Lexi Capital Review

Who is Lexi Capital?

Lexi Capital is an investment company based in the United States. The company specializes in purchasing and selling precious metals and coins. The firm provides you with a way to transfer your retirement to a Precious Metals or Gold IRA.  The company was founded by two entrepreneurs in 2010 while developing a business plan for a UCLA class project .

After securing the first-prize, Lexi Capital was established to help investors with fluctuations in the silver and gold markets. Investors are provided with insights into the market by IRA Gold experts to use gold as a recession-proof asset. The focus of the founders was to establish a business plan while exploring precious metals’ potential. The idea is to help maximize your profits during the course of your life.

Lexi Capital Contact Details

Lexi Capital Contact Details are as follows.

1340 Environ Way, #13409
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
(800) 473-1213

Lexi Capital Ratings & Complaints

Ratings & ComplaintsSince the company was established, clients have received the same high-quality service. Lexi Capital Ratings & Complaints include:

  • A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau with no complaints filed during the past three years.
  • AAA rating with the BCA with no complaints filed during the past three years.
  • Five-star rating with TrustLink
  • Five-star rating with Google


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Investing in Precious Metals with Lexi Capital

The only precious metals available through Lexi Capital are silver and gold. Generally speaking, the demand for these precious metals is higher for both international and domestic markets in comparison to other precious metals. The focus of the company is providing clients with the most reliable and highest returns.  The specialty of the firm is Gold IRA rollovers and establishing Silver and Gold IRAs . Other investments can be placed in your account including:

  • Deeds, trusts and real estate
  • Real estate investment trusts, closely-held stocks, and promissory notes
  • IRS-approved precious metals, tax liens and mortgages
  • Limited liability companies and private limited partnerships

The IRA custodian for Lexi Capital is STRATA Trust. This is a well-respected and reliable Gold IRA custodian. When you consult with the company, you can discuss your choice of custodians.  The firm offers a large variety of coins including special editions, semi-numismatics and numismatics . The company focuses on the differences in investing and collecting. If you are a novice, this is extremely important.

The company provides news feeds on its official website including silver, gold, platinum and palladium. Although basic, the website is well-designed without a lot of distractions. Bonuses are offered for converting or opening an IRA.

The Gold Assurance Plan

Both silver and gold are generally a good option for diversification regarding retirement savings. Keep in mind, there are often fluctuations in the price of precious metals. For this reason, the company offers investors the Gold Assurance Plan. This unique option provides investors with a buffer for their IRA accounts from economic and global situations.

The plan provides investors with price protection for six months with a maximum of $500 for each ounce of silver and gold coins. An additional fee is required to include bullion products. If you have any questions, an experienced advisor is available. The specifics of silver and gold investments are explained to help you select the right assets for your retirement.

Pricing and Fees

One of the best advantages of opening a Precious Metals IRA is the straightforward fee structure.  Lexi Capital is transparent with all fees upfront . The fee to set up your IRA is $80. Administrative fees are $95 per year and yearly storage fees are $100. This means the cost of establishing an IRA and conducting business with Lexi Capital is just $275 for the first year.

Available Storage Options

If you are purchasing precious metals as a personal investment, Lexi Capital will deliver your purchase directly to your home. If you are opening a Gold IRA, you will be unable to store your precious metals at home due to IRS regulations. The company has two main storage providers, the Delaware Depository and Brinks. Several companies recommend storing precious metals in Deleware because the tax and business laws are more favorable for investors.

Depending on the type of investment, you can choose to store your precious metals at a secure storage facility or at home. If you intend to have your precious metals delivered to your home, the shipping fee is $14.95 for all orders less than $15,000. If you purchase precious metals for your IRA and store them at home you are breaking IRS guidelines and your IRA will be considered invalid.

The chief custodian for Lexi Capital is IRA Services Inc. If you prefer, you can select the storage facility of your choice. We recommend using one of the options offered by Lexi Capital because they are among the most respected and largest options available in the industry.

Lexi Capital Benefits

The company offers you a wide range of benefits you will appreciate including:

Investor Education:

Investing always comes with a certain degree of risk. This is the reason so many individuals find investing difficult. Lexi Capital minimizes your risk of taking a loss by providing you with a good education and answering all of your questions. You will also receive guidance to help ensure you make good investments. Once you have the essential information regarding the specifics of investing in gold and precious metals, you can make the best possible decision while protecting your wealth.

Trained and Experienced Staff:

If you require any investment advice or are concerned about the services and products available through Lexi Capital, customer service representatives are available to provide the answers you need. All you need to do to contact the support department is send an email or call to discuss your questions or concerns. The representatives will ensure your questions are answered factually and thoroughly.

Excellent Product Selection:

Lexi Capital offers an excellent range of different products you can purchase including special edition coins, numismatics and semi-numismatics. The staff will explain the pros and cons of becoming either an investor or a collector.

Opening an Account with Lexi Capital

Opening an Account

The company makes it simple to establish a Gold IRA due to the short application process. The majority of accounts can be completely set up and funded within seven to 10 days. Opening your account involves the following steps.

Step One: Opening an Account

Completing an online application is required to establish a Gold IRA. You will need to provide information regarding your other investments including 401ks and IRAs to proceed. If you are interested in rolling over funds from an existing account, you will need to provide Lex Capital with the name of your custodian or plan administrator.

Step Two: Funding the Account

You will then need to fund your account. You can accomplish this with a check, cash or by rolling over an existing retirement account.

Step Three: Consulting with an Advisor

Every new investor is offered a portfolio analysis by a professional. Your advisor will discuss your current investment portfolio in addition to how you can include silver and gold investments.

Step Four: Purchasing Precious Metals

You are now able to purchase the silver and gold you want to be held in your IRA. According to IRS rules, only specific precious metals are eligible for your new IRA.

Step Five: Shipping Precious Metals

The last step is having your precious metals shipped to either your home address or a secure location facility. Remember, only personal investments can be shipped to your home due to IRS regulations.

  • Your receive a personalized analysis of your portfolio
  • Both personal and private storage options are available
  • The IRA application is fast and easy to complete
  • You receive an assurance plan for six months
  • The focus is placed on investing in silver or gold
  • Assets including silver and gold can be combined in your account
  • The return policy with the Gold Assurance Plan is for six months
  • Some information is only available by contacting Lexi Capital directly
  • During unusually busy hours, it can be difficult to reach the company by phone

Making an Account Withdrawal

Distributions can be withdrawn from your Gold IRA in the same manner as any type of retirement account. We want you to be aware if you make a withdrawal before you reach the age of 59 and one-half, the penalty is 10 percent. You may also be required to pay income tax on your withdrawal. To make a withdrawal, simply complete an IRA withdrawal form or visit your online dashboard. You will need to include the amount in addition to the reason you are making a withdrawal.


Q: What is Lexi Capital?

A: Lexi Capital is a precious metals investment firm founded in 2010. The company focuses on assisting clients with early retirement. The firm is based out of Raleigh, North Carolina.

Q: Can I Cancel an Order Placed with Lexi Capital?

A: Yes but you will be charged a cancellation fee of $45. To cancel your order, the requirements of Lexi Capital’s cancellation guidelines must be met.

Q: Can I Store Precious Metals I purchase Through Lexi Capital at Home?

A: Any purchase you make for a personal investment can be delivered directly to your home for storage. All new customers receive shipping at no charge. This is a nice bonus not available with the majority of companies specializing in Gold IRAs.

Q: Does Lexi Capital Certify and Grade Its Coins?

A: Every company offering Precious Metals IRA certifies and grades all coins and Lexi Capital is not an exception. The company makes certain all precious metals and products available have been properly certified and graded.

Q: What is the Minimum Investment with Lexi Capital?

A: The minimum required to purchase precious metals is $1,500. We have found this amount lower than with the majority of other firms offering Precious Metals IRAs.

Q: Can I Return Precious Metals to Lexi Capital?

A: Tracking numbers are used when Lexi Capital delivers precious metals. Once you have accepted delivery, you can return your package within three days. This gives you enough time to ensure you have received exactly what was expected.

Q: Will Lexi Capital Set Up My LLC?

A: Using a self-directed IRA to set up an LLC is possible among United States providers offering self-directed IRAs. Despite this, the majority of providers do not offer this service. This is because the IRS does not approve of retirement investing through an LLC. This practice is legal although it is considered a grey area. You can receive this service through the self-directed custodian of the firm, IRA Services Inc. You will not see this service promoted on the official website.

Bottom Line

We recommend Lexi Capital as one of the best providers of Precious Metals IRAs in the United States. Part of the reason is the online client reviews. The majority are good and the clients are satisfied with the services they received. The company ratings with the Better Business Bureau and BCA are excellent. We also considered the quality of customer support. In addition to contacting Lexi Capital through email or by phone, the firm provides an extensive section for common questions on the website.

You can easily find answers to any questions regarding the silver and gold products available through the company. In addition, detailed information regarding shipping and returns is clearly stated on the website. When we considered the number of Gold IRA providers, the fact Lexi Capital is among the top three is impressive. This is one of the leaders in Gold IRAs in the United States and is definitely worth your consideration.

Lastly, we like the Gold Assurance Plan. In addition to receiving price protection, you are also protected from stock market volatility and global instability. This helps to ensure you can retire when and how you desire. The bottom line is Lexi Capital has established a proven track record. If you are interested in establishing a Gold IRA for your retirement, Lexi Capital is a good choice.

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