You never know what can happen in the future, so the best you can do to make sure you don’t lack any money when you get old is to create a retirement account.

Most financial advisors consider creating a precious metals retirement account the best investment strategy you can adopt since that allows you to diversify your portfolio and work with assets that will keep their value regardless of what happens in the world.

Regardless of that, it’s difficult to find the right precious metals dealer for you. Apart from that, there are many scam websites online, so most investors are hesitant to try companies they don’t know.

Are you looking for a precious metals dealer that allows you to understand how the stock market works? You should think about using Vanguard Precious Metals and Mining Fund.

You can find all the information you need about what this precious metals dealer offers on this page, so read on if you want to use it to get your retirement funds. This page also has all the information you would need to know about precious metals IRAs.

What Is Vanguard Precious Metals?

Vanguard Precious Metals IRA

Vanguard Precious Metals and Mining Fund is a precious metal, ETFs, and mutual funds provider that also works as a financial advisor for people looking for the best investment strategy for them.

However, those are not the only things Vanguard Precious Metals and Mining Fund can do.

This company also offers brokerage services, retirement tools, and stock market insights for traders and investors. Some consider the financial advisor services Vanguard offers its greatest strength since it’s difficult for beginners to create a precious metal IRA account if they don’t have someone to tell them the dos and don’ts of it.

What Does Vanguard Precious Metals IRA Have to Offer?

As we mentioned before, Vanguard offers several features and services, and that’s what makes it an attractive option for many traders. People don’t like hiring many companies or advisors to create a precious metal IRA account, so Vanguard addresses that issue by giving you anything you need for the account-management process.

Nevertheless, the best way to understand how a company can help you is by reading about its main features. Here are the primary benefits of using Vanguard for your future investments:

It Allows You to Invest in U.S. and Foreign Equity Securities

Most precious metals dealers offer the same features, and it’s difficult to find one that has something others don’t. The Vanguard Global Capital Cycles (VGPMX) is a function that purchases securities from capital-intensive industries where capital spending is decreasing. Thanks to this, people using Vanguard can invest in U.S. and foreign equity securities.

It Has a Large Mutual Fund Selection

Mutual funds and ETFs are one of the reasons for the success of Vanguard. This company has access to over 3,300 low-cost mutual funds and ETFs. Things such as fees and commissions come all for a more than affordable price if you get them from Vanguard. You also have low fees on exchange-traded funds and index funds.

It Offers Educational Resources

Unlike other precious metals dealers, Vanguard cares for its users and wants them to feel the most comfortable they can while using the Vanguard platform. However, it’s challenging to feel comfortable working with a company if you don’t know the basics of what you want to do.

Even if you know a thing or two about the stock market or how a precious metal IRA works, you can’t create a successful investment strategy for your retirement account if you don’t have the help of a financial advisor.

Therefore, Vanguard has many educational resources available for its users on its website. Those educational resources include podcasts, videos, articles, and blog posts. We recommend you check them out even if you are an experienced investor since you could get some excellent insights on the market and investment tips from professionals.

Vanguard Portfolio Watch

Vanguard Portfolio Watch may be the most popular and useful feature Vanguard offers its clients. In a nutshell, the Portfolio Watch studies your portfolio to see if it meets the average standards an investment portfolio should have. The analysis the Portfolio Watch performs includes checking investment diversification and the risks of your current financial moves.

Once Vanguard knows what your portfolio lacks, it will tell you the best investment strategy you can go for to optimize your portfolio and diversify it correctly. This feature studies information from different sources, such as the Global BMI Metals and Global Custom Metals index.

Does Vanguard Have Any Drawbacks?

All companies worldwide have some drawbacks, and Vanguard is not an exception to that. If what you want is to create a physical gold 401k (or IRA) account, the biggest disadvantage of using Vanguard is that it doesn’t support gold IRAs. Nonetheless, you can address that issue by working with the website’s VGPMX.

The high minimums for investments could also be a setback for some investors, but that depends on your trading style.

Understanding How Precious Metals IRAs Work

Precious Metals IRAs or gold IRAs are individual retirement accounts that allow the owner of the account to invest in physical precious metals and keep them in custody to use them as retirement funds.

These retirement accounts work similarly to traditional IRAs since the only difference they have from them is precious metals IRAs hold precious metals in custody instead of other assets. When you create a gold IRA, you need a custodian to handle and store the physical gold you buy.

It’s worth noting you need to create a self-directed IRA before holding the gold in a retirement account. Self-directed IRAs are retirement accounts that allow investors to hold some investments that are restricted in traditional retirement accounts. These accounts let the account owner manage their accounts while the custodian handles the retirement funds.

Is Creating a Precious Metals IRA the Best Investment Strategy You Can Go for?

Many people wonder if creating a precious metal IRA is the best financial move they can make for their future since they can always invest in other assets, such as mining securities or stocks. The short answer is that it depends on your priorities when creating an IRA.

Getting a precious metal retirement plan is best for people who want to avoid market volatility and issues related to it. Are you wondering if you should get a precious metal IRA? Read the best advantages of opening a gold IRA:

Safety Net Against Inflation

Inflation is one of the biggest problems of the world’s economy at the moment, and it gets worse daily. Currencies worldwide can lose their value in a matter of days, so people investing in them for their retirement accounts won’t get any revenue when they withdraw their funds.

How can people fight inflation when creating an IRA? Well, they can use physical gold and other precious metals. These assets work as a safety net against inflation since they keep their value throughout the years.

When a currency’s price goes down, the value of precious metals stays up, and that lets you rest assured knowing you will get all the retirement funds you invested in precious metals when the time comes.

Even capital-intensive industries know this, so they always have some of their revenue invested in precious metals.

Portfolio Diversification

Investing in different stocks and assets is not easy at all, and need to watch out for country risk, currency risk, industry concentration risk, and non-diversification risk. As for the last one, you can prevent any issue from happening by diversifying your portfolio with precious metals.

Why should you diversify your portfolio? Because having different assets at hand allows you to lose the least funds you can when one of your financial moves fails. This is one of the appeals of precious metals since you can invest in gold, silver, palladium, and platinum.


Even if you invest in the safest assets or funds you can find on the market, the fund’s performance can make many sudden changes depending on how other assets do on the market. This is often an issue for traders investing in cryptocurrencies since they have to stay tuned to all market changes to know the best trades they can make.

Precious metal funds have kept their value throughout the years. Naturally, the value of precious metals can go up and down from time to time, but it’s not as volatile as other assets, such as cryptocurrencies or mining securities.

Are ETFs Better Than Physical Precious Metals?

It’s not that one is better than the other but rather that both ETFs and physical gold are useful for different purposes. If you want to purchase gold straightforwardly, physical gold such as Canadian maple leaf coins is ideal for you since you only need to pay and get them.

The only issue with owning physical gold is you need to pay storage fees. ETFs, on the other hand, need you to understand more things about the market to get them since you have to buy them as shares on a stock exchange. Regardless of that, the expense ratio of EFTs is lower since you don’t have to pay storage fees.

Types of Precious Metals IRAs

Not all precious metals IRAs are the same, and each of them offers various benefits depending on what your goals are when creating a retirement plan. You should know what all retirement accounts offer you before choosing to make sure to take the most advantage you can of the account benefits.

These are the different types of retirement accounts you can get:

Roth Precious Metals IRAs

If you want to benefit as much as you can from your retirement funds, you should go for a Roth IRA. The main advantage of this retirement plan is you can get tax-free withdrawals and earnings when you turn 59 and a half years old.

The only catch to getting a Roth IRA is you won’t get any current-year tax benefits, so only people willing to follow a slow investment strategy should go for this retirement plan.

SEP Precious Metals IRAs

SEP stands for Simplified Employee Pension Plan, and you can go for it if you are self-employed or work for a small business. People managing this retirement plan don’t get taxed on their contributions but on their withdrawals once they retire. SEP IRAs are ideal for freelancers.

When small businesses go for a SEP precious metal IRA, they contribute to their employees’ retirement while working on their savings. The only issue with creating a SEP account is you, as a worker, can’t contribute to your retirement account, so you depend on your boss.

Traditional Precious Metals IRAs

Traditional IRAs are the most basic individual retirement accounts you could get, and it works with pre-tax contributions that grow tax-free in the future. The only issue with traditional IRAs is your retirement withdrawals are taxed, so you will lose some funds on that.

Regardless of that, these IRAs are easier to manage.

How Can I Open a Precious Metals IRA?

Opening a precious metal IRA is not as difficult as many people would think. The first thing you need to do is choose a self-directed IRA custodian to manage your retirement funds. After that, you can start looking for a precious metals dealer that offers the features and precious metals you need for your portfolio.

Investors need to take some time to choose the precious metal they want to buy and the physical form they want to get it in. It’s not the same to get gold bullion or gold coins, and the option you pick directly affects how much earnings you get.

After doing all that, pick a depository to store your precious metals, and start investing in the assets you like best.

Some Vanguard Precious Metals Alternatives

Although Vanguard is one of the best precious metals dealers you can find on the market, it’s not the only option available. If you don’t want to use the Vanguard platform, you can try:


Goldco has an A+ rating in the Better Business Bureau, and it’s the safest option you can get regarding storing physical gold, so you should go for this alternative if you want to create a physical gold IRA.

This company has been working for over a decade, and it puts an effort into helping its customers understand everything they need to know to protect their savings. However, you can only invest in gold and silver with Goldco, so don’t think about buying platinum and palladium with this business.

Read our full Goldco review to learn more.

Augusta Precious Metals

While Goldco focuses on gold and silver, August Precious Metals gives you a wide range of precious metals to choose from. People looking forward to diversifying their portfolios will find an excellent alternative in this company.

Read our full company profile for Augusta Precious Metals.

Bottom Line

We know it can be overwhelming to read that much information about precious metals, the Global BMI Metals and Global Custom Metals index, and retirement accounts, but things get easier once you hire a financial advisor to help you.

Vanguard is an amazing broker and financial advisor, so don’t hesitate to contact it as soon as you need it! You can find some other articles related to this topic on our website.

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