Vaulting and Storage for Gold

Arranging Storage for Investment Gold Bars and coins

Is Gold Storage Secure?

As you’d expect this all depends on where you’re storing your gold!  An Ultra-Secure vault is safer than a local bank's box, which is usually more secure than a home safe.

For any gold investor you need to balance the dollar value of a complete loss with the probability of theft, practicality and inconvenience of location and speed of access in an emergency.

Bullion vaulting facilities offer a specialist and high secure storage service, storing your metals in segregated  or pooled vaults.

Non-Bank Specialist Vaults


Mixed vaults hold various high value assets, such as gold, diamonds, cash and artwork.

Non-Bank Mixed Vaults


Big banks used to offer secure vaulting, including bullion storage. However, due to the 2007/08 banking crisis and global banking law changes, these vaults are now less secure.

Bank Vaults


Either bank or non-bank, safety deposit boxes are good for smaller values of gold bullion and for convenience if the facility is near at hand.

Safety Deposit Boxes


In the US, where privacy and gun ownership are concerns, storing gold in banks deters thieves due to legal and privacy issues.

Home Storage


We recommend ultra-secure specialist non-bank vaulting for the best security, lowest risk, and fair pricing.

Home Storage of Gold Vs Professional Vaulting

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