Precious metals investments are growing increasingly popular. This is because they are not subject to inflation and serve as a safe haven during economic uncertainty. You can invest in precious metals in just a few clicks, thanks to precious metals companies that have made their products easily accessible.

If you have been searching for a precious metals company to entrust with your precious metals investment, then you may already know how many dealers there are in the precious metals industry. Because an investment of this nature is not a decision to be taken lightly, you may be looking for verified reviews to help you make the right choice.

OneGold is an option for those looking to start investing in this precious commodity. To help you decide whether OneGold is a good fit for you, here is our OneGold review.

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OneGold Review Summary

Company Name: OneGold

Type of Business: Precious metals dealer, online platform, and marketplace


Owned By: Sprott and APMEX

Location: Oklahoma City, USA

Insurance Company: Lloyds of London

Founded In: 2018

Overall Rating: 4/5

About OneGold

OneGold is a corporation, platform, and online marketplace that specializes in physical metals such as gold, platinum, and silver investments. These investment opportunities are available in four major countries, namely the United States, Switzerland, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

It provides customers the chance to own precious vaulted metals at a low cost. The business also allows you full-time access to your precious metals and stores them at the Royal Canadian Mint in Canada or APMEX, Brinks, or Loomis in the United States.

One Gold Is Jointly Owned

As a OneGold investor, you get a first-class investment experience as well as unrivaled peace of mind from trading with one of the greatest competitors in the field. OneGold was founded and is currently jointly owned by two major partners, namely Sprott and APMEX.

These companies pooled their resources, skills, and experience to provide customers with the best-in-class experience when purchasing valuable metals and putting money down for their retirement. Furthermore, the partners hope to provide precious metal investors with the most secure online experience possible.

Who Owns OneGold?

In this section, we take a look at the two companies, namely APMEX and Sprott, who run OneGold.

APMEX – No Stranger to the Precious Metals Industry

APMEX, founded in 1999 by Scott Thomas, is a well-known and respected international digital precious metals dealer. The business, which is situated in Oklahoma City, provides a vast selection of precious metal goods and services aimed at ensuring a good customer experience.

It also has a sizable customer base that profits from immediate access to a wide range of gold and silver, as well as other precious metals.

Sprott – Another Reputable Company

Sprott was established in 1981 by Eric Sprott with the goal of providing customers with world-class solutions to their investment needs. The company focuses on alternative asset management, with an emphasis on real estate and precious metals.

With operations in the United States, Asia, and Canada, the business has developed a massive client base and a vast assortment of customer assets. Sprott also has merchant brokerage and banking operations in both the United States and Canada.

OneGold Review: The Pros and Cons

The best way to determine whether a company is a good fit for you is to look at the benefits and drawbacks of investing with them. Below, we take a closer look at the pros and cons of investing with OneGold.


  • Relatively low storage fees
  • Includes a helpful, user-friendly mobile app
  • Customers can invest as little as one dollar
  • There have been no major complaints about OneGold to date
  • Extremely easy to set up an investment
  • Switch and Save feature reimburses an investor for up to $250 for every purchase of a U.S. product
  • It has a user-friendly website that includes valuable information
  • The business is run by two companies that are well known in the precious metals sector
  • Impressive security integrations
  • The OneGold AutoInvest feature helps to reduce investment risks and increase their chances of seeing a higher return
  • Its metal products are potentially profitable
  • Excellent customer service


  • OneGold has only been in the industry for four years
  • The company could offer better investment platforms online for specific investors

How Do One Gold Investments Work?

All digital assets held by the OneGold platform are backed by tangible precious metal assets. Such assets are valuable, liquid, and stored safely in OneGold’s vaults. In the next part of this OneGold review, we discuss how to invest in precious metals like silver, gold, and platinum using OneGold’s digital platform.

Create an Account

Anyone interested in taking advantage of the OneGold offerings must first create an account on the company website. This can be done easily by completing the online form and following the prompts to complete any verification processes.

Access Your Account via Desktop and Mobile Applications

If you wish to access your OneGold online account, you can use the desktop application by logging in through the website or downloading the mobile app. OneGold has an easy-to-use mobile app as one of its many features. This is to cater to the significant number of online entrepreneurs who utilize their smartphones to access, track, and administer various areas of their business.

The OneGold mobile app is accessible via the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Simply download the app and log in to your account using the login details you created when setting up your account. You can then use the mobile app to monitor the OneGold marketplace, track and manage your precious metal investments while on the go.

Login and Link a Payment Method Such as a Bank Account

You must then log in to your OneGold account to begin buying precious metals using a variety of payment methods, such as PayPal, credit cards, bank checks, debit cards, and Bitcoin.

Define Your Purchase and Investment Rates

The following stage is for customers to define the quantity of precious metals they want to buy in ounces and then select a reasonable investment rate. You can also opt for the ‘Autoinvest’ feature, which allows you to set a comfortable buying frequency.

In either case, your money is kept in a secure vault and is completely guaranteed. You may also access your OneGold account to check the status and track the progress of your valuable precious metal investment.

Redeem Your Precious Metals

Users can redeem their precious metals purchased via the online platform in one of two ways. The first way entails liquidating all or a portion of your digital precious metal assets by exchanging them for a range of high-value assets, which are thereafter delivered to an address of your choosing. A second approach involves selling your digital precious metals for money. You may then withdraw your funds into your bank account.

What Products Does OneGold Offer?

This OneGold review would not be complete without taking a look at the products that the business has to offer its customers. The company has been known for being a “one-stop-shop” for precious metals. With OneGold, you can purchase gold, platinum, and silver.

Vaultchain Gold and Silver

OneGold uses their first-rate experience and skills, as well as strong connections, to bring the best digital precious metal deals to their clientele. Vaultchain Gold and Silver, a prominent TradeWind-developed virtual asset technology, are among them.

All Vaultchain items are vaulted and held in the Royal Canadian Mint. This is meant to provide enhanced access and security benefits to customers.

OneGold also keeps a close eye on the evolution of digital precious metals investing and trading. As a result, their clients can expect to find only the best and most up-to-date offerings on the platform.

Products Held in the United States

OneGold is appealing to those searching for the most secure and convenient way to invest in virtual precious metals like gold and silver in the United States.

This marketplace provides unmatched rates and simplicity for investing in U.S. Gold, U.S. Silver, and U.S. Platinum, all of which are produced in-house by APMEX.

Those investing in precious metals may rest easy with the assurance that their valuable investments are safe and secure with companies like APMEX, Loomis, COMEX, and Loomis International.

Furthermore, all digital offerings are supported by actual precious metal investments that are safeguarded and fully guaranteed by a company called Lloyds of London.

Precious Metals IRAs

OneGold is not an IRA custodian. However, it does assist clients in setting up IRAs. IRAs are retirement accounts that involve investing in precious metals rather than paper assets, as with regular IRAs. These investments offer many tax benefits and give you more control over your investment.

OneGold can help you find a reputable IRA custodian with which to set up your IRA account, or you can choose your preferred custodian.

Either way, there are three steps involved when setting up an IRA account:

  • Create a precious metals IRA account with the IRA custodian
  • Fund your account
  • Add your precious metals investment

OneGold Review: Prices and Fees

Many people base their choice on a precious metals company’s pricing and fee structure. You may be happy to know that OneGold has priced its products competitively and offers low storage fees when compared to other precious metals firms.

Storage Fees

As mentioned before, OneGold customers can choose to have their precious metals stored at Loomis International, Comex, or Brinks in the United States or with the Canadian Mint for Canadian clients. Whichever option you choose, storage fees are relatively low.

If you are storing gold, you pay a storage fee of 0.12 percent of the value of your gold holdings and 0.30 percent of the value of your silver or platinum holdings. OneGold’s storage fees are considerably more affordable than many other precious metals dealers that charge no less than $10 per month.

Product Prices

At OneGold, the pricing of precious metal items varies depending on the type of precious metal in question. Furthermore, the pricing of the products varies based on which country’s virtual precious metals you wish to acquire.

The price of gold in the United States, for example, differs from the price of gold in Switzerland. Nevertheless, OneGold provides some of the most affordable precious metals investment options globally.

Verified Reviews: What OneGold Clients Have to Say

When determining whether a precious metals dealer is right for you, the most crucial step is by looking at customer reviews.

A business may look good on paper, but to understand how smoothly it operates and how well it treats its clients, it is essential to take a good look at OneGold review data to determine whether it is a wise decision to invest with them.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a non-profit organization that aims to create trust between organizations and clients. Depending on customer reviews, ratings, and complaints, it awards businesses with a rating.

OneGold received an A+ review rating from the Better Business Bureau, with most customers giving it a five-star review. However, several recent one-star reviews have seen clients express their concern over receiving a good return on their investment.

The company received an overall 4.8-star rating on the Shopper Approved website with more than 7000 reviews from previous and current clients. Most people recommend OneGold as a great way to invest in precious metals.

Most people indicated that they found it easy to purchase, manage, and sell their precious metals and access their funds. Additionally, client reviews suggested that the business provided outstanding customer support to those who needed help with their investments.

This collective data indicate that investing with OneGold is a good decision and a great way to make money through investing in precious metals.

Is OneGold a Scam?

If you have never invested in precious metals via a trading platform, you may be wondering if the business is, in fact, a scam. Because you do not get to see the physical metals, it can be daunting to invest in them online.

However, according to our research, OneGold is a reputable precious metals dealer. The business is backed by two reputable and trusted leaders in the industry and has received a plethora of verified reviews from clients that can be found online.

Additionally, the company has displayed the transparency you would expect from a reputable dealer, providing detailed information about its location, owners, and structure. It also provides valuable information to help you buy and sell precious metals via its platform.

These characteristics are not typically associated with scam websites. We can therefore say with confidence that OneGold is a legit business.

OneGold Review: The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a company to help you easily purchase and sell precious metals, then OneGold is an excellent option. The business is run by two leaders in the industry and offers several great options for people hoping to diversify their investment portfolio through precious metal investments.

The overwhelming number of positive reviews indicates that people have found the platform and website easy to use and commended the business for its outstanding customer support.

Overall, buying and selling precious metals with OneGold is affordable, and the platform is accessible to anyone, thanks to its one-dollar minimum investment amount and mobile and desktop applications.

We hope that this OneGold review has been helpful and assists you in making the right choice when choosing a precious metal dealer.

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