The United States Gold Bureau Reviews

If you are looking to invest in valuable precious metals, you might want to know if your purchase is safe. However, finding precious metals and gold dealers who you trust can be a challenging task.

That’s why the United States Gold Bureau reviews were created to give you some insight into the precious metals acquisition process. It doesn’t need to be a difficult task to find out the best gold coin brokers.

This article looks at the US Gold Bureau, an IRA service provider based in Austin, Texas. It is a helpful review meant to be as objective as possible to analyze the options and services. That way, you can avoid a repulsive experience and protect the money you work hard for.

The US Gold Bureau is an IRA service provider that was established in 2003. In 2009 the business changed ownership and since then have seen significant growth. That is a good sign for people looking to invest in silver coins or gold coin sets.


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About The U.S. Gold Bureau Website

The website of the United States Gold Bureau is concise yet informative. All the details you need about investing are on the site and are easily accessible. There are a variety of valuable tabs within the main menu bar with interesting articles. To get straight to the point, information is highly accessible on the site.

You can find topics such as news and tips for investing. This information contains details on the buying of essential precious metals as well as diversification. Even people who have not invested before can learn the basics through this site.


United States Gold Bureau has a large selection of products relating to this precious metal. These products include American Buffalo, American Eagle, and some international coins from countries around the globe.

An excellent investment would be the Gold Philharmonic, one of the highest-selling European coins. The coin’s popularity rose in 1989 when it was minted. It featured the Gold Hall pipe organ and Vienna Musikverein, which was one reason it rose to fame so suddenly.

Of course, there are some other options in this category that is available to purchase. The US Gold Bureau allows you to buy the South African Krugerrand, Canadian Maple Leaf, Australia Kangaroo.

There are the options of High Relief. It is a coin with a raised design on top of a flat surface. Beautifully crafted, it resembles a sculpture. Commemorative coins can range in value, and the price is based on demand at the time of sale.

First Spouse coins honor our first ladies of the United States. These coins have the face of the former spouses of the United States presidents engraved in them.

Lastly, all kinds of gold can be purchased from the US Gold Bureau. This company has been trading in gold since 2003, so you can be sure its inventory is vast. Choosing which one fits your investment portfolio can be challenging for interested parties. There is an expansive visual display that shows all the options to people who are looking to invest.


The range of silver bars and coins is just as extensive as the gold selection. You can find American Buffalo and American Eagle on the website. Investors can purchase a massive range of international silver bars stored with the company.

Silver of all kinds can be found at the US Gold Bureau, including Private Rounds and even the exquisite America the Beautiful.


If you want to go diamond shopping, there is a visual display that can guide you. It gives you details on where your diamonds can be purchased and other helpful information. Some of this information includes what shapes and colors are the most valuable.

These tools and resources can be beneficial when performing a more detailed analysis of your investment.

More Products

Under this tab, you can find everything from palladium bars, platinum, and even coin-based products. There is something for everyone, so decide what cost and service work best for your portfolio.

U.S Gold Bureau IRA Services

A helpful feature on the United States Gold Bureau website is the Gold IRA tab. There is a video that guides clients through the sign-up process. The footage is in-depth and informative, teaching you about precious metal IRA services.

Investors of all ages are encouraged by the site to take control of their financial future. It promotes the use of precious metal IRA to create future wealth through investments. Through the video, you learn about the many reasons why precious metals can be an excellent purchase. You might be a bit overwhelmed with all the information you receive, but don’t fret.

It all boils down to that gold, silver, and other precious metals are always going to be worth money. People like this idea, and it is a far cry from the government’s financial support system, which quite frankly is failing the country.

Who Owns The United States Gold Bureau?

Lone Star Tangible Assets is the parent company of the United States Gold Bureau. The state of Texas selected the company to operate and build the Texas Bullion Depository.

It is the only state-administered precious metal storage facility in the nation.

How Long Does U.S. Gold Bureau Take to Ship?

There have been many complaints regarding handling and shipping by the United States Gold Bureau. Standard shipping time can take up to two weeks, with some people mentioning that they had trouble linking their bank account.

Another thing that customers of the U.S. Gold Bureau complain about is mismatched or damaged products. It seems to be a regular occurrence with this company, so be please aware of that before investing. There are plenty of fake reviews out there that praise the United States Gold Bureau, but you need to be mindful of them. There have been cases of coins with incorrect dates sent to clients, which sales folk should handle, but they don’t.

In one case, the US Gold Bureau has not assisted customers in correcting any issues. Be aware of some of the latest appraisals on Trustpilot as it seems to be fake reviews.

What Is The Best Gold Website?

There is are a multitude of gold dealers you can buy gold coins or gold bullions from online. In between these businesses are many scams, so always be on alert for these sneaky individuals.

Some of the best sites out there provide earth-shattering customer satisfaction and delivery to your shipping address. However, some exchanges are legit and offer a fantastic service. You want to use a business that is reliable, honest, and communicative. There is nothing more frustrating than wondering what is happening with your precious metals purchase.

An excellent thing to look out for is the dealers rating on the Better Business Bureau. This is a sure-fire way to determine the authenticity of a firm. One of the most widely used gold exchanges is known as MoneyMetal. Money Metals Exchange offers a range of beautiful and highly liquid assets for your investing pleasure.

Is Money Metals Exchange Legit?

In 2010 Money Metals Exchange was founded by Stefan Gleason. The company has since risen to prominence as an educator for numismatic aficionados. It’s not only prominent in education but is a great seller too. This exchange has over 75,000 buyers and nearly a million subscribers and readers worldwide.

Money Metals Exchange is a gold dealer and influencer in the world of numismatics. It provides quality gold and silver while still maintaining affordable prices. This gives them control of a high-end niche in the online gold exchange market.

Gold coins received from remain close to their original melt price. It is good to mention no other numismatic dealer is as honest as that. Most tend to exaggerate the extrinsic value of their silver and gold bullions

Investing For The Future

Taking your financial future into account is an often overlooked process by most individuals. Finding the right precious metals specialist is the key to invest correctly. Review helpful literature online to find out the best way to convert your IRA to gold investment.

It would help if you chose a business that goes above and beyond customer expectations. Ensure that the business you use is secure and has integrity when dealing with all aspects of investing.

Money Metals Exchange is that company. An original review posted on Trustpilot mentions that bringing trust to the party has been the success of MoneyMetals. Their shipping times are exceptional, and you are given tracking details and an account number. That allows you to know where your precious metals are every step of the way.

The Bottom Line

US Gold Bureau is a gold dealer with many problems regarding slow or delayed shipping. When it comes to the precious metal acquisition process, you don’t want to deal with a hostile service.

There are more client complaints than any other gold dealer online. That should be a warning to you to steer clear of this business.

It doesn’t mean that the U.S. Gold Bureau is a fake. There have been reviews that praise its customer value system and high-quality service. Some people have experienced great things from the U.S. Gold Bureau, while most have had a terrible time.

Be sure to chat with a precious metals specialist who can educate you on the value of these liquid assets. An educated individual can make informed buying decisions when investing in silver or gold. Always remember that gold is an asset that increases in value over the long term.

Money Metals Exchange

Money Metal Exchange has a precious metals specialist who can guide you step by step as you learn the ropes. Using its website, you can find helpful information for advanced and beginner users alike. When it comes to novice individuals, starting can be difficult, so they are there to help along the way. It is an excellent change of pace to find a business that cares about its customers.

Unlike the U.S. Gold Bureau, the Money Metals Exchanges goes above and beyond customer expectations while delivering a world-class service.


The world of investing can be a daunting place to enter. One of the best-performing assets over the last 100 years is gold.

People love to invest in gold due to its excellent store value. When purchasing these particular assets, you can protect yourself from inflation.

It’s always good to have diversity in your portfolio so that risk can be mitigated. Without risk aversion, you might put your hard-earned cash at stake. Choosing a suitable gold exchange is a crucial part of setting yourself up for the future.

Review helpful topics on investing while keeping a close eye on the gold price. Speak to one of the friendly precious metals specialists at to get started on your investment journey today.

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