Advantage Gold Reviews

This is our review of Advantage Gold, a company that provides people with a way to transfer their retirement to a gold (or other precious metals) backed IRA.
Precious metals are one of the best options for anyone that wants to diversify their investment portfolio and this company is an ideal option for you to do that.
Advantage Gold has received numerous positive reviews on Trustpilot and Trustlink over the years. If you are new to the IRA investing scene, Advantage Gold is arguably the best option for you.  This company focuses on silver, gold, and other precious metals.  Advantage Gold is based in Los Angeles. This company was established in 2014 and, it has managed to win a solid reputation since then.  

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Other Factors That Helped This Company Earn the #1 Ranking:

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  • A+ BBB Rating
  • 5 Time Inc 500 Winner
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  • No pressure sales team is education-oriented
  • 100% IRS Compliant Process
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Why Should You Diversify Your Portfolio with Precious Metals

Advantage Gold Review When you compared other investments based on the dollar to precious metals, you’ll discover that precious metals have more value. Precious metals also tend to accrue more value as that of such options as stocks and bonds plummet. However, we don’t mean you should reject all other investment options and focus solely on precious metals. We highly recommend you use precious metals to stabilize your portfolio. A stable portfolio will give you peace of mind, especially in a crisis. Advantage Gold offers you various IRA-ready precious metals that you can choose. These precious metals are:
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Palladium
Advantage Gold has one available investment account- Gold IRA. This type of account allows you to exercise full control over your precious metals. It also allows you to invest in either bonds or stocks if you want to.  Note that a Gold IRA account is subject to tax regulations similar to other types of IRA tax regulations . Taxes from your federal income are the source of your Gold IRA account’s deposit. You cannot access the funds deposited into your Gold IRA account until you are 59.5 years old. You will attract financial penalties if you withdraw the funds before getting to this age. You’ll start getting minimum distributions that you’ll be required to withdraw when you reach the age of 70.5 years old. However, you won’t face a requirement to make a withdrawal from minimum distributions if you establish your account from Gold IRA to Roth IRA. One of the best things about Gold Advantage is they focus on educating their clients. This company also offers you IRA-approved, Canadian, and U.S-minted coin options.

About Advantage Gold

Advantage Gold claims to be a leading industry in the precious metal IRA rollover. The expert team of Advantage Gold considers the conversion of your 401K, or current IRA into precious metals such as gold their specialty.  Advantage Gold ensures you make the right retirement option decision by providing you with extensive information . This information, extensive and comprehensive as it is, is supposed to help you make an informed and educated decision. This company pledges to offer you any necessary assistance to see you through the whole process. The company also tackles financial services from the side of education, and they use it in approaching every transaction of precious metals. The team of experts at Advantage Gold understands fully well that you can only make sound financial decisions when you are provided with comfort, education, and understanding. They claim to provide these necessities without bias. Advantage Gold promises to offer you guidance in every way through ensuring: you are thoroughly informed on the options available; helping you set up an IRA account; getting in contact with your current financial adviser or custodian, and, in case you want your metals liquidated, they also offer gold buyback services. If you are a newbie when it comes to investing in precious metals, Advantage Gold offers you a comprehensive First Time Gold Investor Program. Expert representatives in this program will guide you through every step incorporated in investing in precious metals. Advantage Gold also promises a welcome bonus by waiving the 1st year fees if your rollover transaction exceeds $50,000. This program is tailored to help you realize the benefits of gold investment and to enable you to understand the various available options. This company also offers a special First Time Delivery Discount.  The only requirement for you to be eligible for this discount is funding your account with a minimum of $25,000 . This requirement is for you if you want your precious metals to be delivered swiftly, with free shipping and full insurance from the program. You can expect your precious metals to get delivered within less than three days with this program.
Contact Info Website: Phone: (310) 800-2473 Address: 12100 Wilshire Blvd Suite #1450 Los Angeles, CA 90025
Company Management Team Advantage Gold’s CEO is Larry Levin. Larry has been in the S&P 500 trading niche for more than 20 years. Since the inception of Advantage Gold, Larry has participated in various interviews. Some of these interviews were conducted on such renowned platforms as Fox Business News, Bloomberg Television and,, and websites. This company’s co-founders include Kirill Zagalsky and Adam Baratta. Kirill Zagalsky kickstarted his career when he became a Senior Account Executive with a national dealer. That national dealer was not only popular but also listed with the U.S Mint. Zagalsky is responsible for helping numerous clients with conversion into physical, precious metal from paper assets via 401K and IRA rollovers. He has also gotten featured in several popular media platforms that deal with IRA and gold, including NBC’s “Tumbling Stocks Trigger Rush for Gold”. Baratta, on the other hand, also worked as a Senior Account Executive with a US Mint-listed dealer. That was before becoming one of the co-founders of the Advantage Gold company. As a Senior Account Executive, Baratta specialized in IRA accounts dealing with precious metals. As a co-founder of Advantage Gold, Baratta provides support that is necessary to ensure each of his clients has reached their goals in precious metal investment. He also boasts considerable success in entrepreneurship through his participation in forming, financing, and organizing multiple ventures, especially within the entertainment industry. Company Accreditations Some of the accreditations of Advantage Gold include:
  • It has verified membership with American Numismatic Association
  • It has accredited, A-rated membership privileges with the Better Business Bureau
  • It has gotten listed as a dealer by the US Mint
  • It has accredited, A-rated membership with the Business Consumer Alliance
  • It is a member of the watchdog group popularly known as the ICTA (Industry Council for Tangible Assets
Storage and Custodian Advantage Gold takes pride in working with Self Directed IRA Services, INC. Self Directed IRA Services, Inc. is a custodian ranked with the best in the IRA precious metals niche. Advantage Gold also offers you the freedom to choose your own custodian if you wish to. The only requirement is the custodian of your choice needs to be approved by the IRA. Advantage Gold uses two partners for storage- Delaware Depository or Brink’s Global Services USA, Inc. Both of these storage partners are responsible for vaulting and insuring your precious metals. Delaware Depository has a vault in Wilmington, DE, and Brink’s Global Services USA, Inc. has vaults located in Salt Lake City and Los Angeles.

Ratings, Reviews, and Complaints

Ratings, Reviews, and Complaints Advantage Gold has the following ratings:
  • 5-star rating (5/5) on TrustLink from 527 user reviews- This rating shows that customers are entirely satisfied with Advantage Gold’s services.
  • 5-star rating (4.9/5) on Trustpilot based on 1004 user reviews-Getting a 5/5 from more than 1000 reviews is something most firms can’t brag about
  • 5-star rating (4.7/5) on Facebook based on 60 user reviews
  • 5-star rating (5/5) on ConsumerAffairs from 31 ratings from users
  • A+ rating at Better Business Bureau- This rating is BBB’s highest accolade, and the fact that this fairly new company has been able to reach it is impressive
  • AA rating and zero complaints within the last three years on Business Consumer Alliance
  • Earned the popular “Best of Trustlink” award every year from 2016-2018
From the above ratings, we can safely deduce that customers are happy with the services offered by Advantage Gold. Most customers have claimed that they had no prior knowledge of investing in precious metals. However, the Advantage Gold team not only fashioned them with what they needed to know but also walked them through the entire process of opening an IRA account with Advantage Gold. Advantage Gold specialists have also been appraised as knowledgeable when it comes to handling diverse questions.  They find suitable solutions for customer questions no matter how complicated they are. Plus, their customer care team is always on standby to help any customers that may be experiencing difficulty or seeking clarification.  So far, only two customers have made complaints to Advantage Gold, and their issues got resolved with astounding alacrity. Having two complaints over the course of 3 years is an enviable feat to many other IRA firms. Advantage Gold Pricing Details Advantage Gold has a very transparent policy when it comes to fees. It is very important that you confirm all the fees and costs that follow opening an account with any investment firm. Below are some of Advantage Gold’s main fees:
  • You’ll pay $50.00 as a fee for account setup
  • Annual $125 SDIRA administrative and custodial fees
  • Annual $125 storage fee with Delaware Depository or Brink’s Global Services USA, Inc.
  • Advantage Gold offers you fully insured, fast delivery
  • You get a home storage option for your precious metals
  • Advantage Gold is listed by US Mint as a dealer
  • Their team is very supportive
  • Reasonably low yearly fees
  • Exemplary reviews from customers
  • They don’t have an option for making purchases online
  • The company is still fairly new in the industry
  • Fees are not disclosed on their website

Is Advantage Gold A Good Fit For You?

Advantage Gold is a good investment option for anyone that wants to diversify their portfolio. However, we consider Advantage Gold a perfect fit for: New Investors– Advantage Gold pays special attention to new investors. They educate newbies, help them chose the best options, and ensure their investment goals have been reached. If you want a company that welcomes you even if you have no experience dealing with precious metals, Advantage Gold is one of the best options. Dedicated Investors– Advantage Gold is also the best option for investors who are entirely focused on the future despite their portfolio’s current state. This company encourages its clients to hold their precious metals for a minimum of ten years if they want satisfactory financial benefits.

Is Advantage Gold Safe?

 Advantage Gold is one of the safest investment companies today . However, the financial market has its own risks, so it’s never fully guaranteed. So, you will never find a foolproof firm when it comes to precious stones. The trend of gold prices has been on an upsurge recently. However, even Advantage Gold acknowledges the fact that the trend may possibly reverse in the foreseeable future. You can be sure that Advantage Gold will never look to sell your information for a profit. They use Strata for custodianship and store their metals with Delaware Depository and Brink’s Global Services.

What Makes Advantage Gold Unique?

There are a lot of aspects that separate Advantage Gold from other IRA companies. These aspects are: The First Time Gold Investment Program As we mentioned before, Advantage Gold helps new investors navigate the crooks and crannies of 401k to gold IRA rollover. Their robust team helps newbies know the difference between the available precious metals, set up accounts, and roll over into precious metal IRAs from other IRAs. First Time Delivery Discount package Advantage Gold waives fees for any of their customers that invest a minimum of $50,000. They also offer quick delivery for investments of more than $25,000. Approved and Secure Storage This company uses approved depositories from approved and secure vault companies. One of the companies they use for storage is Delaware Depository, and it has been dealing with the storage of precious metals for over 200 years. US Mint Listing Advantage Gold has been listed officially as a dealer by the US Mint. This company’s listing should reassure you that the services and products from the company are genuine. Focus on education As we mentioned before, Advantage Gold puts more emphasis on educating its customers to ensure they make sound financial decisions. A complimentary copy of “The New Case for Gold” Advantage Gold offers you a copy of “The New Case for Gold” as a complimentary gift when you join the company. This book by Rickard Brooks informs you on the importance of portfolio diversification, shows you, an investor, how you can protect your money from inflation, and explains why precious metals are helpful in financially troubled times. Buyback services for precious metals Advantage Gold offers you the opportunity to sell gold back to them at fair market prices if you need to liquidate. This buyback option is one of the reasons why this company stands out from other firms. Free gold IRA guide If you’re worried the services offered by Advantage Gold may not be suitable for you, they include a free guide on IRA gold which will help you make up your mind. Outstanding Customer Service As far as we can tell from customer feedback, Advantage Gold has one of the best customer service teams. It is knowledgeable, and their response time is excellent. Excellent Reviews Advantage Gold has received numerous five-star ratings from diverse customers. It is usually nearly impossible to find any firm with a clean rating record that rivals that of Advantage Gold.

How to Get Started and Fund Your Gold IRA Account

You are required to use a mobile device to start setting up an account with Advantage Gold. The company has certified advisors who will help you navigate through the following process:
  1. Completing self-directed IRA application
  2. Completing the agreement on Client and Shipping
  3. Posting a copy of your financial statement from a retirement account
The process itself is quite simple, but you can use expert help if you need to. You can also fund your IRA account on Advantage Gold through a rollover, making a new contribution, or wire from a bank via Direct Delivery.

Gold IRA Options

Before investing in precious metals, you need to review all available gold IRA options. You must get familiar with the company you want to invest in and the full range of services it offers. Currently,  Advantage Gold has two options for starting a Gold IRA account . The first option is you can join their IRA by conducting a rollover from another. In this case, a check ought to be sent to Advantage Gold by your old custodian before funds get deposited in your Gold IRA account. The second option is you withdraw funds from your existing IRA account and deposit them in a new one. You are allowed to do this once a year and within 60 days. Otherwise, you stand to suffer penalties.


Advantage Gold allows you to think outside the box by diversifying your investment portfolio. This company has a team that is always ready to educate, advise, assist, and guide you through precious metals’ investment from start to finish. That makes them one of the top-most companies dealing with gold in the United States. Don’t fret if you know nothing about precious metals. Advantage Gold has experts that know enough for you and innumerable other new investors. You can get started with Advantage Gold by contacting their team.
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