Texas Precious Metals

Anyone considering a precious metals investment in the United States may have heard of Texas Precious Metals. This dealer has provided its service to the people of North America since 2010 and has become a member of several reputable institutions. However, those hoping to invest in precious metals with this company may be wondering if it is, in fact, a reputable company and whether it is a wise decision to purchase precious metals from this dealer.

With so many scammers on the internet, it helps to have a reliable Texas Precious Metals review to help investors decide whether to use this precious metals dealer or not. Here is everything potential investors need to know about Texas Precious Metals.


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Texas Precious Metals Summary

Before getting into the Texas Precious Metals review, here is a summary of the company. 

Company Name: Texas Precious Metals 

Type of Business: Precious Metals Dealer 

Website: https://www.texmetals.com/ 

Owned By: Tarek Saab and Jason Kaspar 

Location: Shiner, Texas, United States 

Founded In: 2010 

Overall Rating: 4/5

What Is Texas Precious Metals?

Texas Precious Metals is an American company based in Shiner, Texas. It deals physical precious metals to investors. With only 12 staff, this company is relatively small, but it generates an impressive $150 million in profit every year and provides surprisingly great customer service to its users.

While most precious metals dealers do not disclose the location of their physical headquarters, Texas Precious Metals does, which lends to its credibility, implying that it is not the work of a scam artist.

Affiliated Institutions

It was created in 2011 and is affiliated with the following associations:

The fact that a corporation is a member of these organizations implies that it has a high level of knowledge. Texas Precious Metals are familiar with the precious metals market, numismatic collections, and the varying prices of several coins. It also has an impact on the precious metals investor market.

The Pros and Cons of Texas Precious Metals

One of the best ways to assess a business’s performance is to look at the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing precious metals from them. Here are the pros and cons of using Texas Precious Metals as a dealer.



The Services and Products that Texas Precious Metals Offers

Gold coins, silver coins, silver bars, and gold bars make up most of the Texas Precious Metals’ offerings. It does, however, offer palladium and platinum products on occasion. Because palladium and platinum are scarce, they may not always be accessible through dealers online.

Gold Products

Texas Precious Metals offers an extensive range of gold products. Here are some of the products it has to offer:

Silver Products

Below are some of the silver products investors can expect to find at Texas Precious Metals.

Specialized Products

In addition, Texas Precious Metals features a number of specialized products. Some examples are specialty gold bars, collector coins, and gift sets, including sealed proofs.


In addition to selling precious metals, Texas Precious Metals also offers additional services, including:

401(k) Rollovers and Custodians

Despite the fact that the company is not an IRA custodian, it does assist clients in rolling over their 401(k) or current IRA assets to buy precious metals. Users have the option of selecting their own custodian, and Texas Precious Metals can help investors to find the right custodian. Two of the options that Texas Precious Metals provides its users with are the Cayman Islands Strategic Wealth Preservation and the Texas Depository.

Texas Precious Metals Depository

One of its affiliated precious metals storage companies includes the Texas Precious Metals Depository. This depository is an associated division of Texas Precious Metals, created to make investors’ lives easier.

Getting Started with Texas Precious Metals

In the past, purchasing metals often involved a lengthy and time-consuming process. Fortunately, with Texas Precious Metals, the process can be done quite quickly and effortlessly.

Create an Account

To buy an item from Texas Precious Metals, investors must first create an account on the Texas Precious Metals website. Users can begin the process by registering online and browsing through the product catalog to select the precious metals they wish to purchase.

Make Payment

After adding the desired products to their cart, users can then pay for their orders. Wire transfer is the most typical payment method used to purchase metals.


Investors may also choose to have their precious metals delivered to their homes and have the assurance that all items come with complimentary insurance.

Texas Precious Metals Customer Support

One of the best ways to determine whether a company is worthy of being trusted with an investment is to look at how they treat their customers. After reading through one Texas Precious Metals review after another, we were impressed by how well the company takes care of its customers. While there may not be many online reviews, most of the reviews that we were able to find were positive reviews that commented on the company’s excellent service. Unfortunately, the dealer does not have a live chat feature, which may improve the overall user experience. Nevertheless, it does offer customers two ways to get in touch with customer support. Users can choose to contact the call center for more urgent matters or drop the support staff an email using the details provided on the website.

The Texas Precious Metals Website

The company’s website is incredibly easy to use. It also provides detailed information about the company, the products it offers, and its services. There are also many educational blog posts that are updated regularly, providing detailed information about the precious metals industry, which is incredibly valuable for investors and potential investors.

What Do Users Have to Say About Texas Precious Metals?

While most of the reviews online are positive, the truth is that there aren’t many reviews of the precious metals dealer online. This is most likely because the company is relatively new to the industry. Nevertheless, it still helps to know what consumers say about this company.

BBB Rating

The Better Business Bureau is a company that exists to help build trust in an organization. Users can lodge complaints against a company and, based on the number of complaints; the BBB assigns the business a rating. Texas Precious Metals has earned an impressive A+ BBB rating with little to no customer complaints. This is impressive for a precious metals dealer and indicates that the business is trustworthy and credible.

Gold Dealer Reviews

Another site that allows users to rate gold dealers saw Texas Precious Metals receive a commendable overall rating of five out of five stars. Almost every Texas Precious Metals review on this site was a positive one.


Of the 20 reviews that the company received on Yelp, it was awarded a rating of 4.5 of 5 stars, with most of these reviews being positive reviews. While most of the reviews found on these websites were positive, there were a few minor complaints. The only complaint that was common among users was the delayed delivery of products, which is a common mishap with precious metal dealers.

Texas Precious Metals: The Final Verdict

Overall, Texas Precious Metals is a great company to use for any precious metal purchases. It offers a wide variety of quality products at affordable rates.

The fact that this company is affiliated with several reputable institutions lends to its credibility, so investors can rest assured that they aren’t going to be swindled by a scammer when choosing this company. It is, therefore, an excellent choice for those wanting to purchase small quantities of precious metals.

The company provides various services to assist users in rolling funds over from a preexisting IRA or other types of retirement funds. Users have left many great reviews praising the customer service, affordability, and speedy shipment. Although there are a few bad reviews, most of the reviews found online were positive, which is certainly a good sign. While it can improve its IRA rollover services, as the process needs to be streamlined, we believe that Texas Precious Metals has a bright future in the precious metals industry.

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