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Typically refined into the shape of a bar, gold bars are essentially a form of gold bullion. Larger bars are sometimes called gold nuggets, while smaller gold bars are usually minted by gold bar brands. Manufacturers produce gold bars by simply pouring molten metal into a mold to create a cast gold bar or gold bullion coins.

A cast is generally engraved with the brand’s logo, while a minted gold bar is usually decorated with a design. However, the people who manufacture gold bars need to meet specific production standards of certification, labeling, manufacture, and purity to commercialize the best gold bars.

Many governments and privately-run mints manage the refining of these products worldwide. These organizations generally produce weights and sizes from one kilo, one troy ounce, and even a one gram pure gold bar.

Nevertheless, due to the ease of transport and the simplicity of dealing with it, one-ounce gold bars are among the most popular. Look for a gold dealer that specializes in physical gold if you want to find the best gold prices.

Why Do Investors Love Gold Bars So Much?

Since the dawn of time, gold has always been considered a symbol of prosperity and royalty due to its rarity and beauty. Precious metals like gold have been used for centuries as valuable bartering items, embellishment of castles, and manufacturing jewelry. Many investors buy gold bars or silver coins to grow their gold IRAs.

Other people have used gold and silver as a means of exchange for international trade plus many other uses. If you buy physical gold or rare coins from a reputable dealer such as SD Bullion or PAMP Suisse you are guaranteed excellence without any hidden fees.

In order to sensibly stabilize and diversify an investment portfolio, physical gold is now owned and traded as tangible assets. People like to use high-quality gold bars to protect their wealth against deflation and inflation or fund a precious metal IRA or another retirement account.

If you are looking for the epitome of those qualities, you should look no further than a gold bar. Rather than holding any numismatic value like a gold coin, bullions bars are generally seen as a pure gold investment.

It is vital to remember that some gold coins such as the American Gold Eagle typically have much higher premiums than gold bars or bullion. Storage and transportation are also more accessible with these coins due to their small volume and high value (if you are comparing them to silver bars or coins.)

Where Can People Buy Gold Bars?

People can purchase gold bars or physical gold from retail or online dealers. However, more often than not, to still turn in a profit and meet the cost of operating, a traditional gold dealer will ask for higher premiums on their products. Ensure that you buy gold from an online gold dealer if you want to get the best price possible.

If you are looking for more competitive prices, you may be better off buying gold from one of the many online dealers. There is a more significant demand online for gold, and rightfully so. Ensure that you enjoy the most affordable prices from some of the most prominent dealers in the online space.

What Are the Best Gold Bar Brands to Buy?

Below is a list of the best gold bar brand to buy from a gold dealer. These products are segmented to make things easier for investors worldwide, especially for people who want to grow their portfolio with quality gold bars and products.


valcambi gold bar

Valcambi is one of the best refiners globally and operates out of Balerna, Swizterland; according to their website, the company refined roughly six tons of coins and gold bars per day in 2020. If you want surety that you are getting a quality product, you will be happy to know that their gold is .9999 fineness; this is a gold dealer you can trust and buy gold from.

In addition, the gold bars have a revolving square engraved on the obverse. The Valcambi famed logo shows wealth and prosperity. You will find the serial number, assay mark, purity, and weight below the logo on the gold bars. Valcambi Suisse gold bars have those exact words printed on the left hand of the obverse.

Sunshine Minting

sunshine minting

This company is the leading supplier of silver bullion to the United States Mint and is privately and domestically owned. Sunshine Minting is based in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and is well known for its silver bullion and coin production.

The mint manufactures silver rounds, medallions, and high-quality gold bullion bars and coins. All of the gold bars from the gold dealer contain .9999 fine gold content and come in various weight and size dimensions.

One thing that makes these gold bars stand out is that they feature a soaring eagle with the blazing sun behind it. Below the logo, you will find the serial numbers, weight, and gold content. This helps determine the value when buying gold or precious metals from the company.

The back center has the unique mint logo, which the Sunshine Mint Decoder Lens can only detect; on the reverse, you will find a pattern of suns. Furthermore, the imprinting on these precious metals is incredible because the markings help verify their authenticity and can only be viewed with the decoder lens.

Above all of that, to prevent fraud, sealed tamper-evident packaging and an assay card are used to store the company’s precious metals. If you want a gold bar that stands out from the crowd check out the range from Sunshine Minting.

Scottsdale Mint

scottsdale mint

One of the companies known for its top-quality gold bar products is the Scottsdale Mint; it is another one of those private mints based in America that makes buying gold easy.

Scottsdale Mint produces some fine gold bars but specializes in making silver bullion products, such as silver round stackers and silver bars. It’s good to be aware that when buying gold and silver from the company it comes cast and minted.

The mint’s Swiss partner Heraeus even brands some of the company’s gold bars. These bars carry unique credentials for improved security and come in a Certi Lock assay card. What’s incredible about the silver and gold from Scottsdale Mint is that the products are embellished with a majestic crowned lion’s head. These gold bars are guaranteed to be filled with .9999 pure gold. Buying gold bars from this mint is recommended if you want to grow your gold investment.

Australia Perth Mint

Australia Perth Mint

A sovereign country owns this institution and produces superior quality gold bars that people worldwide love adding to their investment portfolio. This Australian government mint is the third brand of Britain’s Royal Mint in Australia and was opened in 1899. The first two branches that opened were Melbourne and Sydney, but both are now closed.

With the intent to help spread bullion production across the British commonwealth, the mint was established in the Western Australia colony. After Britain had to stop producing gold coins and abandoned the gold standard in 1931, the Australia Perth Mint had to start making gold bars. This is so that the country could still sell gold to gold dealers worldwide.

The mint’s gold bars usually have the bar number on the back and come in a tamper-evident case for protection. What’s fantastic about these gold bars is that they are beautifully engraved with the Perth Mint’s logo, which contains “Australia” and “The Perth Mint” engraved around an elegant swan.

While the reverse contains a mirror-like finish and a pattern of jumping kangaroos, the weight and purity of 99.99% fineness are also visible on the obverse.

Something important to remember is that these gold bars carry a face value of 100 Australian dollars and are called rectangular coins. These coins can be used as a legal tender or as a replacement for the country’s coinage. Central banks globally accept this gold bar as a means of payment.

Royal Canadian Mint

royal canadian mint

This mint was created in 1908 and formed a part of the British Royal Mint in Ottawa. The Royal Canadian Mint is Canada’s official gold and silver bullion producer (including the world-famous Maple Leaf Coins) and is strictly the government’s mint.

Another thing that this mint produces is the country’s coinage and silver bullion, plus gold bars for private investors or companies. Buying gold from this company is preferred by investors looking for high-quality items.

You can find gold bars in various sizes from larger bars or one troy ounce cast bars. One of the main things about these gold bars is that the mint’s logo is engraved on the bar’s obverse. The logo consists of a maple leaf on top of the letter M, encircled by the words “Royal Canadian Mint” in both French and English.

Additionally, the serial number, weight, and purity details engraved into these gold bars can also be found; the mint’s insignia, composed of patterns, is engraved on the coin’s reverse.

PAMP Suisse

pamp suisse

This is arguably one of the most premium precious metals refiners in the world, and rightfully so. The PAMP Suisse is based in Switzerland and produces exceptionally high-quality products, and is a place where people buy some of the most popular bullion investments. If private investors want to buy a gold bar with no hidden fees this is the place to do it.

The name stands for Produits Artistiques Metaux Precieux, artistic precious metals products. This mint lives up to its name and has engraved all its products with its lady Fortuna design, easily recognizable among investors worldwide.

PAMP Suisse’s logo is imprinted on the obverse of their gold bar with the certificate number, purity (.9999 fineness), and weight. Lady Fortuna, the Roman Goddess of Luck, is depicted on the reverse of these coins. There is an overflow of precious coins from her cornucopia in the images as she opens her palm to restrain it.

What’s incredible about buying gold bars from PAMP Suisse is that they are protected by the Veriscan technology and are shipped in an assay card. There are microscopic metallic fingerprints that create a pattern on the bar’s surface that is unique to each of them.

The mint will also occasionally release limited-time-themed series, such as the Faith Series, manufactured with different beliefs and spiritual symbols from societies around the globe; buying gold bars from PAMP has never been easier!

How Is the Price of Gold Determined?

Compared to the gold spot price, a gold bullion bar’s price is generally calculated via its gold content. This is without any numismatic value attached to it and is similar to what happens with gold bullion coins at a local coin shop.

Because of gold futures, gold stocks, and mining stocks being transacted in derivative locations, the gold spot price fluctuates at various times during the day. However, a brand or local coin shop can also somewhat influence the gold bar price, so be sure to take note of that.

Some manufacturers sometimes attract slightly higher premiums because they are more popular among gold buyers. Say, for instance, higher premiums than lesser-known private mints may be achieved by a gold bar produced by a government mint that carries the name of that country.

They will likely be able to ask for a more stable valuable when it’s time for an investor to liquidate their assets. That is easy because other gold dealers and investors are constantly looking to purchase gold bars.

The same goes for the most prominent private mints, including PAMP Suisse and the other ones mentioned above. Primary demand and supply rules are applied, and it’s good to note that better marginal value is boosted because the brands offer gold bars that are more sought after.

What Are the Best Gold Coins and Gold Bullion to Buy?

gold bullion

Do you want to buy the best gold bars as an investment or hedge against inflation? If your answer to that question is a resounding yes, we have some options for you. You can purchase traditional gold bars or gold coins to add value to your retirement or saving account.

Before deciding to incorporate another type of precious metal into your investment portfolio, you should take note of the following:

  • All gold bars are not created equal
  • There are the genuine differences between investing in gold coins and gold bars

At the end of the day, if you are searching for a gold bar for sale because you understand the financial benefits of owning precious metals, you are in the right place. All you need to do is decide which gold products you would like to purchase. Bullion coins and bullion bars have similar characteristics, making them an excellent investment hedge against other volatile securities (e.g., ETFs and U.S equities.)

What’s also great about gold bars and gold bullion is that they are much more reliable than holding national currencies. No matter what type of gold product investors purchase, the above statement will never change. Buying gold bars from gold dealers is the primary suggestion from any financial advisor.

A few companies are the most trusted in the world when it comes to gold bar production. These companies include about are not limited to:

  • Johnson Matthey
  • Engelhard
  • The Royal Canadian Mint
  • Credit Suisse Gold Barts
  • The Perth Mint

Some other manufacturers of gold products include government mints, Umicore, and Metalor. These are reputable gold bullion manufacturers that are well known amongst investors.

If you happen to come across one, there are also gold quarters worth a pretty penny. You can find various information online to understand how much a gold quarter is worth.

Something crucial to remember is that the quality of your gold bullion is critical. If you want to add gold bullion bars to a 401 k, IRA, or other retirement vehicle, you need to consider the above.

Another thing to remember is that only gold bars of incredible high purity are eligible because the Internal Revenue Service sets minimum purity requirements. Therefore, it would be silly to mess around when adding gold coins, bullion, or another tangible asset to your retirement account or IRA. These gold assets will be ineligible for inclusion unless they meet the specific criteria.

Below, we list the top five gold bars based on their worldwide recognition, fineness, liquidity, and purity. Please note that they can be added to your tax-advantaged retirement account because all five are IRS-approved gold bars with the lowest price.

Credit Suisse Gold Bars

These gold bars are among the most popular bullion investment globally and were developed by the international conglomerate known as the Credit Suisse Group. If you buy gold bars from this mint, you are guaranteed a unique identifying serial number and simplistic design.

This makes it easy to guarantee your investment and lowers the premium of these gold bars. Credit Suisse gold bars are approved for IRA investing because they come at .9999 gold fineness. If you had to invest in one of the best gold bar brands, we suggest checking out a Credit Suisse gold bar.

Johnson Matthey Gold Bars

The company has a long history in precious metals production, and rightfully so. In 1946, it became the official silver coin producer for the United Kingdom. Since then, the Johnson Matthey mint has exploded in popularity among investors and gold dealers globally.

Something great is that the company’s gold bars come in various degrees of refinements, shapes, designs, and sizes. Johnson Matthey generally just cast gold ingot instead of undergoing the expensive minting process of many gold bullion manufacturers. This helps to reduce premiums for investors and keep manufacturing costs low.

Remember that all JM bars are .9999 gold fineness and are all IRA approved. Johnson Matthey is trusted worldwide and renowned for its quality, just like Credit Suisse gold bars. If you want to add some value to your portfolio, these gold bars and gold bullion are a great option.

Perth Mint – Gold Minted Bars

You can find gold bars ranging from one ounce to a thousand ounces in gold weight at the world-famous Perth Mint in Australia. However, it is simply cost-prohibitive for most investors to buy the company’s branded 1000-ounce and 400-ounce gold bars.

What is fantastic about the Perth Mint is that the gold minted bars come in a series of unique designs. There are also different weight denominations of 20, 10, and five grams, and 10 ounce and one-ounce bars. These gold bars are packaged in a tamper-proof display card and include a hopping kangaroo print, making them more significant than other gold bullion or bars.

The Perth Mint is a renowned institution and has been trusted to produce high-quality gold bars for decades.

Gold CombiBar

You should look no further than the CombiBar if you are an investor looking for a unique gold bar design. The Swiss company introduced these gold bars in 2011 and were designed to fit into a wallet, almost like your debit card.

50-gram gold bullion is an excellent investment for someone who wants to start small while building their investment portfolio. Each gold bar is portable, divisible, and worldwide as a currency option.

If you want a super awesome gold bar that makes using gold easier, you should look at these assets. In an apocalyptic scenario, you want to have this bar in your pocket instead of a credit card.

Engelhard Gold Bars

Engelhard is an American-based metal company that has been around for over 100 years. The company is renowned for its silver bullion and gold bullion bars. Its rarity increases because Engelhard gold bars are not produced at the level of other forms of bullion. These gold bars also have an odd shape, which can be attractive to some investors even though it increases the asset’s premiums.

A unique serial number marks most Engelhard silver and gold bars to prove their authenticity. Engelhard is an excellent option worth considering if you are in the market for buying gold bars.

Why Should Someone Invest in Gold Bars?

You may be wondering why do banks hold precious metals? Well, the answer to this is more straightforward than you may think. Gold bars are more suitable for investing because you can store them easier than gold coins. Another thing is that gold bars are simpler to stack and require significantly less work to manufacture.

The most basic gold bar is an ingot or brick stamped with information stating its manufactures name & logo, year of mintage, gold purity, and weight. While some gold bullion is more challenging and complicated to price, the cheap production process and simplicity of design can be a sizable advantage for investors.

Keep in mind that premiums on gold bars are generally very low and are only a little above the spot price of gold. If you are an investor with no interest in numismatic consideration, collectibility, and design, it may be good to look at gold bars instead. Through gold bars instead of gold coins, you will probably pay less for your investment per ounce.

It’s important to note that gold bars tend to be less liquid (challenging to sell and buy) than gold coins. Moreover, gold bars make more sense for people willing to hold and store their gold bullion for extended periods than those looking to sell their investment to gold dealers when the gold price increases.

You Buy Portfolio Insurance When You Purchase Gold Bars

Why wouldn’t you do the same with your retirement savings if you insure your car and home? After all, tangible assets and your life savings should be equally important. You need to remember that gold bullion is insurance for your retirement portfolio, and gold bars aren’t a way to get rich quickly.

Instead, when you buy gold bars, you protect your portfolio from market shocks and stay rich through precious metal insulation.

If you remember, back in 2020, the stock market crashed. Everything from hospitality, entertainment, real estate, and petroleum collapsed in a massive market sell-off. When recession fears rose, investor sentiment plummeted, meaning institutional and retail investors liquidated their assets in fear. What was the result of this, you ask? Between Mar. 5 and Mar. 23 of 2020, the S&P500 lost 34%.

Imagine if you were one of the hundreds of thousands of investors who panic sold during the above bear market? Your sense of financial security could have been ruined, and your retirement could have been put in jeopardy.

What’s great is that the gold market is highly liquid, meaning it takes time to sell or buy gold bars since they are not listed as securities on exchanges worldwide. Therefore, it isn’t nearly as volatile as the stock markets and is resistant to knee-jerk investors’ reactions.

In 2020, gold price stood solid with a year open of around $1,500 per ounce, a year high of $2,000, and a year low of $1,400 while the stock market was taking investors for a ride. With an average of $1,700 in 2020, the relative stability of gold makes it desirable for investors who want to hang onto more of their wealth during market downturns and prefer to manage their risk through precious metals.

Investing in Gold Bullions Bars Through an IRA

Are you aware that you can invest in gold bullion bars through your self-directed gold 401 k or IRA? This allows you to take advantage of tax deductions and protect your retirement portfolio from political turmoil and financial risk.

Something important to remember is that you can’t buy gold bars from bank vendors like you could back in the day. Instead, a qualified IRS-approved vendor or coin shop is the only place you can purchase gold bars.

If you want to learn more we highly recommend that you contact a reputable dealer or gold IRA company for assistance. Searching for the number one rated precious metal IRA company can be challenging, but luckily there are many options for investors.

Best Online Dealers

The primary driving factor in purchasing gold for investors is increased political uncertainty and stock market volatility. Gold bars are a great way to diversify your portfolio and maintain its value during significant market fluctuations and inflation hedging.

In the section below, we show the best precious metal exchanges online and highlight their features. By the end of this section, you will better understand these companies and find the right one with competitive prices.

Money Metals Exchange

  • Automated monthly savings plans
  • Prepackaged starter portfolios for investors
  • Free shipping on orders of $500 or more
  • Competitive pricing
  • Shipping can be slow
  • Low purchasing linties for PayPal and check payments

Money Metals was established in 2010 and has filled in ubiquity; this client-driven center has converted into probably the best dealer on the web. You can track down customized administration, a pathway for new financial backers, and profoundly aggressive estimating on the organization’s site.

Clients can undoubtedly explore its site to look for coins and bullion by class and weight. Starting financial backers can consider making the plunge in gold money management with programmed month-to-month reserve funds intended to begin at $100 per month or buy a prepackaged portfolio. Its evaluation is profoundly aggressive, with its Gold Eagle one-ounce coin selling for $1,977 as of Dec. 1, 2021, a 10.9% increase from the $1,782 spot cost.

Money Metals secures cost within 10 minutes to permit you from entering your data and installment technique, which can be bank wire, Bitcoin, credit or debit card, cash request, PayPal, or check. There is a 4% handling expense and $1,500 buy limit while utilizing a credit or debit card.

Transporting is free on all orders more than $500, which isn’t a high cost thinking about the expense of gold. Orders up to $149 get charged $6.97, and it’s $7.97 for orders somewhere in the range of $150 and $499. Money Metals offers a three-day merchandise exchange and may apply a 5% restocking charge on Mastercard orders. The seller likewise offers a buyback program to address the tremendous expense among its rivals.

Money Metals offers vault storage in Idaho, Delaware, and Massachusetts in Class 3 vaults. Your metals are entirely isolated and protected by Lloyd’s of London. They also give responsive client assistance during business hours through live visits, telephone, or email.

Its site additionally has a comprehensive asset library to help new financial backers learn and experienced financial backers keep steady over the market.

APMEX – American Precious Metals Exchange

  • Broad item choice
  • 7-day merchandise exchange
  • Strong client care
  • Strong web-based standing
  • Long history
  • Delivery can be slow
  • Costs will quite often be higher than top companions

American Precious Metals Exchange (APMEX) has incorporated itself into a worldwide valuable metals force to be reckoned with since its establishment in 2000. It’s not shocking that it has the most considerable amount of valuable metals items.

Notwithstanding a broad scope of gold and silver bullion and coin items, APMEX likewise has a wide choice of copper, palladium, and platinum items. Its coin denomination is a virtual United Nations, addressing coins from the U.S., Canada, Australia, South Africa, Mexico, etc. APMEX is likewise perhaps the best hotspot for authorities, offering a wide assortment of coins and old banknotes.

While APMEX doesn’t have the most minimal costs, its critical deals volume permits it to be cutthroat. Utilizing the Gold Eagle coin as a gauge for estimating intensity, APMEX is offering one-ounce coins for $1,889 as of Dec. 1, 2021. That’s only 6% over the spot cost of gold at $1,782, which is sensibly competitive. APMEX likewise offers mass limits on bullion and coins on acquisition of 19, 20 to 99, and at least 100.

Similarly, usability is a strength of APMEX, with a simple route to peruse items and a fast three-venture checkout process. You have 10 minutes to finish the buy to secure current estimates. When you put in a request and APMEX refreshes, it evaluates like clockwork.

Another real benefit is APMEX’s free delivery on orders more than $199. There is no base request necessity, and orders under $199 are charged a $9.95 transporting expense. Debit card requests might fit APMEX’s QuickShip Program bill, which gives following-day handling to U.S. orders.

On the off chance that you need your gold put away, APMEX will send it to Citadel Global Depository Services, one of its most general private storerooms.

You have numerous installment choices with APMEX, including credit or debit card, paper check, bank wire move, PayPal, Bitcoin, and eCheck. Debit cards, PayPal, and bank wire purchases can clear within one to three days. After your most special buy, you are qualified to utilize APMEX’s eCheck choice, which can speed up your request handling.

APMEX offers a 7-day return and discount on any request yet claims all authority to charge a restocking expense of $50 or 10% of the buy sum. It additionally furnishes clients with a fast and-simple buyback process. When they get the item, an installment is given within one workday.

APMEX is focused on giving brilliant client support and schooling. Clients can contact its administration community through live visits, email, or telephone during business hours; however, they may put orders in advance for the entire week. New financial backers will see the value in APMEX’s asset community on its site, giving instructive data and recent experiences on purchasing gold.

JM Bullion Bars

  • Serious valuing
  • Low transportation costs
  • Perfect and straightforward to-utilize shopping site
  • A few hundred thousand cheerful surveys
  • It doesn’t sell universally

Since its inception in 2011, the organization has rapidly developed into‘s “quickest developing valuable metals organization” in the U.S.

That development can be credited to JM Bullion’s obligation to give a straightforward buying process, a robotized investment funds plan, a wide choice of items, severe and direct valuing, committed client assistance, and a programmed reserve funds plan. This makes our selection of the internet-based gold seller with the best client experience.

Its item determination is broad, with a wide assortment of gold, silver, platinum, copper, palladium coins, and bars evaluated seriously without any commissions or extra expenses. The promoted cost of a one-ounce Gold Eagle coin was $1,933 in Nov. 2021, about a 7.4% increase from the spot cost of $1,800. JM Bullion offers individuals from the military a similar rebate on mass buys.

Installments can be made by ACH payment (up to $75,000), cryptographic money (up to $250,000), paper check (up to $75,000), credit or debit card (up to $25,000), PayPal (up to $25,000), and bank wire transfer (up to $250,000). Debit card and PayPal installments are charged a 4% handling expense.

Transporting is accessible for $199 and incorporates protection costs. Orders under $199, will se you paying $7.99 (more assuming you redesign your transportation process at checkout). You can likewise have your gold sent free to JM Bullion’s stockpiling accomplice, TDS Vaults, a high-security depositary in a few areas worldwide.

JM Bullion offers a five-day merchandise exchange. While it doesn’t show whether there is a restocking charge on its site, you are responsible for market misfortunes. The vendor has a base buyback strategy of $1,000, and you can visit its site to see its ongoing buyback costs.

Customer values JM’s dedicated client service, available during business hours via live visits, email, and telephone. The organization also has superb surveys on Trustpilot.


With the information provided in this piece regarding the purchase of gold bars, you can start building your retirement portfolio. Whether you buy from the Royal Canadian Mint or find gold bars to buy online, investing in these assets is always a good idea.

You will be able to hedge against inflation and secure your savings with gold bars. The Internal Revenue Service has approved gold bar brands worldwide, so you know you are getting the best of the best when it comes to quality.

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