more than two decades and has been promoted to company president.

Jack Hunt Gold & Silver Prices and Products

The wholesale website of Jack Hunt is www.JackHunt.com. The website aims to sell and deliver gold and silver coins wholesale to those certified and dependable coin dealers. Are you planning on buying Jack Hunt coin to be kept in your IRA? Unfortunately, you might not be able to get those precious metals through their wholesale division.

Instead, you may have a better chance visiting their retail website, which is www.JackHuntGoldSilver.com. We didn’t find any mentions of IRAs on both of those websites, not to mention the company does not seem to provide any precious metal storage services either.

Thus, if you are only planning to buy Jack Hunt coin and golds from JackHunt.com and JackHuntGoldSilver.com to deposit directly into an IRA, it will help if you hire a custodian first who would be eager to accept the delivery of the metals on your behalf.

Jack Hunt Gold Contact Information

Business Address: The company is located at 2746 Delaware Avenue, Kenmore, New York, 14217

Business Phone Number: 800-877-7424

Local Phone Number: (716) 874 777

Fax Number: (716) 873 1510

Official Website: https://jackhunt.com

Alternative Website: https://jackhuntgoldsilver.com (retail website)

Important Pages to Visit from Jack Hunt Gold & Silver Website

About Us Page – This is the section where the company talks about the rich history of its company.

Gold and Platinum Bullion Page – This is where you find all the listings of the scrap gold and platinum products Jack Hunt Gold sells to all its members.

Silver Bullion Page – This is the page where the company list all of its silver bullion products available for wholesale customers.

Key Things to Keep in Mind Before You Invest in Gold IRA

Numerous financial advisors suggest committing at least five percent to twenty percent of your retirement portfolio to gold and scrap precious metals that protect over inflation. Doing so will help protect a portion of your wealth through retirement.

Five to twenty percent may not be the majority of your holdings. However, that minority could begin to hold a majority in importance in the event of a global financial crisis or serious recession. Hence, deciding how to invest that small number is one of the most crucial retirement decisions you will ever make.

Here are the important factors customers should always bear in mind every time you compare gold IRA firms:

Pick a company you trust and has solid reputation

After you choose to open an IRA, your choices will be banks, mutual fund companies, brokerage firms, or regional industry organizations. Each of those choices comes with its pros and cons as well as long-term implications.

If you’re searching for a stable income, it will help if you get an IRA with an annuity. You can find that option with an insurance firm. Meanwhile, if you wish to have investment flexibility, you may prefer to find a brokerage company.

Take note that a brokerage account can offer a huge amount of investment, which may be sold without commission or sales charges.

How do you plan to invest your money?

It’s also a smart idea to determine if you like to buy mutual funds or ETFs. Further, there’s a possibility that you may like to pay another person to make an investment plan on your behalf.

Nevertheless, if you like investments that do not have fees or commissions, you must pick a brokerage account.

Choose whether you like a certificate of deposit

You will find numerous banks that offer IRAs, and they often encourage certificates of deposit. The advantage of a certificate of deposit is that they could be safe. The only drawback is that it may not provide a decent return on investment.

Consider the management fees

Opening an account does not need to be free. Nonetheless, a few companies charge higher fees than others do. There are also other things they could charge you. On top of transfer fees, you can expect trading fees, advisor fees, as well as fund management fees, depending on what you prefer to invest in.

Pros and Cons of Jack Hunt Gold & Silver


  • Jack Hunt coin broker provides investments with the capability to buy and sell gold and silver
  • Jack Hunt coin broker emphasizes on excellent customer service
  • Jack Hunt coin offers a digital marketplace where people can buy scrap precious metals


  • Jack Hunt coin broker is only available in the United States

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