Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Gold

Annually, 1,700 million metric tonnes of steel are produced, yielding a cube over 96 feet on each side every hour, thanks to its density of 7.7g/cm³.

Steel Production Surpasses All Human Gold Mining

Gold has literally been discovered on every single continent on earth – although mining is banned in Antarctica.

Gold has been found on every continent on earth

Gold’s high value ensures the metal is looked after carefully, with broken, damaged or outdated products containing gold being recycled for their metal content.

Discovered Gold Still in Use

Seventy-five percent of all gold currently in vaults and circulation has been mined and refined since 1910.

More than 75% of all mined gold has been extracted since 1910

Prior to gold first being discovered at Sutter’s Mill in 1848 total global gold holdings were only 10% of what we now hold

90% of Gold Mined Since 1849

Despite gold having zero nutritional value, it has a European Food Additive “E number” – E175.

Gold is edible

The Human Body: 0.2mg Gold, US Mint Needs 155,000 People's Blood for 1oz Gold Buffalo!

We are all made of gold

The symbol Au comes from the latin word aurum, “shining dawn” – also Aurora the Roman goddess of the dawn.

Gold’s chemical symbol in the periodic table is Au

Although the 1912 Olympic games gave out solid gold medals as prizes, modern day gold medals only contain a thin covering of the metal – 6 grams or 0.2oz all told.

Olympic gold medals are not gold

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