Regal Assets Review

What is Regal Assets?

Regal Assets is an international firm specializing in Bitcoin and Gold IRAs. Within just seven years, the company became the leader in precious metals and gold investments. The CEO of the firm is Tyler Gallagher. He was a member of the Forbes Financial member two years in a row. Due to his influence, Regal Assets has an impeccable reputation and a long list of satisfied clients.  The company has provided expertise in Gold IRAs since 2013 . These programs assist investors with guarding and maximizing their wealth.

Regal Assets is one of 500 of the quickest growing companies within the United States. Clients are provided with the help necessary to make the best possible investment decisions for their retirement or IRA portfolios. This is different than the volatile paper-based shares of the stock market because the firm purchases and sells precious metals known for stability such as platinum, gold, palladium and silver.  Regal Assets offers the best services for gold portfolios even when market conditions have become shaky .

The company has been featured in numerous business publications including SmartMoney, Market Watch, Forbes, The Hollywood Reporter and Reuters. During the course of the last decade, the company has grown and become a global firm with offices located in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. Expansion into Australia is expected shortly.


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Company History and Reputation

Regal Assets Review

Tyler Gallagher was well established as an account executive for a gold dealer in the United States before he established a precious metals firm of his own. In the beginning, almost everything was handled by Tyler. Even though the specialty of the company is Gold IRAs, other services are also available including:

  • Home delivery provided for precious metals
  • Gold SAAS and SIPP accounts for the United Kingdom
  • Gold RRSP accounts throughout Canada

Precious metals and cryptocurrency can be delivered and stored for investors in nearly every developed country across the globe. The company offers a wide selection of precious metals also available in bars and coins.  Regal Assets offers cryptocurrency including a recent addition of a crypto IRA . Digital currencies can be added to your portfolio as alternative assets including Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. The Bitcoin IRA offers the biggest selection of crypto currently available. The crypto IRA is fully insured, hacker-proof and includes cold storage.

Tyler Gallagher has been featured in Bloomberg, Seeking Alpha, CoinTelegraph and more. Regal Assets has received celebrity endorsements including Dennis Miller, Laura Ingraham and Lars Larson. Hundreds of millions have been completed by the firm in account transfers and rollovers. The excellent reputation of the company is partly based on verified customer review sites including:

  • Business Consumer Alliance rating of AAA
  • According to more than 1,000 reviews, the average Trustlink star rating is Five
  • According to more than 1,000 reviews, the average BirdEye star rating is 4.9

What is Offered by Regal Assets?

Simply put, Regal Assets purchases and sells precious metals including gold in the form of bullion, coins and bars. Precious metals such as gold, palladium, silver and platinum are more stable in comparison to traditional paper investments including treasury bonds, mutual funds and stocks. This is because the value of the latter can be volatile due to current economic and national trends.  Regal Assets offers help in making a smarter investment for your retirement portfolio or IRA with precious metals . At this time, there are two different types of personal packages available.

The Merchant Package is $5,000. If you are interested in an investment in silver and gold you can liquidate easily when necessary, making this package is a good option. The Knighthood Package is $10,000 and a good option to provide your family with financial coverage. Regal Assets also offers four different kinds of gold portfolios. The Legacy Portfolio is $25,000, with the focus placed on the immediate potential for profit. The Kingship Portfolio is $50,000 and customized for protection from inflation.

The Dynasty Portfolio is $100,000 and offers an excellent return for your initial investment. This package is proven stable against economic issues and inflation. The Coronation Portfolio is $250,000 and created for individuals with a high net worth. This is a good option if you are interested in building wealth for the long-term.

Benefits of Regal Assets

Track Record:

Regal Assets takes pride in a track record both spotless and exceptional. If you conduct a search through any search engine including Google, you will discover a lot of compliments and praise without a single complaint. The majority of review sites offer Regal Assets stellar reviews.

Fast Processing and Shipping:

If you decide you want to remove some of your gold from storage, Regal Assets makes certain your bars, bullion and coins arrive at your home safely in seven days. The company guarantees the time frame for your delivery.  If you do not receive delivery within seven days, you will receive a Silver American Eagle coin for free . The majority of investment companies require at least 15 to 30 days for your gold to be delivered.

Segregated Storage:

Unlike most gold investment companies, you are provided with segregated and low-cost storage by Regal Assets. This means all of your bullion, bars and coins are stored in separate compartments as opposed to with other investors. The other companies offering segregated storage generally charge an extremely large fee in addition to their annual fees. The annual storage rate for Regal Assets is fixed at $150. When you consider the average of $250 charged by the industry, you are saving money.

Flat Fees:

The fee for every retirement account is $250 regardless of the value. All of your fees for precious metal accounts including delivery, storage and administrative are waived for the first year. You will not receive any charges until your second year.

Gold IRA Rollover Specialists:

Working with an investment company familiar with everything regarding an IRA rollover is critical. You can lose a lot of money if even the simplest mistake is made including incorrect tax documentation or purchasing coins not approved for your IRA. Regal Assets does 95 percent of their business with IRA rollovers. This means once you become a client, you can relax knowing your money is in capable and safe hands.

Custodian and Storage

Custodian & Storage

Regal Assets provides clients with an option of regional storage in Dubai. Dubai is part of the United Arab Emirate confederation and an independent emirate. During the last few years, you may have heard Dubai referred to as the City of Gold. This is because it has become one of the leading global choices to inventory precious metals and offshore gold in a safe jurisdiction. In addition to a tax-free status enabling precious metals to be acquired cheaply, Dubai offers some of the lowest storage fees worldwide.

This combination of benefits has made Dubai the number one choice to store assets for numerous bullion investors across the globe.  Regal Assets established a partnership with Brink’s to provide you with access to highly secured new vaults located in Almas Towers in the Regal Assets building . This secured building is one of the most prestigious and secure buildings anywhere in the Middle East. When you store your precious metals in this building, Regal Assets offers you impressive benefits including:

  • The history of the emirate is distinguished including providing businesses, ventures and financial companies with a technologically advanced structure.
  • Dubai is now one of the top global centers for gold storage. Roughly 20 percent of yearly gold production worldwide is currently managed in Dubai.
  • In 20096, construction of the United Arab Emirates vault facility was authorized by DMCC. This vault was specifically constructed for the storage of precious metals. You can be assured the systems are current for excellent security and inventory management.
  • The vault is co-managed by Brink’s and located within the Regal Assets office building in Dubai.
  • Due to the tax-free status of Dubai, this is one of the least expensive jurisdictions worldwide to purchase and store your gold securely.

If you have a preference for a different location in which to store your precious metals, Brink’s and Regal Assets offer choices in safe and well-respected jurisdictions all over the world. This includes New Zealand, South Korea, Hong Kong, France, Australia and Singapore. Brink’s has vaults in all of these jurisdictions offering the highest security level with full insurance for all contents. Every vault is monitored 24/7 with world-leading systems and technology.

Gold Products Available Through Regal Assets

  • British Britannia gold coin (one ounce)
  • Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin (one ounce)
  • American Eagle gold coin (one ounce)
  • Australian Kangaroo gold coin (one ounce)
  • Chinese Panda gold coin (one ounce)
  • Islamic 8 Dinars gold coin (one ounce)
  • American Buffalo gold coin (one ounce)
  • South African Krugerrand gold (one ounce)
  • Austrian Vienna Philharmonic gold (one ounce)
  • Gold list bar London Good delivery ( one ounce)
  • Gold list bar London Good Delivery (10 ounces)
  • Gold list bar London Good Delivery (one kg)
  • Gold Emirates bar (one kg)
  • Gold Al Etihad bar (one kg)

Silver Products Available Through Regal Assets

  • Canadian Maple Leaf silver coin (one ounce)
  • Australian Kookaburra silver coin (one ounce)
  • American Eagle silver coin (one ounce)
  • Austrian Philharmonic silver coin (one ounce)
  • Australian Koala silver coin (one ounce)
  • British Britannia silver coin (one ounce)
  • London Good Delivery silver bar (10 ounces)
  • London Good Delivery silver bar (100 ounces)
  • London Good Delivery silver kilogram bar

Platinum Products Available Through Regal Assets

  • Australian Koala platinum coin (one ounce)
  • Canadian Maple Leak platinum coin (one ounce)
  • American Eagle platinum coin (one ounce)

Palladium Products Available Through Regal Assets

  • PAMP palladium bar (one ounce)
  • PAMP palladium bar (10 ounces)
  • Canadian Maple Leaf palladium coin (one ounce)

Gold Portfolios Available Through Regal Assets

  • Regal Assets offer four types of gold portfolios with different features and benefits for every standard including:
  • Legacy $25,000 Portfolio for fast profit potential.
  • Kingship $50,000 Portfolio offering custom design models for inflation protection.
  • Dynasty $100,000 Portfolio for a high individual investment return with ensured stability against market uncertainty and inflation.
  • Coronation $250,000 and above Portfolio for high net worth investors focusing on accumulating wealth for the long-term.

Packages Available Through Regal Assets

  • Regal Assets currently offers two personal packages.
  • The $5,000 Merchant Package contains silver or gold investments with easy liquidation.
  • The $10,000 Knighthood Package provides financial security for the loved ones of the investor.

Pricing and Fees

Regal Assets offers you a precious metals price quote including all delivery charges and fees. You receive a quote from an account executive. Once you decide to accept the quote, your price is locked-in regardless of any future fluctuations in the market. The fees charged by the firm are the most competitive within the current market. The best benefit is in the IRA fee structure. Unfortunately, too many investors do not realize they are paying excessively high fees until after it is too late.

The scaled fees offered by the majority of competitors are a percentage of the value of your account.  The annual fee for Regal Assets is flat . You pay $110 for storage and $80 for admin regardless of your account value. You will save even more as time passes since as your portfolio value increases, so do the scaled fees of the other companies. With enough time, these fees can become incredibly high. The flat fee structure does not start until your second year because all fees for the first are waived for IRA investments a minimum of $10,000.

Your flat $110 storage fee includes segregation as opposed to the additional fees most companies charge for this type of storage. If your account includes cryptocurrencies and metals, your benefits increase because you are not charged admin fees twice.

Insurance and Delivery

Your order is delivered by FedEx, UPS registered mail or UPS in discreet packaging with a guarantee of seven-day delivery. The company delivering your package is dependent on your specific location. Every shipment is insured for the entire market value. Regal Assets assumes all responsibility for your delivery until it has been received and accounted for. You will be given a tracking number enabling your order to be traced from dispatch to receipt. If you place a large institutional size order, Brink’s will deliver your package with an armored guard.

Buyback Program

If you decide to liquidate your investment in precious metals at any time, the company will buy everything back. This service is available on all business days. Your proceeds will be received within 24 hours.

Gold Storage

When IRS regulations apply to your precious metals IRA, you will be unable to receive personal possession of your precious metals. In this instance, storage will be arranged by Regal Assets on your behalf. Until you are 59 and one-half years of age, your gold must be stored and insured under your name at a depository approved by the IRS. The company will make arrangements for segregated storage to ensure your precious metals are not mixed with the purchase of any other client. This is essentially the same as labeling your precious metals with your name.

This is very important because your assets are identified as yours. This means your assets are unable to be seized in the event assets are frozen for the depository, Regal Assets or their clients for any reason. The depository preferred by the company is Brink’s and located in Salt Lake City. This is no additional charge for segregated storage and your insurance will not be uplifted. Once the precious metals for your retirement account reach the storage depository, the arrival is recorded on video.

The first company in the industry of precious metals to offer this type of service to both their clients and the facility was Regal Assets. The company also offers you the option to store your precious metals overseas without any penalties or taxes.

Regal IRAs and Cryptocurrency

Regal IRAs and Cryptocurrency

A unique new IRA was launched by Regal Assets in the United States in December of 2017. This enabled all clients to include both precious metals and cryptocurrencies in their retirement accounts. The company has taken a few additional steps since the launch of this IRA. Instead of opening a traditional cryptocurrency IRA, you can open an IRA containing both cryptocurrencies and alternative assets. Although there is no upper limit, you have a $10,000 minimum investment.

Regal Assets believes evolving with the times is important. Since the firm has been established as a leader for Gold IRAs, they wanted to offer clients both traditional and digital gold for inclusion in their United States retirement accounts. The IRS has given full approval for cryptocurrencies. You also receive a lot of benefits with a Crypto IRA including:

  • You receive tax advantages.
  • You gain the ability to invest in crypto without releasing new funds because your existing investment in your retirement account can be used.
  • You do not pay any penalties.
  • A crypto account is a 100 percent legitimate means of avoiding restrictive and complicated regulations the IRS placed on cryptocurrency gains.

When CEO Tyler Gallagher made the announcement that cryptocurrencies could now be included in their IRAs, he placed emphasis on the fact the belief of the company is cryptos and gold are both included in a balanced portfolio. Regal Assets is different than the majority of its competitors because their IRAs are not limited to only Bitcoin. There are many reasons Regal Assets stands out from its competition including offering cryptocurrency clients an option with no obligation for:

Offline Wallets:

You can use these wallets for loading your crypto onto a password-protected, encrypted and independent offline device called the Regal Wallet. This device is similar to a hard drive in the sense there is no networking to any devices accessible through the internet. This means your wallet is hacker-proof.

Insurance from Lloyds of London:

When your wallet is placed in vaulted or cold storage, Lloyds of London will ensure your cryptocurrencies for a maximum of $20 million for each incident.

Cold Storage:

To ensure maximum protection and security, you can physically store your wallet in cold storage within a secure vault. Regal Assets works with Brink’s to provide you with zero cost for vaulted storage for your first year.  Your monthly rate after that is 0.07 percent for storage and a flat admin annual fee of $230. Even if you have both cryptocurrency and precious metals in your account, you still pay just $230 . The firm took these steps to eliminate the majority of risks and provide you with peace of mind when making an investment in cryptocurrency.

Rollover and Transfer Process for Regal Assets IRAs

Step One:

Open the Regal Assets website at You will find a simple form you can fill out easily. Once you have completed the form, you will generally receive an email the same day containing all the required IRA documentation. This has already been completed to make the process simple. All you have to do is electronically sign the document and sent it back by email.

Step Two:

Within 24 hours, your new IRA account is opened. You will receive an email with your account number. You will then receive transfer request paperwork by email. This is also submitted electronically. As soon as this is received by Regal Assets, contact will be established with your current custodian so the transfer of funds can be initiated on your behalf to your new IRA account.

Step Three:

The Regal Assets staff works behind the scenes. Every time the next step of the process is completed, you will receive an update by either email or phone. Once your money arrives, your account executive will contact you to ensure you receive the assistance and guidance you need to purchase alternative assets.

Step Four:

Once you make the decision to proceed, Regal Assets will lock in your prices and fund your purchase. When you include metals in your IRA, they are delivered in a maximum of seven days to the Brink’s depository. You will receive notification upon arrival. You can then go online to monitor your products and account at any time.

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