45 Gold Facts to Astonish You

Delve into 45 fascinating facts about gold, covering its unique properties, historical significance, and surprising applications.


In just one hour, global steel production surpasses the gold ever mined. Visualize the stark contrast in volume and density between these essential metals.

Steel vs. Gold Production

Gold's presence spans every continent, a universal treasure. Discover the intriguing fact that mining is forbidden in Antarctica.

Gold's Global Discovery

Explore how gold's enduring value results in extensive recycling, yet a significant portion remains hidden underground.

Perpetual Gold Use

Learn that 75% of all existing gold has been mined since 1910, with a significant surge following the 1849 California gold rush.

Gold Boom Since 1910

Marvel at gold's malleability as one ounce can stretch into a thread 50 miles long or be beaten into a sheet covering 100 square feet.

Gold's Pliability

Surprisingly, gold, though nutritionally void, has an edible designation (E175) in Europe, showcasing its versatility.

Edible GoldEdible Gold

Discover the minute amount of gold within the human body and the creative analogy involving the U.S. Mint and a Gold Buffalo.

Gold in Our Bodies

Unearth the origin of gold's chemical symbol "Au" from the Latin word "aurum," symbolizing the radiant dawn.

The Symbolic Au

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Intriguingly, earthquakes play a role in near-instantaneous gold formation, contributing to the Earth's rich gold deposits.