How a Gold Mutual Fund Works

Gold as an investment is available in several forms. Some of these are gold bullions, gold futures, gold mining stocks, and gold mutual funds.

You can find everything about gold mutual funds here, including how it works, some available investment funds, and their advantages and potential returns.

It’s a popular investment vehicle among investors who want to hedge against inflation risks, falling currency prices, and stock market declines.

A gold fund is an investment fund that holds gold-related assets. Most existing gold funds deal with gold bullion, futures contract, or securities of gold mining companies.

What Is a Gold Fund?

Gold-focused mutual funds, mainly investing in mining stocks, offer a convenient means for investors to access gold and diversify portfolios.

How Do Gold Mutual  Funds Work?

How Are Gold Funds Different from Gold Exchange-traded Funds?

The pricing of gold fund units is different from those of gold ETFs. You can see their price by looking at their net assets. A fund discloses these once the trading hours end.


This ratio indicates how much an investor pays each year to the fund. It’s reflected as a percentage of the amount they invest.

Expense Ratios

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