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Born in 2012, SD Bullion is a company that has quickly grown in the precious metals market. Currently, it’s many customers’ choice when they want to find gold, metal, and platinum at the best prices.

SD Bullion was recently listed among the fastest-growing companies in the United States and worldwide. The company’s founders are two doctors, who are committed to protecting people’s financial health. Even though SD Bullion is now a famous company, its founders are still involved since they want to make sure that clients are satisfied.

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In the precious metal market, SD Bullion is one of the most popular companies. Most clients are often happy to pick it as a partner since it’s committed to providing the best services compared to the competitors.

Two dedicated individuals founded SD Bullion, and it now has over $157 million annual returns. Overall, the company has made over $1 billion by selling precious metals, but it’s not what makes it stand out from the competition.

Finding a company to purchase precious metals is not necessarily challenging. However, SD Bullion is special since the company’s employees always aim to satisfy the customers’ needs. Consequently, the staff want the clients to feel content and satisfied with each purchase.

SD Bullion has done incredibly well in the market, and it’s primarily due to its committed managers and kind employees. Since the company strives for customer satisfaction, most clients think that the staff is passionate and dedicated.

Choosing the ideal company to buy silver coins, gold coins, silver bars, or different types of precious metals is an important financial decision. Therefore, this comprehensive SD Bullion review describes all the essential information you need to know if you’re thinking about working with the SD Bullion team.

What Does SD Bullion Do?

SD Bullion’s specialty is dealing with different kinds of precious metals. This company sells platinum, gold, and silver to clients who want to secure their hard-earned wealth.

This company offers a variety of alternatives to all its clients, which is one of the reasons why it has been so successful over the years. Clients can buy everything from gold bars to silver coins, and all precious metals have proven quality, and that helps guarantee your wealth’s security.

When purchasing bullion or investing in precious metals, you might want to work with a company that offers different options. Fortunately, SD Bullion’s staff is kind, friendly, and happy to provide you with various alternatives, for example, creating a gold IRA, buying gold coins, and so on. Here is some of what you could buy:

  • British gold coins
  • American gold bullions
  • Mexican gold Libertad
  • Chinese gold pandas
  • British silver coins
  • African coins
  • Australian Perth mint
  • Silver eagles

With various options to choose from, SD Bullion is a bullion dealer that has gained fame and popularity in the industry. The staff is always happy to help clients, which is essential since many people are looking for guidance to make the best buying choices.

At the same time, SD Bullion has available alternatives if you want to invest in IRAs. Nonetheless, if that’s what you want, talking to a company representative is always the best idea since they can recommend good options.

Precious Metals that SD Bullion Sells

SD Bullion sells different precious metals, including platinum, gold, and silver. However, if you want to invest in this industry, you probably need to know about the company’s options in detail; thus, the following section describes all the alternatives you can get.


Just like gold, silver is also a fantastic investment option and it’s many people’s chosen precious metal to secure their hard-earned money. Here are some of the options that SD Bullion offers when it comes to silver:

Silver Coins

Coins might be an ideal option if you’re looking for budget-friendly alternatives. Additionally, SD Bullion’s prices are very affordable compared to competitors.

This company offers many silver coins you might want to look into, especially if you’re interested in an affordable alternative to secure your earnings. The following coins are what SD Bullion can give you:

American Silver Eagle Coins

The silver eagle coins include US mint commemorative coins, American proofs, and more. All coins are 99.9% pure silver, and they’re IRA-eligible.

Royal Canadian Mint Silver Coins

RCM predator series coins are available, and also Canadian silver leaf options. The coins have different dimensions, and they have 0.9999 silver purity.

Perth Mint Australian Silver Coins

If you prefer Australian coins, you can get emu, koala, kookaburra, kangaroo, and many others. These coins have 0.9999 silver purity, and they’re available in various dimensions.

Other Coins

There are other coins to choose from, for example, silver rounds, 90% junk, Armenia’s Noah Ark, and more.

Silver Bullion

The silver bars SD Bullion offers come in different weights, and they are minted by different mints from public and private industries. With 0.999 metal purity, SD Bullion only offers the best silver bullion, so you can contact the company and ask for the best alternatives for you.


SD Bullion sells both gold bullion and coins. You get many different options to buy, so here are some of the bars and coins you might want to purchase:

Gold Coins

Buying gold coins is one of the most popular alternatives people go for when they want to invest in precious metals. Since gold is one of the most famous and secure metals to buy, coins might be the ideal choice because they’re often more affordable. SD Bullion offers the following options if you want to purchase coins:

Royal Canadian Mint Gold Coins

This option includes the call of the wild coin and the gold maple leaf. With 99.99% metal purity, the gold maple leaves are one of the most recognized gold coins.

American Golden Eagle Coins

Golden eagles are manufactured in the US, and they’re available in different dimensions. These coins are a pure product (with 0.9999 purity levels).

Chinese Mint Gold Panda Coins

Available since 1982, Chinese gold coins are pure as well (0.999 purity level), and they also have different dimensions.

British Royal Mint Coins

British coins include gold’s queen beast and Britannia. They’re one of many people’s favorite options since they’re IRA eligible and they have a 0.9999 purity level.

American Gold Buffalo Coins

Minted by the United States mint, buffalo coins are made with 24 karat gold, and they have 0.9999 metal purity.

Other Coins that You Might Want to Buy

The company offers many different gold coins at low prices, and its employees might offer the best options depending on what you want to buy. You could, for example, get an Austrian gold philharmonic, Australian Perth mint gold, Mexican Libertad, or even South African gold.

Gold Bars

Gold bars are a fantastic option when you’re investing in physical precious metals. SD Bullion deals with various alternatives, all with different purity levels. However, every option has high gold content, so you can choose bars from any mint and still get high-quality bullions.

Some of the available gold bars are the credit Sussie, the Canadian mint bar, the Pamp Suisse lady Fortuna, the Valcambi gold bar, the British gold Britannia, and the Perth mint gold bar.



American Platinum Eagles

Platinum eagles are available since 1997. They have a purity level of 0.9995, which makes them a fantastic option you could buy.

Canadian Platinum Maples

With 0.9995 platinum purity, Canadian maples are available since the Royal Canadian mint minted them for the first time in 1998.

Australian Platinum Kangaroo

The platinum kangaroo coins were first minted in 2018, and SD Bullion offers them, ensuring a 0.9995 purity level.


SD Bullion offers silver bars, which are a good option to consider if you don’t want to buy coins. The company has various weights available, and the bullion is minted with different mints. Some examples you’re able to purchase include the Pamp Suisse, the Valcambi, the Credit Suisse, and generic bars.

Other Precious Metals

In many cases, people think that gold and silver are the only investment option, but you can also buy copper or palladium to diversify your portfolio and secure your earnings.

The company has other precious metals available if you don’t want to buy platinum, gold, and silver. You could buy palladium and copper, and they’re both fantastic investment options.

Even though some silver bullion dealers don’t offer other precious metals with high purity levels, SD Bullion gives you palladium and copper minted by renowned mints.

What People Say: Other SD Bullion Reviews

Most people mention positive things about SD Bullion, and they mostly focus on two specific aspects: its prices and IRA options.

Nonetheless, it’s also important to mention that SD Bullion’s staff is also very famous. On many occasions, companies offer terrible customer service and clients don’t receive their order in a timely manner, which might be very inconvenient, even if the company offers great prices.

With SD Bullion, you never have to go through that since its staff is committed and passionate, so the employees are always happy to answer all your questions. Furthermore, the prices of gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals are always some of the best on the market, and you can invest in an IRA to secure your future. The company cares about you!


The precious metals prices are an essential factor that SD Bullion employees keep in mind when they’re talking to customers. This company has gained popularity for its fantastic customer service, but it’s also immensely famous due to its affordable prices.

It’s not always possible to find precious metals at a low cost. If you look at other gold-selling companies and compare the prices, you might quickly realize that the metal can be expensive. However, if you compare them to SD Bullion, you may notice that this company has much better deals.

Overall, SD Bullion is passionate about giving its clients the best prices you can find. Unlike other companies, this one updates its precious metals prices every 10 or 15 seconds, depending on the market’s price changes. Having continuous updates guarantees that all customers make informed decisions, which is a fantastic advantage compared to other gold and silver-selling companies.

Customer reviews prove that SD bullion’s prices are always fantastic compared to other options. Even though the precious metal industry changes every day, the company is committed to giving you the best options.

With SD Bullion, you can also get free shipping for orders above $199. Thus, you cannot only buy the lowest cost bullion – but you can also save in shipping expenses if your order is above the mentioned price! Many customers have worked with this company, and they all say the same thing: its prices are fantastic, and its staff is happy to help all clients.

Precious Metals IRA

When you want to secure your hard-earned assets, you might be looking for different options, especially if you’re concerned about your future. Fortunately, you can create an IRA with SD Bullion, and it involves simple steps.

Firstly, you need to open a self-directed IRA account, which might require some paperwork. Moreover, you may need to answer several questions, file forms, and select a custodian. If you are unable to pick your custodian, the SD Bullion team can help you decide.

After you open your account, you need to fund it. In this step, you can either fund it with a different account or use a rollover from an existent retirement account, for example, a 401k one. The custodian you selected can help in this step as well, so keep that in mind if you need some guidance.

Once you fund your account, you’re available for purchase, and you can start buying your precious metals. SD Bullion has several IRA-eligible options to choose from, and you simply need to examine them all and invest in the best one for your future.

SD Bullion is a trusted precious metals dealer, which is not easy to find. You should take extreme care when you’re picking a company to buy metals from, as not all alternatives offer you bullion and coins with high purity levels.

However, that doesn’t happen with SD Bullion. It works with top precious metals only, and some of its custodians include New Direction IRA, Kingdom Trust, Provident Trust, Goldstar Trust, Equity Institutional, and The Entrust Group.

This company lets you choose a custodian that fits your preferences and needs, and the staff is always ready to answer all your questions.

Generally speaking, the IRA option that SD Bullion gives you is both convenient and a great choice for your future. Although not all companies can offer precious metal IRAs, with SD Bullion, you can secure the life you want to live in a few years.

Final Verdict

Different companies sell platinum, gold, silver, and other precious metals. When you’re investing in this industry, you want to make sure that you’re picking the best bullion dealers. Otherwise, you might lose money.

SD Bullion started some years ago, and it has become famous due to its fantastic customer service and great prices. Additionally, it offers IRA-eligible metals, and that’s a great alternative to secure your future.

Even though other companies give you good customer service, according to this SD Bullion review, the company is unique in terms of convenience and fantastic options, which is why so many customers praise it.

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