How Much Does a Gold IRA Cost?

The IRS offered tax-advantaged gold bullion, but it's essential to anticipate fees alongside potential savings.

Gold IRA costs vary widely, with some companies charging four figures for setup and annual fees. What justifies these costs, and what value do you receive in return for your investment?

Gold IRA costs consist of three main elements: the initial set up fee, ongoing maintenance fees and charges for vaulting your gold or other precious metals:

Set up can costs can be between $500-$1000 unless you’re working with a high volume specialist.

Initial Set Up Fee

Like fees, some companies can charge based on the work involved and so it pays to look into the fee break downs given.

Annual Maintenance Charges

These fees are never going to be insubstantial, but given the amount of work involved and the professional services being received it’s not surprising when set up and annual costs can exceed $1000.

Adding it All Up

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