American Bullion Reviews

What is American Bullion?

American Bullion is a widely recognized name regarding IRA Precious Metal rollovers. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, California and offers an extensive variety of IRA-grade bars and coins, rare coins and collectibles.  We recommend contacting the company or requesting a free kit to determine if American Bullion is the right choice for your needs . The firm has become one of the most recognized precious metal companies in the industry.

American Bullion Review

The specialty of American Bullion is providing investors with guidance to convert existing products for retirement including 401ks and IRAs into gold. The company also excels at creating a new retirement account for individuals ready to begin saving for their retirement with an interest in investing in gold and silver.  If you are interested in receiving more information about American Bullion, we recommend requesting their gold kit available at no charge .

You will receive important information about the bullion products, the firm and answers to common questions about how your existing retirement account can be used to diversify your portfolio with physical precious metals for safety. Besides gold bullion, the company also offers IRA-grade silver bullion, palladium, platinum, United States coins and coins minted prior to 1933. For this reason, American Bullion is also popular among collectors as a gold dealer.


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  • 100% IRS Compliant Process

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American Bullion Accreditations

The company has an impressive list of accreditation including:

  • Listed with the United States Mint
  • Accredited with the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating
  • Five out of five stars with Trustlink with a basis of 41 reviews
  • Registered with the American Numismatic Association as a verified member
  • Accredited with the Business Consumer Alliance with a rating of AAA
  • Five out of five stars with CitySearch
  • 4.5 out of five stars with TrustPilot with a basis of 184 reviews

American Bullion offers all the standard services expected from any company offering gold investments and precious metal IRAs including account setups and rollovers, selling precious metals including gold approved by the IRS and safe storage with high security.

 We find American Bullion an excellent option for new investors interested in investing in physical metals for protection, diversification or a retirement account . The company is also a great option for collectors and investors with an interest in rare bullion coins regardless of where in the world they are located.

Contact Information

American Bullion is located at:

12301 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 650
Los Angeles, California, 90025

You can contact the company by calling (888)895-6950 or visiting The company is available Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Pacific standard time.

We believe you should review all of your options for a Gold IRA before you invest. Purchasing precious metals is an important part of your IRA investment strategy. American Bullion is a reliable and straightforward company you can feel good about doing business with. Purchasing gold for your IRA may be one of the best decisions you ever make. We recommend asking questions until you are certain this investment is right for your specific requirements.

Benefits of American Bullion

Benefits of American Bullion

American Bullion is an expert for Gold IRAs. The process of rolling over your IRA is not only complex but requires a lot of paperwork. If you make even the simplest of mistakes, the result is often tax issues, a loss of money and plenty of aggravation and stress.  American Bullion understands the rollover process so you can be assured all of the steps are performed correctly . The company also ensures its clients are taken care of properly.

Only five to seven business days are generally necessary to process your IRA rollover. This is fast for this type of processing and everything can be completed on the telephone. This makes the process much simpler and more convenient. All you need to do to know American Bullion is a credible business within the industry is to look at the impressive list of affiliations available on the official site.

American Bullion Management Team

Prior to doing business with any company, we research the staff. Understanding who is behind American Bullion is important due to the individual qualifications of each staff member.  The CEO and founder of American Bullion is Nevtan Akcora . He has performed his duties in this position for over 10 years. Prior to founding the company, he served Onstar Worldwide as the COO and President. We have no doubts he possesses the experience required to successfully scale the company while attracting clients.

He has also fulfilled the responsibilities for several senior executive positions at different financial companies. The American Bullion Director of Marketing is Erman Ebren. His background in digital marketing is extensive. He has been with the firm for almost 10 years in several positions related to digital marketing. He began his career with Siemens as a systems engineer. The company is among the top American IRA firms.

Pricing and Fees

American Bullion is both upfront and transparent regarding all fees and pricing. If your account is valued at less than $100,000, your annual fee is just $90.  When setup fees are included regardless of the balance of your account, the maximum charge is $290 per year . This fee is about the average currently charged by the majority of IRA precious metal providers. In addition, American Bullion offers you an impressive benefit through a special promotion.

A lot of investors have the ability to take advantage of this promotion. For the first year, your administrative costs, storage costs and annual fee are waived. This means you pay no fees for the first year. American Bullion established this promotion to attract new clients to the firm and enable them to see the benefits of a precious metals IRA. This promotion will save you money in addition to offering more incentives to conduct business with the company.

American Bullion Storage

The storage preference for American Bullion is STRATA and Deleware Depository. The fees charged by both facilities are extremely reasonable. Due to the promotion you receive for your first year, there is no cost to get started. You can store precious metals or gold free for the first year simply by doing business with American Bullion. The fact the company will assume a loss for the first year is important because it means the company is fairly certain you will continue due to the service you receive.

If you are purchasing precious metals or gold not intended for an IRA, you have the option of storing your purchase at home.  American Bullion will deliver everything directly to your door upon request . Some investors prefer this option as a hedge against inflation or the potential confiscation of precious metals by the government. Throughout the course of history, the government has confiscated this type of asset. If you are extremely serious about using precious metals as a hedge, we recommend considering home storage.

We encourage you to talk to the company about this option and ask any questions you may have. The staff is very knowledgeable about precious metals and is happy to answer all of your questions.

  • Experts in IRA investments
  • Wide selection of available coins
  • Responsive and knowledgeable customer support
  • Purchases back products at a reasonable price
  • Charges a flat fee
  • All of your expenses for the first year are waived
  • Smaller packages are delivered directly to your door
  • Larger packages have an armed guard escort through Brinks armored delivery
  • All purchases of platinum, gold and silver are delivered within seven days
  • Access to your precious metals is provided quickly
  • Although fairly rare, there have been a few complaints. We want to mention all complaints have been resolved satisfactorily.

American Bullion FAQs

Once you have learned what American Bullion has to offer including fees, pricing, storage, delivery and benefits you may still have a few questions. The most commonly asked questions are listed below.

Q: What are Precious Metals?

A: When the average person thinks about precious metals, their first thought is usually gold. Although gold is a precious metal, there are others such as silver, palladium and platinum.

Q: Is American Bullion Accredited with the Better Business Bureau?

A: Yes, American Bullion is accredited with the BBB and has a rating of A+.

Q: Can American Products be Delivered and Stored at Home?

A: Yes, you can have your purchase of precious metals delivered directly to your door. In addition to precious metals, you can purchase coins from Europe and all over the world and North American bars and coins for home delivery as well. Once your order has been placed and confirmed, you should receive your package within seven days. If your order is large, you will receive delivery through Brinks with an armored guard.

Q: What Does American Bullion Do?

A: American Bullion provides you with the ability to purchase precious metals. The company helps investors saving for their retirement reach their goals sooner through the use of investment vehicles including precious metal IRAs.

Q: How Long Has American Bullion Been in Business?

A: The company was established in Los Angeles, California in 2009.

Q: Are the Coins Sold by American Bullion Certified and Graded?

Yes, all coins are certified and graded. No matter which IRA company you choose, certification and grading are critical. This is how you know your retirement precious metals are genuine. If you are offered coins without certification or grading by any company, we recommend doing business somewhere else. This should be included with all reputable IRA providers.

Q: What is the Minimum I can Invest with American Bullion?

A: To get started with American Bullion, a $50,000 minimum investment is required. You will not be charged any fees for the first year. The majority of clients are satisfied with the products and services they receive and choose to remain with the company.

Q: Where is American Bullion Located?

A: The main office for American Bullion is in Los Angeles, California. Many of the American companies offering Precious Metal IRAs are located in this general area. The headquarters were originally established in 2009.

Q: Can an LLC Be Setup Through American Bullion?

A: The IRS does not want an IRA account for any investor to be opened using a corporate umbrella. Despite the fact the IRS does not look favorably on this practice, we believe you should know it is not illegal. The majority of traditional companies offering Precious Metal IRAs either do not specialize in or will not perform LLC setups. If you want to use a Limited Liability Corporation or LLC for your retirement investing, your best option is a self-directed IRA company.

The Bottom Line

When you consider the fee structure, American Bullion is comparable with the majority of other companies in the industry.  The difference is you do not pay any fees for the first year to get started. This is an excellent promotion enabling you to work with the company, see what they have to offer first hand and ultimately decide if the firm is right for your needs . We do not believe the company would offer this type of promotion if they were not fairly certain you would choose to stay after the first year.

Another notable benefit of American Bullion is you can place your funds into precious metals in circulation outside North America. A lot of precious metals investors are interested in purchasing metals from all over the world including Europe. The company offers a wide selection of products to suit the goals of nearly every type of investor. If you are new to retirement investments, American Bullion will thoroughly explain the process and help you every step of the way.

If your goal is to establish an IRA Precious Metal rollover, the company has built a solid reputation for expertise and efficiency. The specialty of American Bullion is IRA-grade bars and coins but you will also find an excellent selection of rare and collectible coins. Our recommendation is to contact the company or request a free kit to determine if the company is a good fit for your individual needs.

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