The Palm Beach Research Group is a publishing company focused on financial markets data. It was founded in 2011 in Delray Beach by Tom Dyson, who brought in many other people to the team to provide a wealth of information to customers.

Most financial advisories focus more on tips about traditional methods, such as stocks and bonds. Though Palm Beach Group does this, too, it also focuses on private equity, real estate, and non-traditional assets like cryptocurrency and gold.

According to information found on its website, Palm Beach Group provides its clients with information that guarantees them to succeed with money and be financially stable.

It has access to the richest people in the world, and they’ve conducted extensive research on how those wealthy individuals got their money. By publishing those reports, the information helps clients adopt the same strategies as the rich use. Therefore, by implementing those business strategies, they can build their own wealth.

Palm Beach Research Group offers different and unique services that come with many benefits to its users. Some of the services include Teeka Tiwari’s Alpha Edge, Palm Beach Infinity, Insider, and much more.

Palm Beach Research Group Services

Palm Beach Infinity

Palm Beach Infinity is the highest level of membership and the most valued by the business. When a user becomes an infinity member, they are guaranteed to get lifetime access to the premier trading services and special research strategies founded by well-known investors.

Overall, Palm Beach Group offers Infinity, which is headed up by Teeka Tiwari. This man is a well-known analyst for cryptocurrency throughout the world.

Together with the other analysts, they’ve provided investment advice that’s been proved to be effective. As a subscriber, people have the chance to benefit from the publications. These include trade notifications, special research, and monthly issues, which can help readers turn small sums of money into huge investments.

The Palm Beach Letter

Palm Beach Research Group also offers a newsletter called the Palm Beach Letter. It provides a detailed analysis of safer and better income-generating assets that pay dividends to investors. Subscribing to the newsletter means that people get information about how those assets can build their wealth.

The newsletter also explains the importance of setting aside money from the investments to use it in other sectors, including cryptocurrency. Since it was launched, subscribers have enjoyed the benefits of the expert team, enabling them to see great gains.

Palm Beach Confidential

Palm Beach Confidential is the newsletter offering cryptocurrency information. Generally, the cryptocurrencies listed here have market caps of less than $1 billion. Teeka Tiwari is the Palm Beach Group editor and is considered the top crypto analyst in the world.

He’s regarded as the best choice for those who want to invest in crypto and make money non-traditionally. Overall, he uses the asymmetric investing strategy. This opportunity lets an investor transform small sums of cash into massive gains. Tiwari uses this strategy within his own investments, making him one of the best in the business.

Palm Beach Crypto Income

Within the stock market, investors make income through capital gains and dividends. The same applies to those investing in cryptocurrency. However, when investing in crypto, income is paid in the same form. Palm Beach Research Group is unique because it focuses on cryptocurrencies that tend to appreciate in value. However, it also pays incredible dividends that allow people to generate more income, even if the market fluctuates a lot.

Teeka Tiwari's Alpha Edge

Investing like the experts might seem easy, but it’s not. Teeka Tiwari is a former Wall Street Executive and current editor for Palm Beach Research Group. He sheds light on the strategies he’s applied to rich clients when he was a hedge fund manager. Overall, he encourages people to use safer and alternative strategies that enable them to be consistent and generate more money.

Palm Beach Insider

Jason Bodner writes this company newsletter. He is a Wall Street insider and explains the strategies that successful and renowned investors use to generate more money. He says that if people follow the guidelines he offers in this Palm Beach Research Group newsletter, they’re assured of building substantial wealth.

Palm Beach Venture

In the Venture newsletter, Teeka Tiwari shares strategies that he’s used personally to generate more money. They initially worked well for rich people, but Tiwari and William Mikula (another chief analyst on the team) have found ways to simplify the strategies so that small investors can make money. This Palm Beach Research Group newsletter is ideal for beginners.

Palm Beach Special Opportunities

Palm Beach Research Group also offers a special opportunities newsletter, written by Teeka Tiwari. People who want more insight into the company’s goals of being right and early should find it interesting. In a sense, Tiwari developed a formula to help people achieve their goals.

These formulas look for large trends with the potential of massive money-earning capabilities in the early stages. Then, they are linked to experts who can make the opportunities become reality. The first option he chose to research was medicinal psychedelics.

Tiwari spotted the potential for Bitcoin back in 2016 when it was just beginning. He also sees a potential for medicinal psychedelics that institutions and individuals have failed to notice. According to him, this is a breakthrough for medicine because the drug can treat various mental health disorders.

For example, the DV (Department of Veterans) approved psychedelic medication for treating PTSD. The FDA approved the use of the drug to treat depression that doesn’t respond well to other medicines. Since Tiwari partners with Mike “Zappy” Zapolin and other psychedelics experts, he assures massive gains within the next few years.

Publishing Company Unlike Any Others - The Website

Many people find the website to be especially appealing. The landing page is well-written and designed, and the layout offers a user-friendly experience. Overall, Palm Beach Research Group heavily invested in its site to provide features that give users a great experience and a decent understanding of what it does.

The company has an “about us” section, which offers adequate information about what Palm Beach Group does. With that, people can find out that it’s located in Delray Beach.

There is also a customer review section where previous clients can write about their experiences with the services offered at Palm Beach Research Group.

This company has done its best to give users as much information about the products available as possible. For example, there is a link that offers readers the most recent information about investments.

Jason Bodner is one of the editors at Palm Beach Research Group, but initially, he worked for Wall Street. He writes about all the secrets the rich have been using for decades when investing in different stocks to ensure that the profits reach their bank accounts.

Since Bodner is an expert in stocks, he claims that it’s not all about investing in one commodity. People must find out what stocks they should be buying and selling the ones that aren’t working anymore. With 10+ years of experience in the stock market, he can use that to tell others how important it is to invest in businesses that have shown growth in earnings and sales.

The website also provides the latest cryptocurrency information. Tiwari is the expert in the sector, and he starts by analyzing the trends that he’s seen in crypto from 1995 to the present. Back then, only a few people had access to the internet and computers.

Now, however, roughly 125 million people can access the internet and have invested in cryptocurrency. This number is still growing exponentially. He notes that some businesses have offered crypto since early 2018 and now allow for investment opportunities.

Major investment banks also offer crypto investing to clients. Overall, Tiwari offers more analysis about how crypto is expected to rise, which is very helpful when making investment decisions.

Apart from the services and products offered, the website includes a section for experts and provides unmatched services to subscribers. It’s possible to get helpful tips from people like Greg Wilson, William Mikula, Teeka Tiwari, Nilus Mattive, and many others. Here’s a bit of information about each one:

Teeka Tiwari

Teeka Tiwari is responsible for Cryptocurrency News, Palm Beach Confidential, and the Palm Beach Letter. He’s experienced because he worked as a hedge fund manager and can help people make good investments with less risk. As part of the Palm Beach Research Group, he focuses primarily on crypto.

Grant Wasylik

Grant Wasylik is a senior investment analyst for Palm Beach Research Group. He’s got wide connections with the best financial professionals in the market. Frequently, he participates in investment conferences throughout the world. Initially, he worked for a Charles Schwab specialty risk trading department that catered to elites.

Mike "Zappy" Zapolin

Zappy Zapolin is considered an expert in psychedelic medicine and other plant-based therapies. Despite his experience in medicine, he’s also an investor, filmmaker, advisor, and researcher. He’s determined to make plant medicines and psychedelic drugs readily available through commercial, research, and education activities. Overall, he can identify excellent opportunities at the early stages.

Before coming to Palm Beach Research Group, he made documentaries about how psychedelics could heal and made investments to particular companies that promised gains. His work has actually been featured in Business Insider, People Magazine, and on Fox News.

Before Zapolin came to this company, his research was sought after by doctors, movie stars, and pro athletes.

Greg Wilson

Greg Wilson is actually the chief analyst for Palm Beach Crypto Income at Palm Beach Research Group. He’s got a bachelor’s degree from the University at Buffalo in Accounting and a master’s degree from Pace University in Business Administration.

He works alongside Tiwari for crypto analysis and has offered great investment tips to beginners. Initially, he worked in a real estate company and was in customer service at a large bank in America.

Nilus Mattive

Nilus Mattive was passionate about investing at a young age. He was in sixth grade when he purchased his first stock. Then, he worked at Jono Steinberg’s Investor Group and has been in many other institutions and edited various newsletters.

Overall, Mattive is recognized for his experience with retirement strategies and income investments. He’s conducted interviews on various shows to talk about personal finance and other things. In a sense, Mattive is a huge benefit to Palm Beach Research Group since his information has been featured on Business Week and many other mainstream investment websites.

Anthony Planas

Planus focuses on identifying early trends and big opportunities in technology, legal cannabis, and pre-IPO deals and does this solely for Palm Beach Research Group. Before he joined in 2020, he was focused on biogeography and worked as a teacher at Florida Atlantic University where he identified trends for natural resources.

William Mikula

Mikula is a chief analyst for Palm Beach Research Group and focuses on the Venture, Special Opportunities, and Alpha Edge newsletters. He’s got a bachelor’s degree from the University of Georgia in Business Administration. Plus, he’s got experience in managing and establishing different companies.

In a sense, Mikula can understand the factors that make a business flourish and what it requires to maintain a decent business performance.

Pros and Cons for Palm Beach Research Group



Is Palm Beach Research Group a Scam?

In general, many businesses appear to be genuine with their operations. However, they turn out to be scams hoping to steal money from unsuspecting customers. A business that offers financial services is lucrative to scammers because they can gain funds from people through unethical and unfair means.

Still, there are legitimate companies that offer genuine services, and it appears that Palm Beach Research Group is one of them. It’s crucial to think of what makes a company legitimate.

There are factors to consider to determine if a business is genuine. Before buying anything from Palm Beach Research Group, it’s ideal to check accreditations, reviews from customers, the nature of the information offered, and if there’s a physical location included on the website.

Palm Beach Research Group isn’t in the game of scamming people, so it’s seen as a legitimate company. However, before a person decides to join, they must go through all the information and reviews from others.

Contact Information and Physical Location

Most of the time, scammers don’t list contact information or a physical address. That means customers can’t make visits to the premises or contact the company for more information or assistance.

Palm Beach Research Group does provide legitimate email addresses and phone numbers for those who want to talk to someone directly. Therefore, it’s easy to talk to someone when issues are raised.

Overall, Palm Beach Research Group shows a physical address, as well. It’s located at 55 NE 5th Avenue in Delray Beach, FL. The email address is also legitimate and real (

Though it’s possible to go to the offices, there may not be anyone available. There’s no information about hours of operation. Still, it’s possible to contact the staff at any time.

Nature of Information Provided on the Website

Many times, scammers have websites that list fake and careless information regarding specific products. In a sense, they are just tip sheets about what a person can do when selling or buying stocks and crypto.

However, Palm Beach Research Group isn’t like that. The information provided on the website does not contradict what’s included in the newsletters. It’s a good idea to sign up for the free letter first. That way, it’s easy to see what information is offered. When people visit the site for Palm Beach Research Group, they experience consistent and high-quality information with no grammatical errors or typos.

Reviews from Other Customers

Palm Beach Research Group offers a handful of reviews from people who had a positive experience. However, when checking on other sites, it’s clear that some customers complained about the poor customer support offered by the company.

One customer said that she notified Palm Beach Research Group that her email address had changed, but it still sent e-mails to the old address.

Another person said “buyer beware” because they had unsubscribed multiple times and were still being charged and getting e-mails. Most people believe that the high subscription fee is not viable to most customers. Overall, the cost is too high.

However, Palm Beach Research Group focuses on wealthy individuals who want to make more money the easy way.

Those who had a positive experience often leave a stellar review. They say that the e-mails are interesting, well-crafted, and helpful. Still, it’s important to be careful because the company is not BBB-accredited. With that, the Better Business Bureau gives it an F rating.

Those who decided to spend money were overall happy because the experienced staff shared great investment ideas that were fresh and innovative.


It’s important to note that Palm Beach Research Group hasn’t been accredited by reputable organizations like the Business Consumer Alliance or the Better Business Bureau. It has no information shown on Trustlink, either. Therefore, there’s not enough information to help people understand how other clients have felt about the service offered at Palm Beach Research Group.

With that, it’s important to realize that not being accredited doesn’t always make the company a bad choice. It simply means that people might find it harder to determine the legitimacy of the business and how easy it is to contact customer support and have issues dealt with quickly.


The criteria required to determine if a particular company is a scam or legitimate has been shown earlier. Now, it’s crucial to see if Palm Beach Research Group meets the four points discussed here. That enables potential clients to make the right conclusion about if this is an authentic and fair business based on how the company performs.

Contact information and physical location data were part of the first condition. In general, Palm Beach Company demonstrated that it met this point because it has a physical location for people to visit when necessary. With that, Palm Beach Research Group also has a credible email address, so customers may contact someone anytime they have a problem. Therefore, this company gets full credit for this aspect.

On the second part about site information provided, Palm Beach Group did well. The data provided on the site is high-quality and never contradicts itself. Therefore, it gets a full point for this section, as well.

When focused on reviews, there have been mixed reactions. Those who obtained a service from the company tend to have a positive experience. Still, there’s an issue because it only posts positive reviews and leaves off any negative ones.

Upon further research, negative reviews were found at the BBB and other reputable sites about expensive and poor service options. Others also complained about not getting a refund or not being able to cancel the service when they decided not to use the company anymore.

Because of the high number of negative reviews, the company gets just half a point.

Palm Beach Research Group doesn’t get any point or credit concerning accreditation. It’s not accredited by any reputable organization. In a sense, people can’t get a clear picture of what others have to say about the company or the level of service it offers.

Out of four total points, Palm Beach Research Group gets 2.5 points. Though it appears to fail in some areas, it’s still a legitimate business. Those who plan to take the next step should try to read as many reviews as possible before deciding if this is the right choice for them.