Petra Picks Review

Are you searching for a reliable stock trading program that can assist you to earn a considerable amount of money and address your financial crisis? Do you want to know how to successfully trade stocks? There are lots of stock trading programs available, but one that has started to conquer the trading market is Petra Pick. But, the question is, can Petra Picks assists you in reaching your dreams?

Let’s find out in this thorough Petras Picks review, in which we look at the features, fees, customer reviews and support, and pros and cons to determine if this is legit or a scam.

What is Petra Picks?

Is Petra Picks a SCAM?

Maybe you have heard Petra Picks in the past but are not certain what it is all about and what it does.

Petra Picks is a stock trading program that provides traders and investors a chance to make money via applying unmatched or beyond compare stock trading strategies. The person behind Petra Picks is Petra Hess, one of the most excellent stock-picking experts, whose coaching is simple to follow and be a successful trader in the future.

Owing to its proven and unique system, Petra Picks has been featured on many reliable and reputable financial websites such as Yahoo Finance, Market Watch, Seeking Alpha as well as TheStreet. We will discuss Petra Hess, the founder, in more detail below.

Who Developed Petra Picks Stock Trading System?

Petra Picks was the product of Petra Hess’s creative mind. She is arguably the best investment advisor in the world. Before setting out on her journey to making and growing Petra Picks into the million-dollar industry today. Petra worked as a businesswoman in different sectors like exporting livestock, marketing cosmetics, and telecommunications.

On the other hand, Petra Hess’ breakthrough in wealth creation came from stock trading. She is a self made millionaire who managed to produce her first one million dollars at the age of twenty-five.

At this point, this financial advisory expert makes her profit via mid to large-cap stocks in Canadian markets, and her inspiration and drive for making this stock trading system is to assist her followers in copying her success in the stock trading industry and obtaining financial freedom,

Petra Hess promises to change the life of people in just a matter of four weeks or one month, but keep in mind that this is not always the case. Her objective is to give you exceptional techniques that help her become successful. However, it will likely take a couple of months of patience, consistency, and hard work to copy her success.

Always bear in mind that no stock trading system can help you become a millionaire overnight. Petra Picks will not help you earn millions in just one day.

Petra Picks Review: How does this Stock Trading Program work?

Petra Picks is about constantly providing you with techniques to make money. You’ll acquire the skill needed to trade stocks the Petra Hess way.

This stock trading program will help you with the proper way of using technical analysis techniques that are geared toward making you a good stock trader. You’ll need to go into the four-week training program, which guides you on how to:

• Grow as a stock trader by honing your skills in stock trading

• Grow profit, so you are able to obtain your financial goals

• Growing your well-being to bring financial freedom

If you visit the Petra Picks website, you will see the three different plans offered; Gold, Platinum, and Power Trading Programs. Because they don’t offer a free trial, choosing a plan you find valuable is vital.

Who Can Benefit from Petra Picks?

Petra Picks are ideal for those who are only starting in the world of stock trading. This is a remarkable education tool for newbie traders. Petra Picks offers lots of tips and vital information on winning techniques.

Also, this is perfect for those who don’t have so much time to spend knowing how to make a trade. With assured results after the training and coaching sessions, traders can trade successfully after going in the sessions and training.

Are you a student or a full-time employee? You can also benefit from using this stock trading program. This one is worth considering if you want to increase your monthly income.

Petra Picks run a coaching service for newbie and skilled traders and those who would want to see good results. There are a lot of Petra Picks reviews online, most especially on many different credible financial sites showing how reliable and dependable this program is.

Based on Petra Hess’s ability to give well-researched analysis, which offers a high success rate, she also runs risk management rules. She plans to direct her risk so that it is managed in a way that makes money but reduces the chances of losses.

What Products Petra Hess Offered

Petra Picks has different plans to choose from, such as Gold, Platinum, and Power Trading Programs. Each plan has different advantages and is available at different prices.

Gold Program

Gold Program gives you daily access to a stock watch list, allowing you to see active stocks. This also gives you access to online and video training and get email and text messages regarding stock buying and stock buying alerts. This is the cheapest program available, with a subscription fee of $1 596 a year.


Available for $3,999 a year, Platinum, aside from sending buy and send buy and sell alerts, also provides subscribers unlimited access to webinars in which you get direct live coaching from the developer itself.

Power Trading System

Petra Picks Review – Scam Or Legit?

This is the most expensive program available that is billed after every four weeks. Power Trading Programs is a proven system that will educate you on how to have the right mindset needed to become successful in stock trading. What is more, you will also learn technical analysis and risk management to allow you to become a constantly lucrative stock trader. This program costs $1,999 monthly.

Petra Picks Training Fundamentals

Petra Picks runs all programs utilizing fundamental ways of running the online trading training.

Become a Professional Trader

This improves trader’s mindset by helping them with the basics of stock trading and providing guidance on how to mold trading instincts and sharpen trading insight to boost net worth.

Increase Income

The training included in the three programs will provide you with stock market insights. This also provide investment advice and trading tools as well as provide regulation on how to trade successfully, even for a short time.

Improve Wealth

Petra Hess will educate you on the best way to increase your net worth fast and, at the same time, lessens losses while controlling the risk in order to have a high return.

Petra Picks runs training services for newbies and those who have experience in stock trading and want to see good results. Based on her capability to give well-researched analysis, which offers a good success rate, she also runs risk management rules which oversee her risk so that it is controlled in a way that makes money and reduces losses.

What to Expect from Petra Picks?

If you subscribe to any programs offered, you get to log in information that allows you to access the website. Also, you get videos on DVD which cover the main topics, including the Six Steps to Maximizing Your Trading Profits and Managing Risk.

Other features offered to members include trading tools, charts, and stock market indicators that are carefully curated after thorough research and testing.

The trading platform that is accessible once you make a payment and after getting the log-in information enables you access to the developers coaching sessions anytime and any day you want. Live chat is also available that provides you fast access to the developer and the customer service department too.

Cancellation Policy Petra Picks

Petra Picks don’t refund your payment the moment you subscribe and make the payment. You cannot also cancel your subscription. Petra Picks ask you to make payment first prior to accessing the training session. A free trial is not available too.

You can pay your subscription via credit card. There’s no agreement on any payment plan. Once they receive your payment, you instantly start receiving newsletters with market leads, accurate analytics as well as trading statistics which will give you the latest happenings in the world of stock.

The fact that you begin getting information, you cannot ask for a partial or full refund, most especially if you choose the wrong product or incorrectly use a coupon code.

Once the period of your subscription expires, the billing system will instantly renew your membership for the plan you have chosen. You can cancel the auto renewal by calling the customer service department and requesting the cancelation of your subscription. However, make sure you make the cancelation request at least two business days prior to the renewal date. The cancelation policy isn’t flexible.

Is Petra Picks a Scam?

Scam or Legit

When it comes to the legitimacy of Petra Picks, well, you are guaranteed of safe and legit program. This is not a fraud or scam. Petra Hess is a respected and well-known professional who also have remarkable stock trading skills and a massive following. Because of her amazing excellence in providing unmatched trading techniques and tips for more than eight years, Petra Picks has been featured on many popular financial sites like Besides, Petra Hess benefits from her many proven and verified winning traders to prove to everyone that her trading techniques really work and not just her to draw money from you.

Pros and Cons


This Petra Picks review is not complete without knowing the pros and cons of this stock trading program, so let’s start with the pros.

  • The coaching lessons and training are made for everyone, like those who don’t have basic skills in stock trading and people with years of experience but want to improve their skills and be good or stand out in trading.
  • The developer of this program has many years of experience in the stock industry.
  • The program offered is easy to use, easy to understand, and with a step-by-step process to learn, you are able to reach stock trading success.
  • Deals with Canadian stocks and US stock markets


Regardless of the many proven path and benefits, Petra Picks also comes with some flaws, such as:

  • There is no free trials offered and no Petra picks refund
  • Stringent cancellation regulation with a two business day notice
  • There is no refund policy
  • Very pricey stock trading programs.
  • The automatic renewal is very expensive if you don’t cancel on time.
  • Once you register, it is not clear whether the training videos can be accessed through the members’ website or available in DVD or video format.
  • There’s no live customer support.
  • There is no choice for a monthly payment plan as well as other payment plans.

Petra Picks Review Summary

Petra Picks logo

Petra Picks is a reliable stock trading program with a specific system as well as learned skills set, which is educational and functional if you are searching for more ways and techniques to boost your net worth and have steady gains.

Also, you get instruction on the best ways of reducing the possibility of losing your hard-earned money. On the other hand, it’s not considered a foolproof stock trading program in which you’ll not lose money at all, instead of trade stocks successfully. There’s always a possibility of losing money with the stock trading as you become proficient at trading on the stock market with the guides and products, including watch lists as well as alerts you obtain every day. Dealing with a reliable securities broker dealer is all a must.

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