Investing in precious metals is always going to be a great financial decision to make. However, people must always be aware of the risks that buying physical gold implies if they want to avoid risking their investment.

Thanks to the internet, many investors and tech entrepreneurs have been able to diversify their asset portfolios through a gold subscription service. In essence, these services allow investors to purchase gold bars or gold bullion safely.

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Using an Online Service to Purchase Gold

Considering these services are online, people must be on the lookout for several factors to determine their efficiency, such as positive reviews, services, fees, customer service, and more. The following review covers Acre Gold, which is one of many gold IRA services people can find on the internet.

Many potential investors wonder: “Is Acre Gold legit?” The best way to find out is to test the website before making any potential gold investment. This review covers all the information an investor may need before investing in the gold market through the Acre Gold website.

What Is Acre Gold?

As many people may have already guessed, Acre Gold is a gold company where people can buy precious metals. Acre Gold’s team is composed of fintech veterans from Boise ID, and Santa Monica, CA. The company claims that Acre Gold’s purpose is to help investors to purchase precious metals through an engaging and straightforward experience.

Acre Gold’s business model includes a one-of-a-kind subscription kind (which is going to get covered further in this article). Overall, Acre Gold is still new to the gold industry, so many investors don’t even know it yet.

Is Acre Gold legit? or is it an investment company with a questionable reputation? The following sections dive deeper into how much gold people can purchase through Acre Gold, what its membership fee is, and how it works in general.

How Does Acre Gold Work for Buying Precious Metals?

As mentioned before, Acre Gold has a quite unique business model. Whether people want to purchase a single gold bar or gold bullion, the process is a bit different from most companies. Other companies, such as Goldco, typically give investors their physical gold once they’ve paid the full amount for the precious metal.

However, Acre Gold works with a membership model. In essence, investors must pay for an Acre Gold subscription every month. Once the investor accumulates enough monthly payments to cover the gold bar they want to purchase, the company is going to ship it directly to their front door.

In other words, Acre Gold charges a membership fee to cover the gold the investor wants to buy in the future. The investor doesn’t have to buy gold directly but rather wait until their payments cover what they want to buy. As mentioned by the company, the minimum requirement to buy gold is to reach the value of a 2.5-gram gold bar.

Gold bars that come from Acre Gold are designed in California and minted in Switzerland.

Hidden Fees

It’s important to note that, while Acre Gold offers an interesting way to acquire gold, its monthly subscription cost doesn’t cover shipping and fulfillment fees. Once the investor’s monthly subscription cost meets the minimum requirements for a 2.5-gram bar of gold, they must still pay for these additional fees out of pocket.

Canceling the Subscription

People with economic uncertainty or who don’t want to wait long to purchase one gold bar can cancel their subscription at any time. Still, any user may go into the customer portal in Acre Gold’s site to get customer support and get any information they may need from the team.

However, it’s important to note that Acre Gold charges a cancellation fee to users. Today, users must pay a cancellation fee of $20 if they want to close their account forever.


Acre Gold stockpiles gold bought on the market; this means that it’s hard for the company to cover high demand. According to several reviews, Acre Gold often has a hard time purchasing enough gold to meet customer demand, causing delivery delays. While most users don’t have a problem with these delays, the company doesn’t provide as much information regarding these shipping issues, which can be a problem for some people.

Acre Gold’s Pricing Plans

Buying gold through Acre Gold may seem a bit complicated since it’s so different from other companies. However, this Acre Gold review covers the company’s pricing plans so that all users understand how the website works with its subscription plan.

Plan One

People who want to buy gold for the first time may prefer this first method since it doesn’t involve that much money. Overall, users must pay a one-time membership fee and a monthly subscription fee that’s going to get accumulated until they can pay for a 2.5-gram bar of gold.

Acre Gold users may choose from $30 or $50 monthly package options for purchasing gold. Once the user reaches the price threshold, they may get the 2.5-gram gold bar delivered to their home or office.

Plan Two

While the first plan is good enough for most users, it may fall a bit short for wealthier investors. This plan offers a five-gram bar manufactures from .999 fine gold. These gold bars ensure a constant market value forever.

In this particular case, users must pay $100 per month until their account balance reaches the price of these five-gram bars. Any remainder goes to the user’s next purchase of five-gram gold bullion.

It’s important to note that physical gold is always at a premium above the spot price.

Gold Bullion Packaging for a Gold Bar

While not many customers focus on the packaging of their gold, it’s still a vital thing to note. Acre Gold uses a premium, soft-touch box that comes with an assay card in tamper and a display drawer. The purpose of these premium boxes is to protect the gold bullion as much as possible and certify its origin.

Investors may also notice the Acre Gold logo sitting on the box’s reverse side.

Acre Gold – Advantages and Disadvantages

One of the best ways to answer the primary question “Is Acre Gold legit?” is by evaluating its pros and cons. The following sections of this Acre Gold review are going to cover the quality of the service, as well as its customer support.

General Advantages

  • The company offers a user-friendly client portal where they can purchase gold in an affordable way.
  • It has a referral program
  • People can close their accounts at any time
  • The customer support team is responsive

General Disadvantages

  • It has mixed reviews
  • The company is still new to the gold industry
  • There are only a few ratings on popular review websites

Reviews and Complaints

Unfortunately, one of the primary areas where Acre Gold fails is in the review section. One of the best websites where people can take a look at what users are saying about investment services is the Better Business Bureau.

First, it’s vital to note that Acre Gold is not accredited by the BBB, which is already a bad sign. Additionally, there are a few negative reviews that discuss the lack of transparency from the support team.

Finally, there are a lot of complaints on several websites alongside the BBB. Most of these complaints come due to the lack of information presented by the company and the complications that come with closing an account. There was a user that even claimed that Acre Gold was a scam, although there’s no further information that supports this claim.

While it’s becoming a bit challenging to answer the question “Is Acre Gold legit?” there are still some factors left to evaluate before making a full verdict. The rest of this Acre Gold review covers additional information that all users may want to address before purchasing gold on the website.

Customer Support

One of the “positive” aspects of Acre Gold is that its support team is highly responsive. While the company has received positive reviews regarding customer support, it has also received negative ones regarding transparency.

In essence, many users complain that the Acre Gold employees don’t always disclose all the information the user needs to address their investment strategy queries. As mentioned before, many users have claimed problems with closing their accounts since the support team is hard to reach.

Additionally, the company claims it sends users a monthly email with information regarding their progress. However, some people have claimed that email doesn’t offer enough information or no information at all.

How to Contact the Acre Gold Team

Generally speaking, Acre Gold users may contact the company through a provided email address or via its Facebook or Instagram accounts. While it’s good that the company offers enough contact options for users, it doesn’t work that well if the company isn’t offering that much information in return.

Other businesses tend to have an active phone number or live chat to talk with customers; this is a much more reliable option since it ensures much faster communication with the company. However, the Acre Gold team hasn’t sent any information regarding the usage of these communication channels anytime soon.

Does Acre Gold Have a Referral Program?

According to several reviews, Acre Gold offers a referral program to users who bring new subscribers. Generally speaking, the user may get a bit of extra money every time a new user signs up, that user can add the earned amount to their balance to pay for the gold bars or extra expenses.

Acre Gold’s User Experience

The Acre Gold website offers a rather simple interface for users to navigate. Whether the user is a beginner or a seasoned investor, they may not have any problems getting used to the website’s features. Still, there are some factors that the company may improve if it wants to make the experience even better in the future.


While the website is mostly easy to use, not all investors know everything there is to know about gold investments. The website doesn’t have a FAQ section or anything too specific regarding gold investments. If someone wants to know a bit more about the topic, they must contact the company directly or look somewhere else.

At first glance, it seems like the company’s target audience is people who are new to investing, so it’s a bit weird that it didn’t include additional information that these new users could use to address any issues.

Thankfully, the process for purchasing gold as close to the market price as possible is easy, so this isn’t such a big problem. Still, it would be nice for the team to include a short FAQ section at the end to address some common queries.

Is Acre Gold Legit? | Verdict

It’s challenging to give a verdict to a company with such mixed reviews. Overall, Acre Gold is still a young company, so it’s strange to see that many complaints about it. The Acre Gold site has a review section with a lot of positive comments, although it’s not recommended to check the company’s website to look for reviews since it’s highly unlikely to find a negative one.

While Acre Gold has a questionable reputation, it’s unlikely that it’s a scam. Several users have claimed that they’ve made successful transactions with the company in the past, so it’s a matter of personal choice.

It would be better for users to consider other alternatives, such as Goldco or Augusta Precious Metals since these companies have much more time on the market and have been accredited as some of the best options for gold investing on the market.

Still, it’s understandable that some people may want to try out Acre Gold since it offers a unique and affordable way of purchasing gold. In these cases, it’s recommended for users to do as much research as possible before making a significant investment.

Bottom Line

Gold investments may be one of the greatest financial choices people can make to secure their portfolio for the future. This Acre Gold review covered everything users need to know about it, but they must still evaluate all the alternatives on the market before making a decision.

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