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Regular retirement accounts can't hold metals. Specialized Precious Metals IRAs offer investment options in gold, palladium, and silver for retirement planning.

Precious Metals IRAs

Gold IRA is an individual retirement account for gold investment. Use taxed or untaxed funds to secure and grow retirement savings, distinct from traditional accounts.

Understanding Gold IRA

Gold IRAs stand out, allowing self-directed investment in physical gold. Unique rules include contribution limits and withdrawal restrictions, distinct from traditional IRAs.

Gold IRA Investing

Explore Traditional, Roth, and SEP Gold IRAs. Traditional uses untaxed funds, Roth uses taxed funds, and SEP is for self-employed or small business employees.

Types of Gold IRAs

Educate, choose a custodian, open a self-directed IRA, fund via rollover, contribution, or transfer, choose a dealer, and buy gold for your IRA.

Setting Up a Precious Metals IRA

Rollover from existing accounts, contribute cash or assets, or transfer from existing Gold IRAs to fund your precious metals retirement account.

Funding Your Gold IRA

After funding, pick a reputable dealer for genuine gold. Research their reputation, pricing, buyback policies, and storage options for a wise choice.

Choosing a Gold Dealer

Store purchased gold in approved depositories. Choose based on security, insurance, and fees. Custodians usually provide a list of approved facilities.

Storing Your Gold

After setup, regularly monitor your Gold IRA. Stay informed on the gold market, and consult a financial advisor for optimal management of your retirement portfolio.

Monitoring Your Gold IRA

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Exercise caution despite potential high returns. Diversify wisely—limit gold IRA to one-third of retirement funds, allocate 10-15% of the total portfolio to gold.