Fake Silver on Wish Can Come With Jail Time

Wish.com's tempting discounts on silver may lead to legal consequences. Stay informed before making a purchase!

Beware the Bargain

Unbelievably low prices for American Silver Eagles on Wish could have severe legal repercussions. Know the risks.

Spotting Fakes

Dive into the basics—silver's spot price, typical costs of American Silver Eagles—to comprehend the potential legal pitfalls of Wish deals.

Understanding Prices

Counterfeiting and knowingly buying counterfeit goods are illegal. The Department of Homeland Security cautions against supporting criminal activities.

Legal Warnings

Purchasing fake Scottsdale Silver, Credit Suisse, or SilverTowne bars on Wish is a clear violation of laws. Counterfeit coins can lead to significant penalties.

The Crime

Copying U.S. currency or coins is a federal offense. Familiarize yourself with the risks before falling for counterfeit silver on Wish.

Federal Offenses

18 U.S. Code § 485 outlines fines and imprisonment for making or passing counterfeit coins. Jail time is a real risk for offenders.

Penalties Laid Out

AliExpress, eBay, and other platforms face similar issues. Replica coins must comply with legal requirements to avoid severe penalties.

Beyond Wish.com

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Protect yourself from counterfeit coins. Opt for trusted bullion dealers for genuine silver purchases. Stay informed and on the right side of the law.