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gold investing historically for securityInvesting in gold has been the go-to wealth protection plan of the rich and powerful for centuries, gold’s sought after glimmer, it’s profits, and high status helping to build and safeguard generational riches, unhindered by war, social unrest and even the fall of empires.

Nothing has ever been so universally sought after, and for so long – as gold.

Gold’s Recent History of Protection

gold has protected wealth in warThroughout the 20th century and into the 21st – gold’s popularity with the rich and powerful has only grown as nations rush to buy as much as they can to stabilize their economies in an increasingly unstable world.

Gold’s use as a protector of wealth has helped maintain wealth through several wars and multiple recessions – but it was perhaps best illustrated in the financial crisis of 2007-08, when stock markets crashed around the world, devastating the investments and retirement accounts of millions of hard-working Americans, slashing values by over half in a matter of days.

And while the financial markets burned, gold, the ultimate safe-haven rocketed ever upwards reaching record highs and maintaining the wealth of those lucky enough to have been invested in precious metals.

But it wasn’t only the super rich who benefited so massively from this financial catastrophe.

irs changes make investing in gold ira possibleThanks to some recent IRS loopholes and a growing number of vocal supporters, investing in gold had finally crossed over into the mainstream.

A small percentage of forward-thinking households had ignored the crowd and taking advantage of the little-known changes in IRA rules, had opted to add gold investments inside of their retirement accounts.

While the majority of IRAs saw their values plummet, those investing in gold and silver enjoyed all-time highs more than capable of making up for losses in stocks and shares.

Even outside of retirement accounts, large and small investments in gold all benefited from gold shooting up $870/oz – almost doubling in price during the crisis and it’s aftermath.

This was simply gold doing what gold has always done best: protecting wealth.

Gold in Today’s Troubling Times

As we stand gold has dropped $300 from those all time highs and the stock market having made a buoyant recovery since the recession is back in what commentators are describing as a dangerous bubble. It seems the whole world is on the brink of something – as nations side against nations, fighting with words and economic sanctions – for now.

stock market crash coming soonAs analysts warn of market overvaluations and point out the unsustainability of the entire financial system, the wealthy and well-advised are once again buying gold faster than mints can produce it.

Will we see another market crash? Wealth advisors are not only saying yes but warning this one will be the biggest yet, some seeing systematic cross-market devastation as being near inevitable.

If you’re already invested in gold and silver it could be the lifeboat your family will need.

But if you’re not, Investing In Gold is here to help.
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Is Investing in Gold and Silver a Good Idea?

We firmly believe gold and silver make excellent investments in most circumstances. For a detailed look at the reasons why investors are buying gold and silver, our gold section answers why we think investing in gold is such a good idea.
investing in gold annual returns vs other popular investments


Investing In Physical Gold physical gold and silver bullion

Investments in physical gold and silver were once the preserve of only the richest 1%. Central banks and new nations would buy giant 400oz bars and store them in their deepest and most secure vaults.

And while the “one-percenters” and central banks are still buying – and buying a lot – gold’s steep price rises during crises in the 1970s, 80’s 90’s and 2000’s were enough to bring media attention and with this attention gold captured a growing fan-base of smaller scale retail investors.

Suddenly investing in gold didn’t only involve giant golden bricks costing millions of dollars but much more affordable 1oz and 5oz bars. Gold coins also began being bought by more and more Americans who would seek out specialist coin shops and the small number of bullion dealers in big cities.

The birth of the Internet truly took investing in gold and silver to another level. No longer limited to a few local sources and out-of-date print catalogs, online bullion dealers began appearing, first a few and then as technology advanced and laws were passed giving gold significant tax-advantages more and more opened their digital doors.

It was during gold’s meteoric rise in 2008 when the public’s imagination was really captured and hundreds of bullion dealers sprung up to meet this growing demand.

Fast forward to present day and we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to investing in gold with over 1400 bullion and coin dealers listed in the industry directory. Finding a good bullion dealer has become so much easier and the high number of competing companies helps keep dealer premiums low. Truly a win-win situation.
process of buying gold bullion
The actual process of how to invest in gold and silver has also become less complex, with federal government assistance through tax-breaks and sites such as this bringing good how-to information straight to your device – for free.

We cover the full gold investment process in detail here, examining how to source and buy the right kind of investment gold, how this compares with other ways of buying gold – and how to ensure you only deal with trustworthy bullion dealers.

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