What Is a Gold IRA and How Does it Work?

Investors prefer gold bars and coins, but many are surprised to know they can save for retirement through a precious metals self-directed IRA.


A gold IRA is a self-directed retirement account allowing direct ownership of precious metals like gold

What Is a Gold IRA?

Helping investors diversify and hedge against inflation's impact on traditional assets as they seek the advice of financial professionals due to historically high inflation levels in the US.


These experts handle paperwork, tax reporting, and secure storage in IRS-approved depositories

Who Manages a Gold-backed IRA? How Do Gold IRAs Work?

Though you know what gold IRAs are, it’s helpful to understand the types available to investors. They may offer similar functions, but they’re vastly different.

Types of Gold IRAs Available

Funded with pretax dollars, grows tax-deferred, taxed upon withdrawal. $6,000 yearly limit for those under 50.

Traditional gold IRAs

Post-tax contributions, no immediate tax benefits. Pay taxes on funding, enjoy tax-free withdrawals later. $6,000 yearly limit.

Gold-backed Roth IRA

Like traditional SEP IRA for self-employed/business owners. Contributions taxed upon withdrawal. Limit: 25% or $61,000, whichever is less.


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