Gold Investing

How to Invest in Gold: Safely Kick Start Your Gold Bullion Investing

This story examines how to source and buy the right kind of investment gold bullion, how this compares with other ways of buying gold and how to ensure you only deal with trustworthy bullion dealers.

Investing in gold means buying low and selling high, like any other investment.


How to Start a Gold Bullion Investment

Gold has historically been a stable and valuable asset, maintaining its worth over centuries. Despite short-term fluctuations, its long-term trend is upward, making it a reliable choice for investors.

Investing in gold offers long-term profit as its value rises steadily. During market crashes, gold surges, providing a safe haven. Buying during corrections is wise.

Gold owners can sell high during crashes and reinvest in the recovering market. The decision to invest is crucial, and the method depends on personal choice.

Ways of Investing in Gold

There are three principal ways of investing in gold:

Buying the physical metal – investing in bullion bars or coins Buying a paper derivative of gold such as an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) Buying shares in gold mining and exploration companies

Investing in physical gold, like bullion bars or coins, is the authentic way to invest directly. Other methods are mere paper or digital proxies & might lack support from physical gold in a vault.

The second and ever popular as a gold investment proxy, gold ETFs are usually backed by physical metal however this typically covers only a fraction of the value of all released certificates.

Gold mining shares (miners) offer high profits with new gold finds but come with substantial risk, as failed exploration can lead to significant losses.

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