Private Gold Vaulting or Bank Vaulting?

Choosing between private gold vaulting and bank vaulting. Explore the factors impacting security, privacy, and insurance.


Bank vaults, while secure, face rising theft risks. Check insurance policies for deductions and escape clauses that might impact your investment.

Is Bank Vaulting Sufficiently Secure AND Insured?

Specialized private vaults offer superior security, often at a lower cost than bank vaults. They undergo rigorous testing and are IRS-approved for gold depositories.

Going for Ultra-Secure

Balancing security and convenience. Keeping a portion of gold at home may be suitable for short-term emergencies, but security risks increase.

Mixed Home / Vault Storage

All professionally vaulted gold is insured. Check policies for coverage against theft, damage, and natural disasters. Spreading risk across multiple facilities is advisable.

Is Gold Vaulting Insured?

Physical security, personnel security, geographical security, clear pricing, transparent service, responsive customer support, and efficient processes.

What Makes a Good Gold Storage Facility?

All gold in an IRA must be vaulted. Home storage is not allowed. The process involves filling forms, selecting metals, and automatic delivery to an approved facility.

How to Vault Gold in an IRA?

Gold IRA accounts offer tax breaks, free vaulting for new customers, and a hands-off, done-for-you service. Millions benefit from these accounts for various reasons.

Benefits of Gold IRA

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Choose vaulting wisely based on security, privacy, and insurance. Whether private or bank vaulting, ensure your gold investment is in the safest hands.