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The San Jose Coin Shop at San Jose is a trusted partner for coin collectors and other interested parties. The San Jose Coin Shop is a place you can trust with your investment. The luxury Italian coins are an excellent investment and are only worth fave value. The buffalo nickels are 1/4 of an Indian head nickel and are about 12.5 mm in diameter. “Buffalo Nickels” is a nickname, not an actual coin name.

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Gold Coin Precious Metals Shop

Coin shop is a store that sells quality coins at good prices. The created coins are of very high quality. The store has a wide variety of coins, e.g., dollars coins, silver coins, gold coins, coin sets, etc. Getting random coins in san jose can be fun.

If you’ve spent any time in the San Jose area in the last 20 years, you’ve probably passed Vic’s Coin Shop — a chaotic, neon roadside shantytown with a colorful interior featuring coins, banknotes, and a slew of weird little novelties.

Valuable pennies and more things numismatic

The San jose coin shop offers a nice selection of popular coins at reasonable pricing san jose. Counterfeit sell coins are a big concern, but sellers at the San jose coin shop have a good reputation and ship quickly.

The San Jose Coin Shop located in san jose has some of the best prices and selection on gold, and silver dollars, and they are also selling coins products, such as American coins, domestic coins, old silver bar, sell rare coins, nice coins, old coins, and more coins at fair appraisals and great price points. They’re also open 7 days a week, have free local pickup, and accept all the local preferred payment methods. Celebrating your birthday coin display at our shop is something unique and different.

The previous shop owner located at san jose is knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. The previous shop owner is very nice. He will also sell 2018 1/2 oz. Silver Eagles and 1/2 oz. Gold Eagles at 0.1% over spot. Silver coins can be shipped for $15 while selling coins like gold coins can be shipped for $25. These prices are extremely competitive compared to other dealers here in san jose coin shop.

Coin shops are a good area to invest in coins that don’t have as much liquidity as. Selling Coins like bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ripple tend to have wide market spreads, and coin shops may offer a good buy-and-sell rate for smaller-quantity trades.

These two different coin shops in San Jose ca offer a wide selection of rare coins for sale, an excellent return policy, and great prices. The two different coin shops make it easy for customers to buy coins and precious metals at fair market value, and they offer some of the best customer services in the business.

Sell coins and silver coins

When you buy gold coin and fine silver coin, san jose coin shop is a trusted online store. San Jose Coin Shop has the best coin dealer prices, be it buying or selling. Our San Jose Coin Shop at san jose, has been established for over 30 years for the buying and selling of coins and currency.

We have a vast range of silver bars, bullion, and coins, each with its own design and purities; it is found at san jose coin shop.

The San Jose coin shop located in san jose ca 95125 offers a broad selection of coins and currency from around the world. They make buying coins easy and are more than happy to help you to find what you are looking for. Customers coming into our shop here in San Jose can expect to be greeted by friendly, knowledgeable staff. Please stop by our shop today here in san Jose.

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