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If you have decided that investing in gold and silver with your retirement savings is a move you want to make to protect your wealth, there is no better company to use than Goldco. Today I”ll explain why they are the #1 gold company in the industry as well as cite their accolades and outline their pricing structure.

After setting up a precious metals IRA, this is what I learned in my experience with Goldco.

Pros & Cons:

Let’s start with the Goldco customer services reviews that are well documented online.



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Goldco Company Information

Founded in 2006 by Trevor Gerszt, the former company name was Goldco Direct. You’ll often hear people call it Goldco precious metals, but the official name is simply Goldco.

Over the years the company refined their approach to selling gold and silver ira investments so people can protect their retirement account from the turbulent market. Most near-retirement age people want to know that when it’s time to retire, their money will be invested in stable investments that won’t make drastic moves that would throw off their retirement plans.

After recognizing the need for gold IRAS, they made it their mission to focus on customer education, and you’ll see that echoed in the customer reviews that are online.

When doing a rollover, customers want transparency, and that’s exactly what Goldco offers.

In 2022, the company won numerous awards for their IRA rollover services and as the bank failures of 2023 have unfolded, I expect many more awards to come.

Offering precious metals IRAS that can hold both gold and silver, they additionally offer the ability to buy precious metals to buyers who want to use their cash instead of their IRA.

Based on Woodland Hills, California, they service the entire USA.

Goldco Management Team

Goldco Team

Let’s take a look at the people who are running the company.

Trevor Gerszt

An avid gold collector since his youth, the South African born Gerszt learned the store value of gold from an early age. He was a gold investor long before he started the company.

In 2006, when the firm was founded, he brought his passion for precious metals to the masses and hasn’t looked back.

Brenda Whitman

The director of gold IRA services was her first position with the firm, and now she’s the companies CEO. Prior to joining Goldco, she had worked for Capital Gold Group.

In her time at Capital Gold Group, she was the Vice President of the company and her main focus was customer education.

Note: since the concept of investing in gold and silver in an IRA can be a new one for investors, I find that education is the #1 difference maker in helping customers with this rollover. The team is extremely knowledgeable and can help even the most novice investor understand the process and feel comfortable that they are the best firm to protect their retirement savings.

This education is on the gold IRA and precious metals investing is the difference maker and why this firm earns top ratings year in, and year out.

Is Goldco a Reputable Company?

Perhaps the most reputable company out of the hundreds you will read about in the space! Let’s take a look at the recent awards they have racked up.

  • Inc. Magazine 5000 fastest growing companies for four consecutive years.

  • Los Angeles Business Journal’s 17th fastest growing business.

  • Endorsed by Sean Hannity.

  • Better Business Bureau Rating of A+

  • 4.93 rating with 100’s of positive reviews at the BBB.

  • Business Consumer Alliance – Triple A Rated (Highest Possible)

  • Trustlink – 5.0 rating

You can Google search “Goldco reviews” and you’ll find nothing but positive experiences on sites like Consumer Affairs, Google, and any other peer to peer review sites for their ability to deliver an educational approach to the precious metals IRA.

Goldco Gold Free Guide

The Gold & Silver Guide Covers:

What Services Does Goldco Offer?

Goldco Precious Metals

Similar to other gold IRA companies, you’ll be able to rollover your IRA, 401k, TSP, or pension plan (any amount $25,000 or higher – it does NOT have to be your entire portfolio value – you choose what works for you) but they stand alone in the category of one on one customer education. You’ll also find that they offer among the best prices, a quicker turn around time, and white glove service throughout the transaction.

Here’s further information on what they offer:

Gold and Silver IRAs

It’s your choice whether you want to invest in gold or silver, or even a variety of the two. You’ll have your account executive guide you on how they work with Equity Trust Company, who works as the official IRA Custodian, keeping everything completely legal with the IRS.

Once you select your investment amount and choose your precious metals, you’ll then have them sent to a verified custodian depository. (They have several options, including the Texas Depository. You can select segregated or non-segregated.)

Goldco IRA Investment Options

Goldco Investment Options

You have the ability to add any of the following gold bars and coins to your IRA.

  • American Eagle

  • American Gold Eagle Proof

  • Buffalo

  • Australian Saltwater Crocodile

  • Lucky Dragon

  • Loyal Mint Gold Lunar coins

  • Assorted gold bars

  • Canadian Maple Leaf


  • American Gold Eagle

  • American Gold Eagle Proof

  • Silver coins and bars

  • Bald Eagle

  • Australian Saltwater Crocodile

  • Lucky Dragon

  • Canadian Maple Leaf

  • Royal Mint Britannia Lunar Series coins

  • Silver World War I

  • Silver World War II Victory

Precious Metals – Direct

While it’s not the best idea to have precious metals in your own home, Goldco does sell metals direct to consumers who want to purchase metals outside of their IRA. The delivery of the precious metals is 100% free of charge, and they will show up in a discreet package. They do NOT sell internationally, however.

Again, their business model focuses more on the gold and silver IRA, and if you hold one of the below accounts, you are eligible to transfer any amount $25,000 or greater into precious metals:

  • 401 k

  • Simple IRA

  • SEP IRAs

  • Roth IRA

  • Traditional IRA

Why Are Goldco Customer Reviews So Positive?

GoldCo Customer Reviews

While many gold IRA companies have sprouted up in the last few years, not many can say they have been in business as long as Goldco. Founded in 2006, they are going on 18 years of garnering glowing reviews and earning media accolades along the way.

To me, the most important component is transparency, followed by education. When you dive into the business and request a free investment kit, you can expect the following:

  • Helpful specialists to assist you in any questions you have. Their experts will talk to you about all of the options you have available to you, and also provide full transparency of all processes and fees.

  • Their no pressure approach and white glove service is why they are the most referred company in the business. You’ll feel like you worked with a family member from start to finish. Opening your new precious metals IRA is simple and straight forward.

  • Education. They won me over when I was explained the differences in investing in coins or bullion. There are many coins out there, and having not invested in metals (until many years ago) I wasn’t up to speed on the offerings. After one brief phone call I felt like an expert with a new level of appreciation for precious metals investing.

  • Bonuses, including free silver. (Silver IRA and gold IRAS both.)

  • Buyback program. If you ever decide you want to trade your metals back in and invest in something else, they have the BEST buyback program in the business.

Opening a Goldco IRA

Here’s how you get started investing in precious metals.

Fill out this form.

Once you do, you’ll get an email right away with a free guide on how you can invest in gold. You will also get a phone call from one of their experts who will guide you through the process of how everything works. The paperwork can be done with wet ink, or for simplicity, docusign.

Choose your IRA Type

Traditional IRAS are offered as well as Roth IRAs, which will use post-tax dollars. If you have a Roth IRA already, you can do a rollover with this account to a new Roth IRA account. More common are conventional retirement savings accounts, and you can transfer any portion of your funds to your new gold IRA.

Fund Your Account

Your funding source can come through any of the following:

  • 401k

  • 403 b

  • 457 b

  • TSP plan

  • Traditional, SEP, Simple, Self directed IRA, or Roth IRA.

Of course, they will help you with every step along the way, but if you have questions about which one to use for a source of funds, speak with your tax advisor.

Choose a Custodian

Again, they work with Equity Trust Company, and I’ve worked with them since 2014 myself. They are a top level company that works extremely efficiently and in accordance to all IRS guidelines. Once you set that up, you can choose where to store your precious metals. There are numerous IRA approved depositories you can select from. Anyone who chooses Goldco can rest assured their retirement accounts and retirement funds are with the best team – the Goldco team!

Initiate the Rollover

If your current account, be it a 403 b, 401 k, or other, has money invested in say equities or mutual funds, you’ll need to sell those unless you have money sitting in cash that’s ready to be deployed. Your retirement account must settle these trades prior to the actual roll over of funds to your gold IRA. All you have to do is fill out a few forms and this will all be completed for you and you can begin your investment in gold – or silver.

Select Your Metals

Not every coin or bar you see online will meet IRS regulations for an investment in an IRA, so Goldco only offers the ones that are IRA eligible. Some of the coins they offer are minted exclusively for Goldco precious metals.

Sit Back and Relax

Once you have selected the bars and or coins to invest in, they will be delivered to your depository of choice in a few short days.

Goldco Fees

Look around, and you’ll see that the Goldco fees are very competitive. When you open an account, it’s only $50 to set it up. There is a $30 wire fee to process the payment you send, which is standard with all companies.

Your other fees are the annual storage fee. They offer a $150 charge to have a segregated storage account, meaning your precious metals are not mixed with other customers. If you don’t mind being mixed in with others, it’s $100 annually. This fee does not change depending on the amount of gold or silver you invest in.

The annual fee for administration is just $80. Other companies have a fee structure that can go up with your investment amount, but Goldco keeps it at $80 no matter what size your retirement account is.

What is the Goldco Investment Minimum?

Minimum Investment

You must have invest $25,000 for your precious metals IRA account.

Compare this to Augusta Precious Metals, which has a minimum of $50,000.

What Storage Options Does Goldco Offer for Precious Metals?

You can choose from the three below options:

  • Delaware Depository

  • Brinks Depository

  • IDS Texas

Goldco offers the three options, and most people choose the Delaware Depository, as it’s been around for over 200 years. They have security vaults graded class three, and the most modern and high tech security in the industry.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a thorough Goldco review without sharing that if you are interested in doing so, you can use your preferred storage option.

Your precious metals are fully insured both when in transit and in storage. Goldco has never had any loss of precious metals, but if something like a natural disaster occurs, you can sleep at night knowing you are fully insured.

Also, if you feel the urge to go pay a visit to your precious metals, you can make a request to see them and even hold your investments in your own hands. This would be something that would make sense if you store them in a facility near where you live.

Who is a Candidate to Invest With Goldco precious metals?

If you have a retirement account that you’d like to diversify, you are perfect candidate to work with Goldco. Things like inflation, bank failure, and economic turmoil, including foreign wars, all affect the market in an adverse manner and gives the notion of investing in gold or silver a lot of merit. One look at the historical prices of precious metals throughout recessions is all you should need to see to know that it’s time for people to protect their retirement savings.

By using Goldco, you can own physical gold or silver coins and bullion in your retirement. Financial advisors will NOT offer these products, which is probably why you won’t hear of them, as they aren’t commissioned. However, anyone who tracks precious metals prices knows the value of diversification.

When the dollar goes down, precious metals go up. It’s a very simple equation that Billionaire investors have found out, and exploited, for many years. The best part about working with Goldco is that you don’t have to be a billionaire, or even a millionaire, to protect your retirement accounts with a precious metals IRA.

Whether you are near the retirement age, or just want to be ahead of the next financial meltdown, a precious metals IRA holding either gold, silver, or both, is the premier way to protect your 401 k with an IRA custodian. The Goldco reviews do not lie – people are taking advantage of this process and recommend Goldco to purchase your investment as they have no complaints and offer the best process, hands down.

I’ve done an exhaustive search and would recommend Goldco to anyone. Investing in Gold was set up to help consumers avoid being ripped off and as a helpful guide to help people transfer money to a professional firm – Goldco.

Start your Goldco Precious Metals IRA today and get the protection from inflation that you need with a gold IRA.

Tim Schmidt


Tim Schmidt is an Entrepreneur who has covered retirement investing since 2012. He's also a published author, and his views on investing have been featured in USA Today, Tech Times, The Huffington Post, Nasdaq, and many more.